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  1. Thanks for the explanation, looking forward to seeing the 2nd version of the tactic
  2. Lots of similarities to the 3-4-3 I play (balanced mentality & direct passing), and the roles are very similar too. I just have a question about the Player Instructions - Are these specifically tailored for the players you have in that position or would they be the same for any player in the role? I think I can guess that most of them aren't player specific and would stay the same regardless of the player (such as Boly staying wider to cover for the more aggressive wing back), but interested to hear your thought process.
  3. Very interested to see your take on Wolves. I'm currently playing a save with them using mostly 3-4-3 and 3-5-2 formations.
  4. Keep coming back to this style of playing the game as it yields the best results for me (as well as the most enjoyment!). Can Loversleaper or anyone remind me of the TIs for the Mourinho set from last year's thread? The screenshots and downloads aren't available any more. I remember they utilised a DLP and direct passing, but can't remember other specific instructions (e.g. work ball into box or play out of defence). Many thanks again, I'll be following this thread with interest.
  5. I've been watching your videos and they've definitely helped. So far I'm switching the wing backs down a duty (attack to support, or support to defend), and dropping to counter and adding retain possession. I hope this means we increase the chances of a counter, but will hold the ball better if a counter is not triggered under the hood.
  6. Does anyone have any tips for how to counter opposition formation changes? For context I'm playing as Wolves in 2020, predicted finish of 10th in the Premier League. I have a few formations, but usually play 4-3-3 or 4-3-1-2 Fluid/Very Fluid and switch between counter, standard and control mentalities. TIs are usually Offiside Trap, Play out of Defence, Work Ball into Box, Whip Crosses and sometimes Roam from Position. I usually play okay initially against bigger teams, for example I was leading against City and Spurs away at the 60 minute mark but when the opposition formation widget shows they switch to 4-2-3-1 Attacking or 4-1-2-3 Attacking (pretty much any formation with attacking in the name), we really struggle. I know my team should not expect to beat these teams, but it's frustrating to be leading and then to concede late goals for a point or to lose. Does anyone have any tips? I managed to keep a 1 - 0 lead against Chelsea by switching to defensive/very fuild, and adding the "Waste Time" and "Retain Possession" shouts, but was wondering if anyone else has any other suggestiosn. Thank for your advice.
  7. Neonshake, I suppose this bit - "Specifically ensure that at least 1 of your deepest wide players (so normally a Full Back, but potentially a Wing Back or Wide Midfielder) are on attack duty" It might read as if Llama was saying that that's a rule, which I'm not sure he intended it to. People took it as a necessity, I know myself it's something that I used to always do. I've seen a lot more tactics this FM with no deep attack duties if it suits their tactics, eg Cleon's Art of Counter attacking thread.
  8. Much like James9 I've started playing with a 4-2DM-3-1, with my three in the AM strata. I'm playing: GK: G(D) RB: FB(S) RCB: CD(D) LCB: CD(D) LB: WB(A) RDM: REG(S) LDM: DM(D) RAM: W(A) CAM: AP(S) LAM: IF(S) ST: CF(A) TIs and mentality I'm still playing about with. In pre-season now and experimenting with Control, Flexible, Close Down More, Offside Trap, Push Slightly Higher Up, Shorter Passing, and Play out of Defence. WB(A) and W(A) provide width, AP(S) drops deep and links with the REG(S), and also getting good interplay between the CF(A) and the IF(S). I'll be following this thread with interest, especially as I'm not as good with the TIs as a lot of the mods/users are here. Specifically I'm unsure about standard or fluid as team shape, and possibly thinking about dropping the push slightly higher up TI.
  9. A bit late to the party here, but I'd just like to thank Cleon for this great thread. To put things into context, I'm playing as a championship team, but after promotion I have finished mid to upper-mid table in the Premiership for the past few seasons. The problem is that I've struggled to break into the European places consistently. I'm playing a 4-2DM-3-1 possession based tactic, which struggles against the elite (although is good against teams below that level). Reading this thread, Cleon has several times mentioned that the natural progression is to a possession-based counter approach. Taking this as inspiration I've developed a second tactic with the aim to compete better against the higher reputation teams. I've dropped my two wingers back to form a 4-2DM-2-1-1 of sorts. I have an IF(A) and AP(S), which have become a WM(A) and WP(S). I've set my team out with instructions to retain possession when attacking naturally, but I've also moved to a counter mentality. This, coupled with the deeper positioning of my team, gives my team a greater chance to break against teams which over commit, while still retaining a patient build up style if there isn't a chance to break. Using this, I've got draws in my last two away matches against Chelsea and PSG, something which I'm happy with (as the big teams used to thrash me away from home). I'm still refining this approach, but I would like to thank Cleon triggering the idea!
  10. AM(A) can play well in this role in my experience, behind a TM(S). They feed off knock downs and flick ons from the striker. Just be aware that the TM(S) will attract the ball.
  11. Do you ever adjust your roles or formations based in your opponents? I was struggling with my 4-1-2-2-1 against 4-4-2 teams, both at home and away. I found that changing my DM(D) to a HB(D) in these instances at least partially helps to make me a bit more defensively stable. I was just curious if you ever do the same, not necissarily radical differences like switching to a back three against two strikers, more with regards to role changes. Thanks again!
  12. Thanks very much for the advice, didn't even think of taking the pre-match description into account. I'll take that advice onboard, cheers again!
  13. Loversleaper, congratulations on a great post. I've really enjoyed applying certain aspects of it to my Wolves save, after three seasons in the Premiership we've got into the Europa League! I'm curious as to how you judge the pre-match odds though. Is there any minimum threshold (odds wise) that you use to decide if you're a weak/moderate/strong favourite for the match? I don't use the fractions, instead I use the decimals. Do you look to attack if you're over 10, but control if you're over 3, for instance? Thanks again!
  14. From what I understand the PIs will be deducted the TIs, but it's relative. For example, the CM(D) will close down more with those instructions in a control mentality than he would in counter or defensive, eve though he has a close down less PI in both. Have you thought about training then in a "stays back at all times" PPM?
  15. Hello! I have close down more as a TI, but my CDs and MCL MCR have close down less or much less as a PI to help these specific players keep their shape more. I'm not after a full team press, with every player leaving their position to Close Down, but I do want my wide men and forwards to do so. Keeping the centre backs and centre mids in their position (by closing down less) helps me keep defensive solid block in the centre of the pitch. I wouldn't go so far as to call it a perfect double pivot (as described in the lines and diamonds guide), but for me it provides a solid base for the rest of the team to build off.
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