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  1. Its very odd for a game to not have a release date supposedly around a month before release date, some people are saying it's because of stadia i personally think it might be so they can release the beta when they want and not feel extra pressure to release it 2 weeks before an announced release date.
  2. sortitoutsi says its 8/11 and 25/10 for the beta so where are they getting that from?
  3. Is there a release date yet? seems strange not to have one this late on if not.
  4. So i kept having the same issue where i would set a players individual training and then have to play him in a different position and it would take the player off of the traing i have set any ideas how to stop this? (before anyone asks i have not set the ass man to control individual training)
  5. They do know before though roughly if your employed by a club you can check the projected transfer budget which is normally fairly accurate, if they are actively trying to employ you surely you need to know what your walking into.
  6. I think they should absolutely give you a rough idea of what the budget is at the very least, as for that not being realistic as managers don't deal with these kind of things well in FM we are dealing with the finances and balancing the budget as its literally part of the game so knowing what we are walking into seems only reasonable in this situation.
  7. No one has any idea how to do this? incase it wasn't clear i mean change this as we both have the same colour
  8. Me and friend are playing a hot seat game i am managing benfica and he is managing ajax but when it jumps between are profiles the colour for both of our teams are very similar which can make it hard to tell initially who it has landed on, so my question is there a way to change this? (i mean the colour for the bar at the top)
  9. How old are the players your trying to loan out? i think in Germany they have to be 18 before they can be loaned out
  10. I am having the same problem as well, it seems like the players are forever moaning about the training on this version.
  11. On older versions of FM you could see a list of clubs and there value which was an indicator to how rich they are, i can't seem to find it on this version of FM can anyone point me in the right direction?
  12. It seems strange your rep didn't go up that much I won the by desliga 1st season with rbl and mid season 2 Roma actually offered me the job
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