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  1. There's a ppm for a player to avoid long shots, this might help with the f9 issue.
  2. I set up IF (s), CF (a), IF (s). Thought one of the IF could be with an attack duty but I find it ti become too selfish player, always searching for the cut inside and just shoots even when having passing options.
  3. Read that thread of yours, great work Let's see if SI give us some fix on that issue.
  4. As for me when I set up the training higher than normal, players start getting injured (post it already at the bugs forum). But with normal, players complain they don't work enough Ball Control, although general training was set of that.
  5. The Treq. would not be an option because he doesn't close down. The thing is to worl some ppm for the False 9 until SI fixes this issue with the long shots... assuming SI will fix it
  6. Is the much higher defensive line with a Counter mentality equal to a much higher defensive line with a Control mentality ???
  7. This False 9 is still terrible, wastes to many long shots when he has passing options.
  8. Forgot to say that I still don't like the F9 in the game, didn't like it in FM14 and although it has improve it's a role that wastes to many long shots even when he has good passing options. And this happens no matter the mentality or the team shape. Its terrible seeing almost permanently long shots. As for possession, it seems more rigid fluidity works better than more fluid. Another curious thing: in FM14 I set this wwfan interpretation and I had very good results, the curious thing was that against strong teams I had about 65% possession, against weaker teams than mine the possession would drop about 8%
  9. I've tried this and it's look awesome. Only problem is that some faces are from very old people and do not match the player :-(
  10. since this thread was about fm12 it would be nice to have an update from wwfan... or llama... or cleon... or rtherringbone
  11. use playmakers dlp (s) and ap (s/a)... and you should considerer turning that dlp (d) into a hb and the wingers into if's
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