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  1. I have coupled Standard mentality with a Slightly Higher Defensive Line and added Close Down More PI to the top three attacking players (striker & AMCs). I tested with WBs closing down. hoping that they would close the wing lanes, but I don't think that's a very smart idea. I think Alderweireld is the CB who tries long passes to players high up the field, the other two are not exactly looking to play that (Dier might do it in Toby's absence). I'll test to see how much Play out of Defence affects the play, but I don't think it has much impact. I have also prepared a 4-2-3-1 like Spurs used to play last season but I haven't given it a go. Dembele is a CM in my formation, Wanyama is instructed to play short passes even with the role he's given so I am not telling him to make a contribution in breaking teams up, but rather tell him to stay close to the defenders. CM (D) might press too much for my liking, but I'll test it out.
  2. Started a game with Spurs, using a 3-4-2-1 formation, trying to emulate Pochettino's 3-4-2-1. I used Standard mentality because I think Spurs players don't take many risks in their passing, then adjusted the defensive line, the pressing (through PIs) and added Work Ball into the Box (pretty much what Spurs do) & Pass from Defence (might mispell it) because Spurs play from the back. The player roles were like this. GK-D, CB-X, CB-D (More direct passing), CB-X, WB-A, WB-A, CM-S (Dribble More, Shoot Less), DLP-D, AM-A (Dribble More, Move into Channels), AP-S (Move into Channels), CF-A. I chose Fluid because I felt that Flexible is too plain and Fluid might give us the little bit of flair we need to break defensive teams and could help with the pressing. So into the friendliess, we beat Caen 4-1 after dominating them, drew with Marseille, lost against Juventus and drew with Celtic. As the season started, we beat Palace at home 3-0, lost to City away 0-1, hammered Everton 4-0 and drew away at Burnley 0-0. I stopped playing the game after these four games as I feel there is still a lot of work to do even though, on the paper, we should do well, I mean the player roles are somewhat similar to what Spurs players play. I find it hard to break defensive teams for some reason and my two AMCs barely support the wingbacks or move into channels, they generally remain central and do not press. The pressing was very weak to be honest. I'm still looking for ideas how to improve this tactic and beat teams we supposed to and get better results against favorites.
  3. I'm very tempted in a Huddersfield career, but I have not much knowledge how to play, as the tactic I usually employ (high pressing) require lots of work rate and team work and Huddersfield players are not exactly gifted in this area.
  4. Lol dude you've won 4-0, I think you're overthinking/overreacting the whole thing.
  5. It has nothing to do with pressing in my opinion, if anything it could be the players aggression attribute which is perfectly fine because you want your players to put pressure on the opponent, not leave him take his time to consider the options he's having. In my opinion if your tactic worked in the first matches and you got results, then it started to crumble, it's not exactly screaming major changes, but more like everyone said, minor changes. It wouldn't have worked if it was bad. I'm thinking like this. If you had good results, you climbed up the table and I recall you being 3rd at a point so maybe more relegation threatened teams started to play more cautious against you. My first opinion of that particular highlight against Levante was that you wouldn't get many chances to counter as they didn't commit more than 4-5 men forward. Considering that, if you recover the ball, you've still got 4-5 players left to beat and if they are positioned correctly on the field, you won't be able to trigger a counter-attack. So how can you make them commit more men forward so you can launch counter-attacks? You've got to watch that and see if there's a pattern in less quality teams and how bigger teams play against you. My guess would be that less quality teams would commit less men forward and sometimes still beat your defence and while you recover the ball you can't trigger counter-attacks because your players can't beat their still numerous defence. Now, while you still want to keep your principles at base, you gonna have to be ready to make changes in your system.
  6. I don't know, it seems to me from that specific highlight that your team sits too deep and it is pinned back and your players do not have a good day/cannot handle the pressure of the opponent. You play Levante and from what I see, they have commited only 4 men forward, two sit deeper, while you have about 7 in your own half. You should have absorbed the pressure, instead your team fails to contain. I might be wrong, I understand it is the type of football you want to play, but you have to make sure you have the right players at disposal to pull it off. I was like you before, I tried to win every game regardless of the opposition and when I did that, I had no idea if my changes actually affected the result or it was just what it was supposed to happen. I was unsatisfied even if I was hammering the opposition. Try to think in more simple terms. I think you need to understand your tactic very well to make the needed changes you talk about. For example, the 4-4-2 can be easily overwhelmed in the central area, in that case, how can the 4-4-2 adapt so it can get through (in case of a strong opposition). If your opponent is weaker, try to spot any weaknesses in their formation/play to exploit it rather than adapt to counter what they are trying to exploit in your tactic. Just my thoughts.
  7. Pretty much my title winning formula. I think Dembele's role is more like a CM (S) (in that case I think it's DM on Support), I remember he had very good performances when I played him like that. Lamela's more like a WM (S). If you use Dier as HB, I think you can use both Fullbacks as Wingbacks for Width, but I noticed that Walker is not that adventurous going forward compared to Rose. Or it might just be my opinion. Dembele's not exactly a creative player.
  8. Anyone's having issues with injuries? Every pre-season I have 4-5 long term injured players...
  9. You have to see if it extends your contract or the Board considers modifying your Expectations based on how well you do in the league. Say, you pick a relegation threatened team and you tell the board at the start of the season that the Expectations should be to Avoid Relegation. In December you are on 4th so therefore Board might ask if you wanna reconsider those terms.
  10. Not sure where to place this but how do I delete FM16 preferences? Say I uninstall the game, then I reinstall it and when I enter the game, it shows me the same profile I used before uninstalling, with the same preferences (Window Mode, Currency Use etc). I deleted the SI folder in My Documents aswell.
  11. Hello, my last posts on this forum were really of little use to other members so I decided I should start something more productive that would benefit me and you reading this thread. In this way, instead of cursing and quitting the game, I would be able to understand the game easier based on advice/ideas. So, let's jump in. Why Leicester? First, because their results were really impressive this year and they sit five points clear of the second placed Tottenham, with eight games to be played. For a side that last year was struggling to leave the bottom three, that is absolutely impressive. No doubt Ranieri played a massive role in sparking this team to new heights so he's gotta be credited a lot for their success this season. Secondly, because their counter-attacking football is explosive, dynamic and takes everyone by surprise. Recently, they have overcame the struggle to beat defensive teams aswell, an aspect which has not been discussed that much. Thirdly, because they have a small team (quality wise and depth) at least on paper, compared to the top 6 pretenders, yet they sit on top of the table. Something which proves once again that you don't need big money players to do well, but a crop of players who are determined, hard-working and a very good manager who knows what he's doing. Tactics Basically, I haven't watched Leicester that much this season, so in this situation I am gonna need the help of you who are Foxes fans or watch Leicester regularly. So far, I am inspired by tactical articles which should be enough for instance and of course, remembering vaguely how they played when I watched them. http://www.si.com/planet-futbol/2015/12/15/leicester-city-premier-league-ranieri-vardy-mahrez-tactics-epl http://www.bbc.com/sport/football/35553082 There aren't many articles to give a detailed report on how their tactics work, but generally, you can get an idea out of them. So Leicester are very compact, defending in numbers, before launching quick counter-attacks and score goals. I've chosen Counter, paired with Fluid. Counter it is obvious why, as for Fluid, I decided the depth should be short as shown in the picture above so Fluid does that. Also, Fluid tells Attacking players to come and help defensively (which could be a bad idea, if my strikers are deep they cannot attack space to receive a pass for counter, but we will see). The roles are pretty explanatory. A flat four line, with Fuchs allowed to go forward more often, a wide midfielder that's going to fill the gap if the Fullback decides to go forward, two central midfielders supposed to help the defensive line and not venture forward too much (CM instructed to Hold Position), a Wide Playmaker in Mahrez (should be our main creator) and two strikers, a Defensive Forward on D, supposed to press and mark the defensive midfielders/midfielders of the opposition and a Deep Lying Forward on A that's supposed to be spear of our attack. For TI, I have chosen Clear Ball to Flanks for a better counter-attacking possibility, Push Higher Up to close the gap between mid and CBs, Be More Disciplined for tactical discipline, Higher Tempo for a more rapid circulation of the ball and Play Much Narrower for a compact defence. Of course, these are just the basic TIs I thought would work (theoretically) and I still need to see how the team acts against the opponents in game.
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