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  1. Hi Si Team, I have been playing FM from the very start and you can imagine that I have been playing FM16 since last November. This is on the same computer and setup from the very start. Using an iMac 2.9 GHZ with 24 GB ram and 512MB NVIDIA card, I have always been running the Windows version through parallels on Win7. It was only a couple of weeks back that I have been facing this specific crash during matches where the game closes and I am back on the windows screen. When it first started, I used to be able to get through a match or 2 before crashing. Right now, I cannot even get beyond half time. Happy to assist in terms of uploading more data but what should I be looking for? Edit: Like to add that I have cleared cache, cleared preferences and reverified through steam (twice).
  2. Hi Neil, game seems to work with the latest update. Thought it's only fair to update you guys for your work.
  3. Hi Neil, it's definitely in C drive and not on a network server or anything. Separately, this should not matter, should it? The game was working perfectly well with its original settings and saved locations until 15.3.0 came about.
  4. Hi Neil, under libraries ->documents -> documents -> Sports Interactive. Steam updated my version to 15.3.1 but it's still failing to load past the SI page.
  5. Hi team, any update on when this issue will be resolved (or has it already)? It's been a full frustrating week now.
  6. Hi Neil, cleared my tactics folder, verified the game cache but the game failed to load. Crash dump is in the game-crash folder listed as Twitz00 FM...... (2015.03.03...)
  7. Hi Neil, I have uploaded the second crash file into the game-crash folder under Twitz00 FM 2015..... (2015.03.02).dmp. The original crash dump file should still be in the same folder.
  8. Hi Neil, Thank you for your reply. Clearing the cache and preference files (cache was reverified as good) did work once and game loaded and saved fine. However, after restarting the com, the same issue arose again. I do not suppose I will need to clear those files each time I want to play FM?
  9. Dear SI Team, The problem started today only after stream updated the game to 15.3.0. This was never an issue in the 84 hours I have played FM15. 1) Crash dump saved in the FTP server- crash dump directory under Twitz00 FM2015... 2) No windows antivirus are currently active. 3) No recent changes in graphic cards/ software etc Please let me know what I need to do to solve this issue.
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