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    FM17: Gems of Fm17

    Alejandro Romero Gammara Looks like a decent AM for quite cheap between 1-2 mill Also Angelo Henriquez (Ex Man utd) I got him for 750K plus some add ons, but only about 1.3 mill in total
  2. billysafc

    FM17: Gems of Fm17

    Kent-Are Antonsen Can play either LB/RB or can even do a shift in CM. Plays for tromso and looks to be available for under a mill
  3. fair enough, does he do a good job for you?, stats dont seem that impressive but they dont tell the whole story.
  4. I do have a 4-2-3-1 tactic that has a AM but I cant get the balance and solidity right. I would really prefer not to get rid of him because I think he's a beautiful player really but I cannot translate that to fm. Could I post my tactic on here for you chaps to critique please? Give me some pointers to improve it. I dont feel like control the game enough and dont play as incisive as id like. Any tips are welcome. I have Ozil on roam from position and move into channels. Thank you
  5. is anyone else struggling to get the best out of ozil? Never seems to perform that well for me. I play him as CM - AP (A) with roam from position. I would be interested to see how others play him
  6. billysafc

    FM16: What Team Should I Be?

    Nation: one in Europe Division: second top or top European Competition: don't mind Media Prediction:not a top team Board Expectation(s): I dont want to be a title or european challenger Transfer Budget: solid enough, not huge and not tiny Wage Budget: room to manoeuvre Finances: not huge amounts of debt Other: basically I want to start a career at a club that I can grow. I do not mind about the nation, I would like a club that could play a 4-1-4-1 counter tactic. I would like a solid youth development to produce chaps I can bring through. I have played with everton and arsenal so far and didn't connect with either of them.
  7. really good article as always cleon, thanks. lots of food for thought
  8. billysafc

    FM16: Good Defenders

    Name: mario pavelic Age:21 Nationality: austrian Club:sk rapid wien Position:dr/dl/wbr/wbl Value: cant remember Sale Value:1.1 million Work Permit Needed?: no having a look at full backs for my sunderland team, came across this guy. looks like a solid player for not much ££ cant do screenshots
  9. i do like reading what you have to say about the game, its always informative and easy to read. this article has helped me to think deeper about utilising all the tools on offer so thanks. keep up the good work
  10. billysafc

    FM15: Arsenal FC

    i know, i was very surprised, he bagged 6 in one game and a few hattricks. madness
  11. billysafc

    FM15: Arsenal FC

    just an update to show you how danny has done in europe, this is my route to the final and eventual winners. some crazy results there overall im happy with how the season went, obviously I would have preferred to have done better in the league but im content with second for now
  12. billysafc

    FM15: Arsenal FC

    long time reader, not often poster but started an arsenal game the other day because they are my second favourite team and Ive never managed them before. doing ok so far, in the champions league I got beaten by Atletico 4-1 away as wilshere got sent off early doors. second leg came around and I achieved my biggest come back. go on danny boy smashing in a double hattrick. chuffed with this.
  13. please say your joking about colback?
  14. billysafc

    FM15: Top 5 Must Buys

    marius lundemo pione sisto, john hou saetar and then two others depending on who im managing
  15. what about quinnie and phillips? only englishman ever to win the european golden boot