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  1. Came here looking for something like this, thank you. Has the clubs been replaced in their respective leagues, and if so, are all promotions done based on last years league performance?
  2. Last season So since last time, I've gone through the jan transfer window making just a few changes. Most notably, Ribeiro and D'Ambrosio came in to strengthen the CB position while Kevin Long went out to Benevento. Ferguson and Baldazzi looks like decent prospects as well. I then went on to miss out on EURO qualifications by 1 point. Honestly shouldn't be too disappointed as I was massively overperforming, but right up until the end I was doing so well and CL was a possibility. Then our form absolutely tanked, so I was left bitterly disappointed by the end of the season. Curr
  3. But this is not the case here, If you look at my Gianelli example he has never been played as LB or CB (and yes, I checked his positions for the U20 team as well), yet my coaches started training him there. This is just a bug, and quite a major one as well. Just noticed another CB being trained as a winger by the AI, this time on the right wing... This needs to be fixed.
  4. Have gotten my serie a start underway with Palermo, so far it's looking good! Currently sitting at 4th tied with Lazio after 7 games played, 4 wins, 2 draws 1 loss. Didn't get much of a transfer budget which meant I had to be stingy with contracts and transfers and make the most out of installments, but in the end I got a transfer window I'm quite pleased with Dimarco, Sahraoui and Carboni are all joining permanently after helping me get promoted while on loan last season. I've also extended Lorenzo Colombo's loan for another season while the rest of the loan army are gone. All
  5. I've tried the same with no result. 100% bug. Also noticed a few AI players being trained in weird positions, just saw a CB being trained as a left winger (with no stats at to make him suited to a LW role).
  6. Agree with this, that kind of money for a 30 year old is hard to turn down despite how good he is.
  7. Any update on this? I'm trying to train a young b2b midfielder to be a decent backup for both RWB and MC, but this bug completely ruins his development due to him getting trained for CB and LB. For people who love the player development part of this game, this bug is pretty much game-breaking.
  8. Just noticed this in the last few days as well. Super weird. Probably introduced in the latest patch, cause I've never noticed it before.
  9. In my second season with Palermo. Won Serie C/C first season and literally spent days on the summer transfer window scouting, having trials and looking for loans. Massively overachieving in Serie B now with 9 wins and 1 draw after 10 matches. Kind of scared of going up again, considering half of my squad are on loan. This is my current team, with Colombo, Montiel, Pobega, Dimarco and Carboni also being on loan. Will probably have to rely quite a bit on loan players for another season or two if we can manage to win promotion again. Having a lot of fun with the save
  10. If what you're looking for is a goalscoring machine, Haaland has to be up there.
  11. What has happened is his contract ran out during summer 2022. Because his wage demands was so high, no one came in for him, and as 6 months went by his wage demands kept dropping because he needed a club (the longer a player is without a contract, the lower his demands become). At that point, Liverpool finally came in and snatched him up as an incredible bargain signing.
  12. Just finished my second season, and I think I'll retire the save now. Have started a Palermo save which will probably be something of a long-termer. Won everything and my team is basically as strong as it can be. My next transfers would probably be to replace the two aging wingers (Salah & Mane) despite how good they still are. As usual when winning pretty much every game during the season, I hit a rough patch towards the end. I lost like 5 matches in a row (one of which was the CL semi final first leg), so I started worrying a bit, but we pulled ourselves together and pulled through
  13. What about Brescia in Serie B? They have Andrea Papetti who you should try to sign on a professional contract immediately, in addition to Tonali who's on loan on Milan (they did not sign him permanently on my Liverpool save, so you might get lucky here). Never won Serie A.
  14. I got on my save, but not until deadline day if I recall correctly. It probably depends a bit on your finances though.
  15. Just finished my second january transfer window, and honestly, it was quite uneventful. Thiago was sold for £50m to Tottenham (most of it coming in over the next 36 months). Shaqiri rejected a £40m move to China, and Demir is still refusing to go out on loan even though his latest work permit application was once again rejected. As for incomings, it seems like I've fallen into old habits, spending around £70m total on 6 wonderkid regens that will be completed in 2023/2024 at which point I've probably abandoned the save.. but how can you refuse that 5 star potential? The only new player I
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