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  1. Not sure if this has been brought up or not, but when you search for staff and pick attributes you can no longer auto select the right ones for the role anymore, will this be added back in?
  2. Did anyone else not think the writing was on the wall for this with the arsenal edition?
  3. They could just host the graphics on a third party website and leave a disclaimer saying they are merely links to the content, couldn't they?
  4. It's just a bit of fun and is building hype, if you don't like it you could always look at a different thread.
  5. I won the champions league 3rd season with Benfica and was in the final second season but it terms of getting league itself to the top level would probably take years.
  6. I would say the best FM youtouber for following a career on would be workthespace. His sochaux series was great and was very interesting to see him develop players and get them to a good level.
  7. Its very odd for a game to not have a release date supposedly around a month before release date, some people are saying it's because of stadia i personally think it might be so they can release the beta when they want and not feel extra pressure to release it 2 weeks before an announced release date.
  8. sortitoutsi says its 8/11 and 25/10 for the beta so where are they getting that from?
  9. Is there a release date yet? seems strange not to have one this late on if not.
  10. So i kept having the same issue where i would set a players individual training and then have to play him in a different position and it would take the player off of the traing i have set any ideas how to stop this? (before anyone asks i have not set the ass man to control individual training)
  11. They do know before though roughly if your employed by a club you can check the projected transfer budget which is normally fairly accurate, if they are actively trying to employ you surely you need to know what your walking into.
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