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  1. Not played since fm 2014 and from what i remember the game was never finished until after christmas. So just a quick question, Is it worth getting now ? or should i wait? Is there any game breaking bugs that i should be aware of? Thanks.
  2. I am wondering if i should buy or not, would love some advice on how many leagues / players i could run XFX (ATI) HD5450 - 1 GB GDDR3 - PCIe - DVI & HDMI Output Intel Pentium D CPU (Minimum speed of 2 x 2.6GHz) 4GB DDR2 RAM http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/DELL-DUAL-CORE-WINDOWS-7-DESKTOP-GAMING-PC-TOWER-COMPUTER-SFF-NEW-HDMI-/400678884732?pt=LH_DefaultDomain_3&hash=item5d4a52957c link for more info but think those 3 i listed would be most important.
  3. diamond is giving them and extra man in midfield?
  4. Hi just wondered if anybody could help me building a tactic... I want to mix tiki taka with italian style 352 but im not sure how to do it. Tried with a regista like antonio conte's but couldn't keep possesion And if i go 343 my team is too open its a nightmare lol. I usually can make a good tactic that wins, but i want to create a whole different beast a mix between antonio conte and pep i suppose would be fantastic to hear your opinions
  5. Okay i just tried 1 game with it to test and won 8-0 only a freindly against similar rep team unione venezia vs portogruaro. All players had high ratings, false 9 scored 4 goals and wingers and midfielders with the rest. lowest rating was sweeper keeper 7.9 which is fine by me. was pushed up and hassling opponents. retaining possesion was the biggest shout that gave me the advantage in the match (was 0-0 before 25 mins) so i guess ill have a go with a season 2nd game just faced parma to try it against a higher team, they went flat 352 which my team dominated possesions shots and we won 1-0
  6. I have been making tactics similar to conte's lately but now i want something different. here is what i propose Fluid Standard (this can be changed) 3 CB's DMC regista MC's 3 b2b's? or 2 b2b's with bwm MR/L Defensive wingers False 9 striker to allow the midfield 5 to push on into space Could this work and what kind of build up play should i use?
  7. Hello i want to change siracusa's logo is there anywhere i can find custom logos? i have been trying to make some in paint but failed miserably
  8. The spartans are famous for there dedication to being soldiers, trained from a child untill death etc etc i am sure you have heard all about them. What i am looking to do in FM is to create a breed of youngsters that are relentless at pressing (work rate,aggression,teamwork,quick,determined and brave) i want to create a team that has no individuals but opponents will fear them because of there determination to win. Attacking wise i am not too sure what to do with them. I'm finding it hard to type my thoughts here so i will just ask some questions. 1. How would you portray the spartans as a football team on fm? 2. should it be very fluid or very rigid? 3. how would you go about this task?
  9. Hi i am trying to plan out a 352 with a regista I want the strikers to play out wide and roam around causing mayhem. (players like tevez suarez sturridge etc etc) The midfielders running from deep and the regista playing the though balls when we are camped outside there area. i want the wingers to just cross and run up and down to create width. Any ideas what to set it up like? i have found the regista is excellent but doesnt get many assists ( i think he gets 2nd assists) but i suppose he does what his role is to do and be the start of every attack. i cannot get the strikers to work how i want
  10. hmmm maybe halfback with pirlos ppms might do it? i wish we could unlock every intruction to every player its a shame
  11. ok i want to create a 4141 with a halfback who drops into defence but is also the main playmaker of the team like pirlo. Is this possible? like creating a hybrid of pirlo and busquets?
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