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  1. he looks naughty! defo one to add to the shortlist
  2. Yuriel Celi - left winger/Cam from Peru Can sign on a free first season as his contract runs out 31/12/20 if you are quick This is scouted by chelsea scouts - looks quite good, maybe not for English teams, due to work permit, but could do a job on the continent.
  3. Isak Pettersson Swedish GK - can get him on a free at the start of the game
  4. attached my shortlist, I have most of the people listed with screenshots on this forum on there, along with some others I have found along the way. I made this origihidden gems latest.fmfnally for fm20 and some of the players have had big moves/come to prominence since, I haven't removed them from the list but feel free to do so if you want
  5. Tbh, didn't turn out as well as I hoped. Lazarevic looks a prospect as does Della Picca. its no class of 92 though
  6. I've already had a few top prospects coming through, so excited to see how this one goes!
  7. Daniel Quinones Right back playing for America de Cali. I am playing as Brentford so can't scout him, but Milan have had a £1.2 million offer accepted. He will struggle to get a work permit, so will be more suited to European clubs. Looks like a solid, cheap right back option though.
  8. Good point, he is on my shortlist so I'll keep my fingers crossed.
  9. Got to flesh out the youth teams though. And Sociedad seem to produce class players year on year
  10. Youth came through. Excited to see how some of these develop.
  11. Started a save with Athletic yesterday as I got bored of my other save. I have played with Athletic on previous editions and have loved it. I am sitting in 5th in the league, scoring goals is an issue so far, but I am defensively solid my tactic: This isn't my 1st choice team btw I sat and read the thread and hope I can have as much success with the regens as some of you lot! Also any idea how to make the images smaller?! I realise they are huge
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