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  1. I'm no authority, but I feel like the most importan attributes for heading go like this - Bravery>Off the Ball>Anticipation>Jumping>Heading>Aggression
  2. You and your mates good enough to play in the PL m8?
  3. If you right click on the menu that shows up and then move your mouse around you get cool visuals.
  4. Also why can't I see what roles my players were playing after the match has ended? I hate it when I acidentally stumble upon a good configuration during a match and then if I can't remember what I clicked, the formation is lost. It's a minor thing but it keeps happening, I hope in future FM's we'll be able to see what roles were being used at the end of a match.
  5. Quite annoying how you can't tutor him if you make him a first team player from the start...
  6. I'd love to see a match highlight feature that shows me every touch of whatever player I want to see. Maybe selecting a player in the match engine (while the match is running) could be a trigger for the highlight system to show every touch that player makes until he is deselected. Cheers, if you read this.
  7. They do it based on small differences in their game and whatever else they see. I'm saying those two play the exact same game (they have the exact height,weight,everything). There is no way to know who is going to be better IRL. In FM there is
  8. Add option to see a player's every touch during match highlights. I'd murder for this to be in FM15
  9. Ivan Hristov 182 cm 78 kg Yambol, Bulgaria DM Lots of flair,good pass, very hard tackle, argues
  10. This guy gets it. If there are two 18 yr old players with the same current ability and mentality: -IRL you can't say who is going to be better -In FM you can
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