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  1. Poets have long pondered to write analogies like that. Add to that picture the host (the manager), who is trying out different seating arrangements and strategies to make sure that everyone has a good time, but ultimately always unsure whether they are working.
  2. @Mensell76 I think that is definitely an option that the developers can explore. It is a tough question for them to address I know, since they would have to make a decision between using a somewhat arbitrary measure that the users will not be able to replicate. @kingking brings up another big issue, which is squad management of the AI. Very often it is easy to see AIs opting to play players at 72% condition, and the team's morale is shattered because they refuse to address some minor issues from a key player. This has a lot to do with the game's difficulty, and that is another tough question for the devs. I understand that these issues are not easy, but I just want to encourage the devs to push harder for some improvements.
  3. Oh so that was the confusion I was confusd about! haha no worries man
  4. I am perfectly fine with people being skeptical about what I say, because I can't really produce compelling evidence. I erased a lot of my saves because of disk space, and I didn't really collect screenshots either... I understand that this is too anecdotal to really persuade anyone.
  5. I am not sure you understand the extent of my observation. If you think I am lying about how often I have seen it, that is fine, since I didn't provide you with the evidence. But as far as I'm concerned, it is "believe it or not". There is no bias. Your suggestion that it is a confirmation bias, sounds like you still think that I am writing this after running a handful of saves. Like I have said, I have ran the same teams, in the same league, close to a hundred times in FM 2018, and I have been doing pretty much the same thing in FM 2019. The same thing happens over and over again with MCFC and Guardiola. Do you think that it is normal, for one person to see this happen this many times? Every single cliched, rehashed arguments are not really relevant. Unless you can provide compelling evidence that there is a block of data where MCFC performs decently, it is difficult for me to reverse my position, purely because of the compelling evidence that I have seen.
  6. My point is there for you to understand. I am not moaning about a handful of games. I am highlighting a very obvious phenomenon that consistently happens across hundreds of saves encompassing many full releases of the game. Every single idiosyncrasy or outliers you stated would be a massive problem if it happened as often as what I have described above. When it happens almost every single time, it is no longer an outlier. Football Manager is a toy model of reality. That is why it is a game. They are however products, that have to improve.
  7. You made so many great points, but I want to emphasize this because it really illuminates the biggest weakness of FM's ME. I would even go as far as saying that EVERY problem in Football Manager's current ME stems from this inability to simulate the number of total passes, and the number of different types of passes. Like you have said, the difference between a "short-pass oriented" team and a long-ball oriented team is much smaller than commonly understood. However, the difference in quality is actually what enables the good teams to make those marginal differences count. With good teams, their tactical objectives are very detailed, and they incorporate different approaches at different tactical phases. Good teams that play a "possession-based style football", are asked to make short and careful passes to build up and maintain possession, but very often they would make long and direct passes to exploit the opponent. In here lies the dilemma for the developers of Football Manager. FM's ME is not sophisticated enough to properly reflect the small difference in style and the big difference in quality, but they are laden with the task to get the ME to produce realistic results. We cannot replicate, or even imitate how teams play with the tools available on Football Manager. They have to create sophisticated scenarios with simplistic tools, and the best way to do it is to add various arbitrary adjustments that force realistic results. Therefore the matches become very contrived as a result, and the simulation platform overall inevitably produces some strange characteristics. My suspicion is that this explains why possession based systems perform very poorly on FM. With the tools in FM's ME, Guardiola's MCFC would create mountains of overly dominant results. That is too unrealistic, so they made some adjustments to put such systems at a disadvantage. However to play the devil's advocate, if the ME became "too realistic", most players would be very bored by the fine margins that they have to deal with. The game becomes too hard and complicated. Users, including myself, want to dramatically feel their influence on what is happening in the games, AND get realistic results at the same time. That being said, a completely realistic AI is not what I am asking for. All I expect are incremental improvements, of some obvious problems. After all, this is a game and not real football. But I have to ask, has the game made meaningful improvements as the series progressed? I am not sure whether people realize how expensive Football Manager is. The top game studios produce a full priced game once every few years, and they make monumental improvements, but they are held to a much higher scrutiny than the Football Manager series, which is slightly cheaper but produces a new full release every year. Considering trend in ME improvements for the last couple of years, I am not sure whether progress is there. The various improvements made were largely peripheral, and not much has changed with the matches, and they are the core of this game.
  8. Exactly. For some years now the go-to tactic has been to position as many attackers as possible, throw fullbacks forward and have them cross the ball. It has been Fullback Manager for quite some time now. The balance was so off in FM 2018, that many users opted to go with 3 forwards without wingers because fullbacks perform so well in all phases of the game. I noticed that with FM 19 crosses have been slightly weakened, but the trend of blatantly favoring direct play way too much is continued.
  9. I say this with the full realization that I can only provide anecdotal evidence. However, I am a very, very heavy user, I played hundreds of hours actively on at least twenty saves of FM 2018, and I have played a lot of FM 2019 as well. Showing you my playing time is rather pointless because I always leave the game on at my home PC. Majority of that playing time was dedicated to playing as Manchester United, and I always create a new save after six or seven seasons because I do not enjoy playing with generated players. I think this experience allows me to provide some persuasive anecdotes regarding Manchester City's performance since I spent hundreds of hours playing as their direct rivals in the same league. What I have noticed from all those hours of playing, is that there is a problem with Manchester City and Pep Guardiola's performance, and that reveals a much greater problem in your game that has to be addressed. As far as my experience goes, there was a very clear, distinctive and repetitive pattern with Manchester City in FM 2018. It starts with Pep Guardiola's team performing much poorer than expected, usually ranking at 6th or 7th in the league. He then gets sacked, another manager (usually Carlo Ancelotti) comes in, does much better, but by that time my Manchester United becomes so powerful for them to launch any credible title challenge. A similar pattern can be seen in FM 2019 as well. His replacement may be different from time to time, but one thing stays consistent: Pep Guardiola performs very poorly. Therefore, the problem is not with the ability you have given MCFC players since they perform better with another manager, but with Pep Guardiola. Then with Guardiola, it is not his attributes/ability, as he is one of the most highly rated coaches in this game. I have very strong suspicions that this is largely due to your current match/tactical engine, that puts Guardiola's tactical style at a significant disadvantage. I attached two screenshots, of Guardiola recording a 55% win rate, and Zidane, his replacement recording a win rate of 88%. This is just one, of a vast number of trials that have yielded the same results. The same team, in the same season, performs much better under a manager with worse ability. Some who like to philosophize about the tactical aspect of Football Manager may disagree, but Football Manager's tactics are more simplistic and formulaic than its developers claim. The game clearly favors certain approaches over others. I have played the Football Manager series when it was the Championship Manager in 2003, and every single series had an overpowered approach. There have been a lot of tactics that were close to being cheats. There are different ways to enjoy a game, but if your objective is to win, this game quickly becomes a very simple game of finding that favored approach and implementing it. After repeating the same scenario over and over again, it has become very clear to me that Guardiola's approach of passing football is weak, and after numerous trials on this version, it seems like this is continuing. Some would retort by saying, it is "possible" for Guardiola to perform poorly in a game since a proper simulation is always able to present us with different possibilities. However, the number of times I have seen this happen is far too great for this to be a phenomenon presented by a properly functioning simulation engine. For one of the best managers in football, who has been given stellar attributes in your game, to perform that poorly, almost every single time, in tens of saves is very, very unlikely. Of course, I am not expecting this game to be perfectly simulated. I don't think artificial intelligence, and simulation has reached that point quite yet. However, for one of the best teams in the world, under one of the best coaches in the world, to perform that poorly over and over again because his approach is weak, seems like a fixable glitch that you can work on. I have seen people get shot down on this forum for bringing up similar problems, and their testimonies have been called to be freak occurrences. I would like to say that it is not. I am not sure whether you find my testimony as credible. You have a vast amount of data, far greater than mine. However, as far as my experience goes. there is a very clear flaw in your engine that has been prevailing for a long time, which has not been addressed. I have brought this up because this suggests a problem far greater than just MCFC's performance in the game, but a certain simplicity and limitation in your game that weakens the excitement often associated with the game. This is a problem that has to be addressed, and I hope you do so soon.
  10. When I say that he is a legend, I am saying that without any nostalgia or mourn. It is evident from Kasper Schmeichel's open letter than Mr. Srivaddhanaprabha had an enormous ambition. That it succeeded is an unbelievable feat, and I am certain that we won't see anything like it anytime soon. From the giant wave of new owners that flooded into the smaller clubs of English football, he was one of the very, very few that lived up to his promise. Among the vast number of alliances between football and business, this was truly an exemplary one, where every party involved flourished well beyond their past limitations. As far as I know, commonly the term 'club legend' is limited to managers and players, but I don't think anyone would object to expanding that definition to include owners, especially for someone who clearly impacted the lives of so many associated with the club.
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