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  1. BUG: Can't Accept Trade Offer, Stuck in Negotiation Attempting to trade for a player in a MLS using General Allocation and/or Targeted Allocation. When in the trade window, when I hit "Suggest Offer", the offer in the window doesn't change, but the window says the other team has "negotiated" the offer. Nothing has changed in the trade though. I have no opportunity to Accept the other, only Suggest or Submit. When I submit, I get a news alert in a few days that the team has negotiated the offer, but the offer is the exact same as it was before. I can not sign the player at all.
  2. This has been my solution too - luckily it doesn't negatively impact the players morale, but hope it gets addressed!
  3. Been playing MLS saves every year for almost a decade now. I have a firm grasp on the salary rules. BUG: * I sign a player to a new contract mid-season. I rightly get notified that the new contract takes my squad over the salary cap, but I'm told that I have General Allocation funds available to buy down the contract to fit the contract in. I'm given two options: "Confirm Allocation Usage" (or something to that effect) and "Withdrawl". Expected outcome: * That the new contract is automatically bought down and my squad registration now conforms to salary cap. Actual outcome: * Every single time, the game acts as if I had hit "Withdraw". New text appears in the same News Feed item saying "[Team Name] have decided not to take any action and [Player Name] contract renewal will therefore be cancelled as not enough salary cap room is available to accommodate him." POTENTIAL FIX * Have the game act as expected and automatically buy down the new contract * Give the manager the option to manually do a new Squad Registration, letting me buy down contracts on my own instead of cancelling the new contract all together.
  4. I've been trying to purchase things through the in-game download store, including the in-game editor, and I continue to get this error: "An error occurred during a purchase request. Error code: 1" I've tried both with insufficient funs in my Steam Wallet and after adding the right amount of money into it before trying to purchase. I'm in the US, connected to Wifi on a 2014 MBP Retina with no firewalls or security software running.
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