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  1. I agree with ilkork but don't forget other important attributes such as concentration, reflexes.
  2. Maybe Halifax Town again... ( I might edit their Youth Recruitment intake (I'm such a cheat)).
  3. Yes Longhorn, I'm really enjoying developing young players too. I get attached to some of them and get a little annoyed when they stab me in the back to leave and join bigger teams (part of the soap opera fun of one's save). I've started adding "one year extension after 5 games" to many of my good young players to get an extra season out of them when they are above the age of 17. Another thing I do sometimes is when I have a boring season I just go on holiday for 2-3 months at a time. Return from my holiday (which involved me having coffee and/or playing "Join Squad" which is completely different type of game to FM17. You need contrast in life.) Holidays accelerates the 'developing young players' aspect and the speed for improving the facilities. I guess many players have done that on this forum. A season can drag on. Well at the moment, it feels like I'll be stuck in Seria B for a few years after a pathetic relegation.... Not much money in Seria B so I have to be careful. But loving this weird little cheat of having some good players coming through in the old port city on the north east coast of Sicily. Now I want to eat pizza.
  4. I wanted to have fun with a new game. I chose Messina, poor but quite big city on north east coast of Sicily. I've been there. And all I changed in the editor was the youth recruitment to 20. Had the odd future star coming through but none of them wanted to stay in Seria C (can't blame them. Did my best to keep them). But with all the sales and always trying to add 40% or 50% of next sale, I slowly made more money and improved the training youth and senior training grounds to attract better players. I finally made it into Seria A but will probably get relagated within a season. Loving the challenge though. And if I get sacked, I'll add a new manager and continue with Messina. I've added more coaches for under 18s and under 20s and I've made sure that all my new coaches have high "working with youngsters". I think I read somewhere that helps the Head of Youth Development who himself has high stats for "working with youngsters". Let's see what happens in March. I'm hopeful that my next batch of kids will improve. (feel free to move this Admin if this isn't posted in the right place.)
  5. I am just curious... i think the answer will be yes. Can you tell me which team/league with? How far did he go? How much he is was worth when 15-16 years old and what maximum value did he have? How much you sold him for? I'm only interested in teams which have a low youth recruitment. Cheers!
  6. I shall start as Hampton & Richmond ( which I'm currently playing as with fm2012 ) . I shall do a little cheat though, I shall improve the youth intake in the editor. That's the only cheat I shall do. Yep, its quite a big cheat. So much looking forward to the improvements after the 2012 version. Sorry, going off topic.
  7. Oh no, story ends here. More please, when you can .... cheers
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