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  1. I don't think that comes into my consideration when assessing a player to be honest, but uhm yeah.....
  2. I think you will be OK for FM 15 if it can run FM 14 easily, but if it does begin to struggle on 15 I would definitely consider moving on, but as I say if it runs FM 14 easily and smoothly you should be fine.
  3. I like this, maybe could even say both, for example: (Name of scorer) (competition goals - x) (x goals in all competitions)
  4. You know I was thinking the same thing when I saw the title of the thread haha
  5. At the moment, one key problem in the game is Full-backs. Going forward they are fine, it is defensively there is quite an unrealistic problem. They stand off players even if they are told not to, the most common goal I see on FM is from a player going down the wing and going past a full-back like he is not there and then being through on goal. I feel that the full-backs need improving defensively in the way that they stay on a player, try and put in tackles and don't just allow an attacker to go past them so easily all the time.
  6. I always start my save in England also at United, then I like to Journeyman around Europe, have never actually managed outside Europe, bar one time in FM 12 when I went to manage in Argentina. I just love managing in Europe, I might travel further out in FM 15 but for my remainder of my FM 14 I am gonna try and win as much as I can in Europe before 15.
  7. 4-1-3-2 is what I have used in the transfer update and it has worked a gem. With Falcao and RVP up top, and Volland who I brought in myself as back up we have been very good. I rotate Mata and Rooney in the CAM role and have Di Maria and Januzaj on the wings (AML, AMR) With Carlos Vela as backup who I also brought in. Top of the league after about 30 games and have just won the capital one cup.
  8. As a lifelong Manchester United fan, it has been tradition for me to always start every FM game with a United save, it is always a nice way to get into the game, see what it's like and to also see how well I can do with the team I support. After that I go whatever team takes my fancy, I normally like a decent challenge and I have always found Lyon to be a fun team to manage and a decent challenge, with the view to bringing youth through the system and making a strong youthful squad. But really any team that takes my fancy it can often just be a random thought of I fancy being 'Everton' today and I will just start a save and go for it.
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