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  1. the backroom advice switch has less lag for me too and sometimes i got stuck on progressing to the match after team selection. though is the match engine still bit funny. alot of these type of goals happening in matches for me. http://youtu.be/x2lZ66Tuu_8
  2. is m.u.f.c 1878 mr hough's cheerleader or spokesmen, i mean his posts sounds like a commercial lol.
  3. well i was playing as doncaster rovers in the first season, it maybe my players but it just isnt working for me. i never once mentioned it was a bad tactic and the smiley at the end of your post doesnt cover up that unwarranted post against me rekoil.
  4. i think you need to calm down mufc 1878, i never said the tactic was bad, i just said my players dont seem to click with it. please stop with the angry posts ?
  5. im not saying its the worst or bad my team just dont respond , just really crappy goals conceded in like the 90+4.
  6. just cant get this tactic to work for me, lost every game out of 20 so far.
  7. what leagues do you have running and is it getting slower playing the game
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