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  1. Hey! I've just started to come back to FM in 20 and recently had a few family issues, meaning I can't get at my desk to play FM properly So I decided to try my Nvidia Shield Android TV box and via steam link play FM but controller issues couldn't get the controller buttons to work only the right analogue stick did anything and can't see FM properly on TV too small But now I'm trying my Samsung Galaxy Tab S5e 10.5 any help on how to set up? Help much appreciated thanks!
  2. Sorry been ages to reply, I'm not sure alls I know I think they have an affiliation with the club, I beginning to think that because my club are higher division, so they expect my club to be able afford his wages. it could be what you say.
  3. Basically, I wanted to sign a player on loan, but the other team says we require a wage contribution of 50% to allow the player go on loan, but I could not afford 50% wages so they would not accept, yet another team put a loan bid in without having to pay wages, and now he's gone on loan to that club.
  4. Right, here we go, I decided I needed to loan a player, well wanted to but wages was a problem, so I decided I would sell a player who was not needed first to free up more wage budget, and my player is in contract talks with an other club, while that's going on another club have come and put a loan bid in for the player and now he's moved to their club on loan, and it say's N/A wage contribution, yet I could not even come close because they wanted me to pay 50% wages?
  5. Can somebody please help me? I wanted to know where I can get the bundesligas kits/badges.
  6. Yes also agree but for the player that's taking a risk cause he may never get an offer from a bigger club. also his team could be relegated.
  7. Yes wonky describes it, something on fm will need sorting out, I guess the best way, is waiting till the next transfer window or trying to sign him next season, that's if hes has not sold to other team.
  8. Right so here we go, So I have started a brand new career again with Wigan Athletic, I'm trying to sign a player, But he says he is not confident that with Wigan he can win trophies, Also it says He believe Wigan's squad is strong enough to play at level of his ambitions, Now this is very frustrating, as his team is not half as strong as mine and he's is in the same league and mine are favourites to promotion, He's team are way below, How does this work out? And also he has never played in a higher league than league 1. I'm stuck what could I do?
  9. Ok. well it seems that I have sorted it out a bit. so I should be alright. but I have started a brand new save. I will come back to this save at some point in the next few days, the roles have changes that you see from the first post. Here they are: GK-Defend RB-WB-Support - CB-Defend - CB-Defend - LB-WB-Attack CMR-Support - CM-Deep Lying Playmaker - CML-Attack CAM-Trequartista STCR- Deep Lying Forward Support - STCL-Advanced Forward Attack Although we did get a lot of mixed results, like I have said previously. But still was a good tactic for the league 1 or lower leagues, I guess not sure if it is going to be any good for championship or premierleague, hence why I have bought some wingers for another tactical option, although they fit perfect for my orignal tactic. thanks very much for the help Shake Appeal.
  10. iamabearlol looks like nice tactic, It's interesting to see how you get on, like with my tactic, we had a lot of mixed results, but still we managed to win the title on the last day, we also had a lot of strikers, midfielders, which meant for league 1 at least play 4312 narrow, So this season in championship, we will play with wingers, although league 1 is not so bad not many teams play with lots of wide players mostly narrow, but in the championship, you'll get a lot of wide tatics like 433 or others, but I will also stick with 4312 as my other backup tactic, are you gonna stick with this long term or till you get to the higher leagues witch you will change tactic? also your fullback will need high stamina, would also benefit from being a bit pacey, also in my first season I went over my wage budget and completely forgot that we had a lot of loan midfield players and struggled in January because 2 or 3 of them went back to their club, and we had a few injuries, when we tried to get a player on loan the other club was like we want him to play with higher quality players or the players that we had on loan, that had gone back, we tried to bring back but they rejected, in the end I manage to get 1 player, he fit into our style of play verygood, so for my new season we have decided to play 433 with either a dm or cam, I am undecided but our 2 wide players we have brought in play dr, wbr, mr, wr, and same on the left so they fits perfect for both my tactics.
  11. ok, I have been away to Southend for the weekend, to watch Wigan, so I have not been on, but I will read the above and get bck asap.
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