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    I was born in Buenos Aires. I live on my own in a big flat. 29 years old.

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    Learning english, playing games, programming.

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    River Plate
  1. World Cup Betting Thread

    Why Does Argentina pay more than Germany on bwin?? I think there is no favourite team there.
  2. The Official English National Football Team Thread

    I've got a question for english people: Does Mick Jagger bring bad luck to England? Because whenever i see him at the stadium, England loses.
  3. Argentina pays 2.20 Germany 3.20 in bwin. Is there such difference??
  4. The Let us Laugh at England thread

    Please dont laugh at England, they have enough with such players and Capello's catennaccio.
  5. Obviously an envious chilean wants us to lose. Remember that you qualified to the WC with an Argentinian in the bench. In 98 you qualified to the WC with a uruguayan in the bench. You cannot do anything by yourselves .
  6. I speak spanish and couldnt find any list there.
  7. Im still worried about the inaccuracy in the midfield that Argentina shows in every match. I cant understand why we are so inaccurate when passing the ball even when the pass is really short. This will provoke a lot of counter attacks and bearing in mind that we dont defend well, it might be really dangerous. I think that Messi needs at least two players who can go with him to play like in Barsa. If we go back to our 4-4-2 , Messi will be alone with Higuain and never will get the ball so he will have to come back to take it which will turn out to get him tired. Aguante Argentinaaaaaa!!
  8. Italy playing with at least 1 forward.
  9. World Cup Friendlies

    Im looking for a new sport to insult brazilians.
  10. World Cup Friendlies

    PMLF im a bit confused, you want us to win a match?? :confused: What's next? Paraguay winning the Sailing world cup?? :D
  11. Bah, We beat Canada 5-0 in River Plate stadium. I cant understand why we play against these kind of teams, only to say "ooohh we are good we scored 5 gooals" and after that we come back to Argentina in 1/8.
  12. At work there are some people who said they wouldn't buy any lcd to watch the wc because we already know we don't have any chances.
  13. This happens all the time. Your team is playing wonderfully but all of a sudden your defenders forget how to defend, your midfielders can't pass the ball, your strikers can't get the ball. This has happened in every version of this game. Another tip I tell you not to do is: when you are winning by a goal, against a team that is better than yours and your rival team is not playing well, try not to do a substitution because automatically they'll score a goal.
  14. It is stupid to say that either you have a problem with your tactics or your players, I had the same problem and stopped playing as it was putting me off. Doesn't matter which player you put, they go back and back and back and let their rivals run with the ball. Even when you are close to your area, your players only watch the rival team without trying to get the ball. It is not a problem in a tactic as any player around the world would go to take the ball, no matter whether he is bad o good.
  15. It's impossible to stop them as the tactical system in this game doesn't allow you to do anything but to tell a player "you are a defender" "you are a midfielder". Question : "Im conceding too many goals" Answer "You have to tell your midfielders to change from Attacking role to defending role" Question : "Im not scoring" Answer : "Tell your midfielders to play attacking role " Question : "My defenders are all the time in a bad position" Answer : "Put more defenders" And the best answer of all: "You have to read 123123 pages of tactic theorems to figure out how to stop a player"