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  1. Good point, he is on my shortlist so I'll keep my fingers crossed.
  2. Got to flesh out the youth teams though. And Sociedad seem to produce class players year on year
  3. Youth came through. Excited to see how some of these develop.
  4. Started a save with Athletic yesterday as I got bored of my other save. I have played with Athletic on previous editions and have loved it. I am sitting in 5th in the league, scoring goals is an issue so far, but I am defensively solid my tactic: This isn't my 1st choice team btw I sat and read the thread and hope I can have as much success with the regens as some of you lot! Also any idea how to make the images smaller?! I realise they are huge
  5. I managed to unsettle him and Dinamo transfer listed him for 1.5 million having previously quoted me 10 mill+.
  6. Ivonei from Santos, My scouts have recommended him to my Benfica side. Looks quite promising, probable WP issues for UK though.
  7. Attached is the shortlist I have been compiling over the past few weeks. It contains most of the players listed here - some of the Asian and African players aren't in my game. it also contains some players I have scouted and found in my game. @wkdsoul hidden gems.fmf
  8. Half season update, the league is a walk in the park, only drawn one game so far. Lingard is smashing to so far, no intention of selling him at all. Scoring and keeping clean sheets is going well. Look at the aggregate score against Arsenal in the semis of the carabao. Across the 3 games we have contested, I am 18-5 up on aggregate. it is a tad boring, but I will keep it going until the final patch comes out I think.
  9. Booted up a new save with man utd today, never managed them (but I went to Uni there and love the place) but I love Rashford and Lingard so I want to get a chance to manage them both with the ultimate aim of having a predominantly HG first 11 and squad. Ideally to emulate the class of 92 Here is my chosen 11 and tactic to match. Pre-season is going well, played 3 and won 3 so far. I have turned off transfer budgets in the first window (I always do - added realism). Any tips for me, please? Thank you My chosen tactic, I want to play controlling passing football - Inside forward PI - AM PI I've got no other PI's
  10. Alejandro Romero Gammara Looks like a decent AM for quite cheap between 1-2 mill Also Angelo Henriquez (Ex Man utd) I got him for 750K plus some add ons, but only about 1.3 mill in total
  11. Kent-Are Antonsen Can play either LB/RB or can even do a shift in CM. Plays for tromso and looks to be available for under a mill
  12. fair enough, does he do a good job for you?, stats dont seem that impressive but they dont tell the whole story.
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