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  1. Looks like it. I've managed to get bids for Gini for 13,5m. At that point I might as well keep him for half a season and see if he'll either be interested in renewing or if someone is willing to pay more (despite only having 6months left on his contract). I'm fine with keeping the rest until summer 2021 tbh. Looks like I'm getting Gabriel Menino in now for £5.5+4m. Natural at RB, DM and CM, 19 years old and decent stats for an emergency backup. Considering Andrea Papetti (£1.Xm compensation) and Benoît Badiashile (probably less than 10m) for the CB spot. I don't think any of them h
  2. Has anyone managed to sell any players in the first transfer window? If so, who and for how much? I find it really hard to free up funds for defensive cover. Ideally, I'd like to sell all of Gini, Shaq, Minamino, Origi and Ox from the first team (and a good deal of the U23s - Wilson, Grujic etc.). I realize selling all of them in the first window isn't possible (and probably not a good idea either), but I'd like to at least move on one attacking player in addition to getting some cash for Gini while I still can. So far haven't sold a single player.
  3. Ok, after yesterdays criticism, I wanted to touch on a few parts that I think has been improved this year. First of all, the game performs significantly better this year. I've only played on my laptop so far and loading times, save times, even watching matches (which used to be laggy) is a lot better than both FM19 and FM20. Both my laptop and me are deeply grateful for the effort that must've gone into the optimization of the game this year! Splitting the influence on group and effect from group when creating mentoring groups is a great addition. Seeing body language when setting up
  4. Considering Aston Villa beat Liverpool 7-2, I'm not so sure this is a bug as much as it is a 'one-off' freak result. It happens.
  5. OH! And one thing I forgot about the player talk I posted two posts up - after I've said my peace to the player, I have to click through two reaction pages to get back to the game. Everywhere we go in this game, there's just more and more clicks that are so freaking unnecessary. I do not get it. At all. Anyway, here's from the matchday: First of all, look at that red box. What am I supposed to use that information for? It's completely unusable and pointless to even include. At least let me decide if I want to remove it in favor of some other information page I could use that space for i
  6. And this layout right here: Now on every previous FM game all I had to do to gauge player reaction to teamtalk was to do a quick scan through the colors in a list. Now you practically have to examine the whole page because you've spread the players all over the place. I realize these things might seem small and nitpicky, but really they are not. They are a huge part of the experience of playing a game and the fact that they've messed this up as badly as this is baffling to me. I mean this is quite basic things for anyone with any knowledge of UX/UI.
  7. Ok, so I just wanted to show some examples of what I was talking about here to make it a bit more clear. Take player talks: First of all, this whole page is a mess. Why do I have to scroll through my reply options when half the page is taken up by a picture of Phillips and his agent? Why is Michael Edwards there? What does his expression have to do with anything? Now about the hand gestures, I mean just.. why? 'Wave hand' tells me precisely nothing. So now I have to hover each hand gesture a bunch of times to see what they mean before I can use them regularly for it's intended use
  8. I'm pretty happy with match engine, functionality etc.etc., so this is very nearly a good game. However, I have one HUGE gripe with this years FM, and that is the UI. I am sorry for being harsh here, but some of the UI changes this year is straight up horrendous. I get that they've tried to add some sort of feeling of immersion to things like team meetings and talks, press conferences and so on, but the result is a cluttered mess of which I don't think I've ever seen in a professional game. A huge step back, and I don't know if it's because the UX/UI team is just incompetent, or if SI just don
  9. Once the editor comes out, you can fix it in there and save it so you won't have to do it more than once.
  10. About to go into my second season, changing my main tactic to 4-2-3-1 and going to keep the 4-1-2-2-1/4-3-3 as my secondary tactic. Done a bit more transfers now, especially outgoing. One of my main priorities has been to improved the quality of my attacking backups. Obviously Lautaro and Sancho did a lot to remedy that, but with switching to a 4-2-3-1, I'm still lacking a bit of depth at AMC (considering Firmino is my main ST backup). I also wanted someone left-footed to make a more like-for-like to rotate with Salah. The answer was simple: Bernardo Silva. One of the best players on this
  11. Well, my January transfer window is now done. When I saw Barca had interest in Shaq, I pulled the trigger on Sancho to have as an rotation option with Salah & Mane. Bought him for £83m + 15m, sold Shaq to Barca for £41,5 and Ox to PSG for £45m. Felt I was lacking a bit in options up top and didn't really have the players to switch tactics to my 4-2-3-1, so towards the end of the window I payed Lautaro Martinez' release clause of £96m. Budget depleted and I'm happy with my squad. Done really well in all competitions so far, comfortably topping the league, won my CL group as well as Communit
  12. Can we just all get together and cross our fingers in the hope of this being a sign of things to come IRL? Yes? Great!
  13. I've stuck with FM 19 this last year since I've had to focus my attention on other things than FM and didn't want to get hooked all over again. Well, now FM20 is free, so obviously I had to give it a go and make my first save with LFC (as I always do). I just won the Community shield comfortably 3-1 (with two goals from Minamino, one an absolute beauty where he dribbled from behind the halfway line, past 3 defenders and calmly slotted it in goal). Ready to get the season started. As far as transfers go, I'm going for an 'slow and steady' approach with no major changes in the first window.
  14. Kristoffer Ajer is like £900k or something, I always pick him (if only as a sub, his versatility is a great bonus). Rafinha is a option as well (depending on your budget), he's around £14m so not quite as cheap, but he always performs and is natural D/WB RL. Boly for 4,5m. Ruslan Malinkovskyi is around £7m and is decent, great set-piece taker.
  15. Svetozar Markovic is usually around available for about in £2.5m in january, shouldn't be that much more after a season. Has lots of room to grow. Maybe not quite first XI ready, but he'll quickly become a key player with some development. You might not get a work permit for him though, so you'll might have to loan him out a couple of seasons. Nikola Milenkovic is worth scouting, probably a bit more expensive (around £15m first transfer window), but also more developed and can probably slot straight into your first XI. Lots of potential here as well. Wesley Hoedt is wo
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