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  1. Tried an Angers save and finished mid table after season one. Goals were hard to come by. Was able to lure Petkovic in as my starting CF in a 4-1-4-1 system and he netted 30 goals in a full season playing CF(S) he was simply a one man wrecking crew. We made Europe on the last day and now I have less than 2M to improve the squad for Europe while still expected to finish top 10. Tough blue collar that scrapes out wins satisfying and stressful at the same time. This could get ugly. On a good note we are building a new 25K seat stadium. Hope i live to see opening day. Cheers
  2. It is interesting how similar our saves are. I was in exactly your spot in January year 2. I finished year 2 last night, won the EPL cup over City 2-1 and won the league by one point on the last day by beating reading who had lead the league all year. Very odd. Just an fyi I was able to grab Polencia (sp?) from Barca at RB/LB for 350K in January. Very highly rated Wonderkid who can play both sides. Once he settles in he really turns it on. Was given 21M for my first year in Premiership and they upgraded our youth ranking. Mowatt carried the team on his back the last three weeks. He was fantastic. My only transfer so far is acquiring Luke Garbutt for 2.4M hoping to improve service to my forwards. Viera is developing very nicely, I play him both as DLPD and CMS. Cheers.
  3. Interesting adj, I finished 7th and was given 4M in season two. Did they approach you to buy the stadium as well? I also go them to upgrade the youth facilities. Maybe that is where the other 6M went.
  4. Just hit the January transfer window in season 2. Sitting third behind reading and Swansea. Eliminated in First Round of FA CUP by Soton but then beat them in the EPL Semis 2 weeks later 5-2 on aggregate. Off to Wembley to meet city in the final. That will be a rough one. Players of Note: Israel Puerto 7.26 ( free year 1) and Jack Stepehens 7.56 (1.2M from Soton in year one). Surprise Performers off the bench: Ryan Christie from Celtic and Matty downing as back up RB. Really struggling for a consistent striker: Was able to secure Zach Clough to play F9 but he has been very inconsistent. Still limiting myself to players my scouts find and finding it tough to fill the holes I have. I ended up firing three of them 2 months ago,lol.
  5. I got Jack as well for 1.2M in season one. He did well averaged 7.07 rating rotating with Bartley at CDR. He has become my main defender in season 2 rating 7.30 along with bellusci who I could not unload. They actually play really well together. I lost both Pontus and Bartley so there performances have been a boon. Can anyone recommend a decent Left footed CD? My scouts cant find one for the life of me.
  6. Finished 7th. One point behind Newcastle who went on to be win promotion. Had some key injuries in the last month and got dismantled by Newcastle affecting morale and dropping us from 5th to 7th. Went back see where things went wrong and it seems i struggled against the 4-3-2-1 all season. I may need to add a tactic for those games. Newcastle, Norwich and Huddersfield went up. Have 4.2M to spend in year two. We are are buying the stadium, upgrading youth to Tier 1 facility and they let me have one more coach when i went in and begged them. Fullbacks and Striker were my weakness. Trying to get Garbutt again on a loan deal. Losing Pontus and Bartley has left a gap as well. Green has retired need a new No.1. I am trying to be good this and only sign players my scouts uncover, its challenging and can make for frustrating times. Puerto and Poyet were my best signings in year one. Puerto is weak in the air though and can be manhandled by a good striker.
  7. Love playing Leeds for some reason. Playing a 4-2-1-3 DM using a RMD in AMR. fb(d) - cd(d)- cd(c) - fb (a) rpm - dm ap(s) rmd IF (s) dlf(a) I am 6th in march by 2 points. Norwich and huddersfield are running away with top 2. Striker and LB are my achillies heel. Getting Garbutt in Jan was a saving grace. Key buys. Robert Insigne for 275K. Puerto and poyetfor free. Jack Stephens from Soton. Green berardi puerto jonnson Garnett ( Jan loan) viera bridcuttt mowatt insigne dallas antonnson
  8. Maybe try Barry as Anchorman and Mccarthy as BWM or B2B D then Barkley as RPM. This set really worked well for me. Also use Lennon on WS instead of Miralles his work rate and speed help cover for both Coleman and Stones penchant to move upfield. Moving moving Miralles to the opposite side and make him IFA lets him focus only on attack. Rotate Dele in as needed on either side but note that his stamina causes him to fade late in games or if he plays too many in a row also risking injury. Also both Miralles and Dele really excel as RMD Right side with an F9 striker if you want to go crazy. Cleverly subs in well for barkley land besic can play B2B/BWM and A all effectively if you run into yellow cards. I would agree with what was posted as well CFS or F9 for striker and keep mori at home, I had him as LDD or cover and also kept galloway on FBS to compensate for my roaming right side. Galloway became my best CD after 3 years. He was awesome. From my experience Everton played best using a mixed passing with neither possession or direct enabled. Overlap was enabled on weaker and mid table teams ad taken off against teams with world class wings and FB's. Coleman's natural get further more further allowed me to play him as FBA as opposed to WB or CWB and still get outstanding performances from him. best of luck
  9. I have 6 games left in season one and I am in first 3 points up on Derby and 5 on M'Boro. Here is my team Gk: Ikeme/Hansen Rotation neither really beating the other out DL: Garbutt (Loan), Goldbourne Dc: Stearman, Blackett ( Loan) Dc: Batth, Hause, Landell Dr: Donohue, Ricketts Dm : Coquelin ( Loan), Price Mc (B2B): Rowe, Saville, Evans ML: Sako, Jacobs AmR: Van La Perre, Henry AMC: Green ( Loan), Drage ( 400K), Evans Str: Dicko, Strandberg (600K), Siggy I sold off a lot of the old guard with high salary for whatever I could to keep wages down as funds are tight. Strandberg was a great buy and plays like a mini Bony he has 17G so far only 2 behind Dicko and carried us when Dicko was away at african nations. Garbutt has been really good on loan as had Green(knack for big goals). MacDonald was not fast enough for my midfield role so I sold him in Jan fr 1.2 million. I play an asymetrical 4-1-4-1 attacking and drop back to a 4-1-4-2 to close out games. Also have a 4-2-3-1 wide for certain games to mix it up. Bako is rating at an 8.0 with 15g and 14 assists. Drage is good cover for a number of positions. Here is hoping I hold on. Cheers
  10. If you need a goalie Nikola Leali from Italy is free after season one. He always turns into a top/star quality Premiership goalie after 2 years. He progresses really quickly used in a rotation with an older GK. Wage is about 12K on a free. I buy him in all my saves. Just started a wolves save and will look for him after year 1. Just a question how does Jacobs develop? Can he step up for sako and replace him in year one if I sell him? Cheers
  11. Just finished season 2 finished 4th by one point winning on last day of season. Have 31M to spend to beef up my squad for Europe. Playing a 3-1-4-2 DM and 4-3-3 depending on opponent. Squad: GK: Leali/Guzan WB: Biraghi/Bennett CB: Okore/ Baker CB: Antei/Vlaar/Blackett WB: Peruzzi, Lowton DM: Sanchez/Bentaleb RMP: Alli/ Van Ginkel (Ginkel on Loan and leaving) B2B: Bacuna/ Bentaleb (Bentaleb on Loan trying to buy) A/MFL: Grealish/Ince/Abgon A/MFR: Sisto/Dockel/Grealish TM/CF: Benteke/Weinman DF: Abgonlahor/Strandberg I can't seem to get Benteke rolling any advice? Sell and Replace? Is Origi an option? Yussuf Poulson? Any suggestions to beef myself up for Champions league?
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