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  1. Just worth noting for anyone in the first season, I notice Real Madrid are always interested in Juan Mata and they made a couple of approaches fairly early on in my save. I managed to negotiate a deal for James Rodriguez which was £15 million upfront, 20% of next sale plus Juan Mata, which they negotiated after me offering a straight swap. Didn't think it was too bad a deal given how effective James has been so far!
  2. How is Ederson (Benfica GK) looking on everyone's saves? I've just brought him in as number 2 and his stats suggest he could be too good in a few years to bench! Just interested to see if anyone is a few seasons in so I can see his development.
  3. Hi Guys, To cut a long story short, my beloved Alienware laptop of 6 years has just died, conveniently just short of the new FM being officially released! I am kind of caught between two minds of either repairing it, or retiring it and upgrading (the last FM presented a significant struggle with large databases). Having been lured into the aesthetics of the Alienware's, I am now much wiser to the fact that they're not the best spec in terms of value for money, so I'm looking for suggestions elsewhere. Feel free to throw some potential options out there! Thanks a lot.
  4. This may need spoiler tags, but I double checked his entry in the editor and it appears he's not a natural in any position. I found this strange as I think his rating for AMC was 18, which you'd think would be 20.
  5. Name: Jamey Osbourne Age: 21 Nationality: English Club: Free Agent Position: Centre Midfield Value: £0 Signed for: Salford City Wages: £180 per week Work permit needed: No
  6. He looks a very tidy player, the only thing that would worry me is his bravery but even still, he obviously scores goals.
  7. I think he's playing the wrong sport! He's going to be a monster when he reaches his peak. Looks technically sound too as you'd expect from a Spaniard.
  8. Unfortunately he's not a regen mate, he's the son of Andrew Cole (ex Newcastle, Man Utd etc) and starts the game in Man City's U20 team.
  9. Was thinking the same thing, I purchased a Dell Alienware laptop 3 years ago which runs FM brilliantly, just depends what spec/how high spec you're looking for and how much you're willing to pay mate.
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