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  1. [Huddersfield Town] (Official) Data Issues

    Thanks for the info i will have a look into it.
  2. [Huddersfield Town] (Official) Data Issues

    Hi All, I am the Huddersfield Town Researcher. Anything you see with the data please say so, also please adhere to the opening post.
  3. TESTUDO for FM16

    I tried this tactic with my Huddersfield team and it didn't seem to work out too good, I used it for 10 games and didn't win. So I switched back to the original one and started winning again and climbing back up the league. Think I will give it another try in pre season and see how it goes from there.
  4. Nice one I will try this tonight, as I like your tactics and had great success with a few of them.
  5. He should be able to reach the same quilty as he has in the past few years as his PA is still the same.
  6. Marco Verratti

    Its ok i have found him now, 750k for Huddersfield at start of second season!
  7. Marco Verratti

    He not even in my game do you need the italian players loaded up as well?
  8. Smithies?

    Lower end of league 1 what you on crack? Where are Huddersfield in the league table? He is the main reason why Huddersfield havent conceded so many goals as he has been excellent all season, yes he did make 2 errors against Leeds which were the only 2 mistakes he has made all season. He would be first choice in every team in league 1 including Leeds. He i not mistake-prone and his ratings in the game are spot on as far as am concerned! He is not over rated irl or in the game either!
  9. I think the PA is probably the easiest way for the AI to understand and measure in the game. But from what you are suggesting or from my understanding you are suggesting most of the things the PA works to.
  10. Help required

    Yes it still does it when am not connected to the internet, as it first notced it when it wasnt connected.
  11. Help required

    It doesnt bring anything up at the end of the game. It should say continue but all it says is pause and when i press the pause button it says play, but it has marked who the man of the match is. Its doing my head in right now.
  12. When i first loaded FM08 onto my laptop it worked ok then we got the internet now when i play a couple of games and on my first draw the game wont let me continue. I have down loaded the latest patch and that hasnt fixec the problem and anybody suggest anything to fix this problem as its really annoying me now.