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  1. From personal experience I know Dahoud has huge potential so it may be worth keeping hold to see how he develops. You may want to look towards a loan move and see if there are any teams in European Competition that can offer him regular games in order to allow him the game time he needs. That way, he's off your wage bill for 1/2 seasons and also will ensure his stock is kept high enough for you to get a bigger return should you choose to sell him after all.
  2. I can't see him mentioned on here, but I have just started my second season with Plymouth in League One and have picked up Pavel Vyhnal on a Free Transfer. He plays for Bohemians 1905 and is currently murdering the league as a Target Man for my side and looks like he'll be my main man up front for a few seasons to come circumstance permitting!
  3. I can't remember if it was 99/00 or 98/99 where Dejan Petkovic was ridiculous. Was always my go to signing.
  4. Going for my starting 11 only:- GK - Ederson (Benfica) - Possibly my favorite GK on this version even above Donnarumma due to his kicking mainly! RB - Fabinho (Monaco) CB - Van Dijk (Southampton) CB - Varane (Real Madrid) LB - Gerhardt (Wolfsburg) CM - Milinkovic Savic (Lazio) CM - Adrien Silva (Sporting CP) RW - Gelson Martins (Sporting CP) CAM - Dockal (Sparta Prague) - Ridiculous player considering he's available for about £2million at the start. LW - Gabriel Jesus (Man City) CF - Lacazette (Lyon) I would obviously include the likes of Hazard and Griezmann in there for obvious reasons, but outside of the top players they are probably the players I would choose again.
  5. In fairness he's struggling to break into the side for me at the moment. I shamelessly signed Alejandro Gomez from Atalanta (borderline exploit I know!) and also brought in Borek Dockal from Sparta Prague and between them they've been hard to drop. I'm keeping him active though as teams are now starting to sniff around him, but when he plays it's as an Inside Forward (Support) on the left wing. My tactics are set to play more narrow but exploit the flanks - my left winger tends to play through the middle a lot more with the right winger sticking wider to provide width when needed. Appears to be working!
  6. He obviously has a strong affiliation with Blackburn given his time served there and will have only recently left his post so I'm going to see if/when he's open to joining on my save later as there isn't many better on the game. Will hopefully have an update tonight, that's if it's possible!
  7. Seeing his name always makes me laugh, I worked with his Daughter for a number of years and it just so happens he'd been my go-to physio for years prior (and still is!). I too am having some difficulty in signing him however as it appears even the bigger teams don't tempt him.
  8. In fairness I continued the save into August and Cougar was right, the attributes decreased midway through the previous month and only showed on the recent training effects at the beginning of August which explains it. Hoping to get them back up soon otherwise it's £43million I won't be getting back! Thanks a lot for the feedback on this.
  9. I'm tempted to start a new save and see if it happens again, but I will have a look at this tonight and see if this is the case.
  10. Hi Cougar, I'll post a screenshot later which will show exactly what I mean, but his attributes were 17, 16 & 16 before I signed him, 17, 16 & 16 after I signed him but then dropped to 16, 15 & 15 about a week or two later with nothing showing on his training records to indicate why. This isn't just limited to Dribbling, Finishing and First Touch as his attributes have decreased across the board pretty much and it doesn't seem normal for this sudden drop to occur, as I have never personally experienced it before. Also, his Coach Report shows he's still rated as a Star Player with 4/5 star current ability which is the same as prior to signing him, which also seems strange.
  11. I play with attribute masking off and what I mean by starting attributes is the attributes that are visible from the start of a career (this is a new save so I'm in July 2016 at the moment). To give an example without a screenshot, IIRC he has 17, 16 and 16 for Dribbling, Finishing and First Touch, respectively. A couple of weeks after signing him these were listed as 16, 15 and 15. As mentioned, no indication was given when clicking show recent attribute changes and this doesn't appear to have happened with any other of my signings.
  12. I'm currently at work but will post this later. There may be an explanation for the sudden dip in attributes, but at the moment I'm struggling to see why!
  13. Hi, I've recently signed Alex Teixeira who's starting attributes are obviously quite good, but after around 2 weeks his stats have dropped dramatically but with no indication as to why. When selecting show recent attribute changes, nothing is showing as moving, but his stats are terrible. Is there a reason for this?
  14. Just worth noting for anyone in the first season, I notice Real Madrid are always interested in Juan Mata and they made a couple of approaches fairly early on in my save. I managed to negotiate a deal for James Rodriguez which was £15 million upfront, 20% of next sale plus Juan Mata, which they negotiated after me offering a straight swap. Didn't think it was too bad a deal given how effective James has been so far!
  15. How is Ederson (Benfica GK) looking on everyone's saves? I've just brought him in as number 2 and his stats suggest he could be too good in a few years to bench! Just interested to see if anyone is a few seasons in so I can see his development.
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