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  1. thanks for the reply, just another question; is there anyway for me to edit a pre-existing start date? if i load up another piece of editor data for example?
  2. Hi! i was looking to make my own database for a personal project but for the life of me, i can't figure out how to change the league date. It just keeps starting in January. Any help is appreciated.
  3. ah yes! it's suddenly became auto-checked. Works fine now haha! Thanks
  4. hi, i went on the pre game editor and lots of options are missing even though it was fine before the latest patch. For sake of example, i went to arsenal and changed their training ground London Colney to "none" which on the past editors would let you add a different stadium, now it just dissappears after doing that. So then, i tried to clear the emirates stadium to see if it would dissappear, and it did, now Arsenal don't have a stadium or training ground. You'll see in the image added. Then with Finances, it's the exact same. I unticked both the Transfer budget and Remaining Player Payroll Budget (Per Week), and they have completely vanished as you can see in the other photo added. I'm sure there are other similar things in the editor, but these 2 are the most prominent.
  5. yeah, i've had this too! If you delete a Training ground for example and change it to "none", it dissappears. Same with many other options.
  6. hi, i'm starting a save with FC Groningen and i usually get rid of most of my staff and start fresh so this save was no different. I went to look for Scouts and i've got a few goto's; Cicero Gomes is one. I goto sign him as everytime i've ever signed him he's always wanted less than 1.5k. And he's wanting 8.75k a week?! I thought that's weird so i went and looked at a few more staff memebers, not just scouts, and literally every single one of them wanted pretty much the same; 8.5k a week roughly. Is this a league requirement or nation requirement? I'm confused and it's hella annoying. I've attached a couple screenshots of examples.
  7. yeah i thought that but other players aren't being affected, thats why its a tad baffling...
  8. in my vast experience playing this game, determination only goes up or down by whole numbers e.g. 20.0>19.0
  9. Hi, I'm currently managing Brentford and i have brought in a few players. One included is Marchetti from Nancy. When i bought him he was 20 Determination, and whilst all attributes are steadily increasing at a healthy rate, his determination is randomly decreasing? It's the same with Rico Henry, my LB. He has decreased from 14 to 13. Bear in mind that i don't have them in any mentoring group where a Senior player has a lesser Determination Attribute. Any help is appreciated. Thanks!
  10. Hi, i have a promising youth player and im trying to get his determination up by tutoring from the senior team, every player i select, he says he doesnt want to work closely with. then i looked at his personality, saw it was ambitious so i signed a player with higher potential and ambitious personality, but he still refused. Any ideas?
  11. hi, i use the youth intake part on "world" to scout players and there used to be a 500 player limit, now it's 50 and it's quite annoying. Is there any way to increase it? i'll add a photo to show what i mean thanks!
  12. Please SI, if i scout players for them to go into my inbox. The new layout is so clunky and poorly designed, especially after the update, where if the players are scouted and it goes to the scouting screen, the acknowledge button changes position and i keep clicking the wrong things! The inbox method from last year was so much more effective and just overall easier! Please, bring it back.
  13. Doesn't matter guys and girls, i think the policy is tied to the "B Group" 2nd Division, so once i get promotion it will disappear.
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