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  1. No end of problems with steam it would seem and BT Infinity users can't even access steam, this all points to a complete disaster for SI, choosing one option to play the game through steam is an accident waiting to happen, maybe they will learn a lesson (for the 2nd time) not to put all their eggs in one basket! I pity anyone that tries to play this on release day because it is highly likely that those in favour of steam will be up in arms also!! Maybe next year I will buy FM2013 if other options to play the game are re-introduced, if not, my time with the FM series will come to an end.
  2. Not buying owing to decision to use Steam only.
  3. I think it is very naive of sega to think that by putting the game on the steam platform it will delay piracy and thus instead of waiting a few days for the pirate version to surface they will buy the original!! Come on surely you can't be that daft! It is a gamble to do what there doing and whilst I am not buying this years game I can only hope that they at least give people other options to play the game next year, if not, I think sales will drop even further. Miles openly admits that he accepts they will lose some long standing customers with the decision about steam, has he and SI forgot that it is the long standing customers who have put the FM series where it is now??
  4. I don't think SI listens to the community as much as they used to.
  5. I would say Sega/SI have an obligation to state clearly on their own websites (Sega Shop) and other sites such as Amazon & Play that you are required to activate through the steam platform as it stands they are misleading customers. Sega/SI are in for a lot of grief if they continue to market the product on these large retail websites without properly stating these facts.
  6. Seems Sega can't be bothered mentioning the steam activation on their shop, now that is out of order and a disgrace, mentioned earlier that there is no mention of Steam activation/internet required on the pre-order pages on Amazon or Play, it would seem Sega/SI are doing there best to hide this fact probably to ensure good sales.
  7. I have been a fan of the game for many years and a member of these forums for 8 years, I won't be buying the game due to SI opting for using steam only, I think it is a terrible decision to choose this option, it leaves a lot of people annoyed because SI use to listen and take on board comments made by people, both positive and negative now they can't be bothered interacting with this very hot topic. Turning to the question of this method will cut down piracy, utter bo**ocks, if anything it will drive people to piracy, furthermore, if this goes t*ts up they will lose even more customers next year. A big gamble in my eyes.
  8. Funnily enough there is no mention of steam/activation on pre-order pages on Amazon or Play either!!!
  9. That is an absolute disgrace they should be making that crystal clear!! What a shambles this is turning out to be, I dreaded the day SI got involved with SEGA they have taken away the importance of listening to the community on here, SI would never had done such things before they got involved with SEGA. The very fact that the steam activation hasn't been mentioned on the SEGA pre-order page speaks volumes for SEGA. SI you should insist that these details are added to the pre-order website. So many people are going to buy this game and get shafted once they realise they have to activate and run steam. The relationship between SI and it's customers is getting worse by the minute.
  10. On the day of release steam will be a shambles mark my words. Another that has jumped ship i'm afraid.
  11. No pre-orders should have been allowed without all the full facts being available.
  12. Agree it isn't putting the customer first is it, without that custom the game would not be where it is today would it.
  13. Just a thought why not ditch steam and activation as well as protection and charge £10 for a download version of the game, i'm sure people would gladly pay £10 for an original version of the game. No costs for protection, no costs regards steam and no manufacturing cost for retail edition!
  14. Absolutely spot on, in a previous post I asked the question will there be a clear indication in large text on the front of the retail box stating that you will need a 3rd party platform Steam to play the game or will it be in text on the back that is so small no one can read it, Miles perhaps you could answer that one. I'm disgusted in this change, it didn't work with FM2009 so why do you think it will work with FM2012. Sadly I am another who will not be buying the game.
  15. And the point of releasing a retail boxed version is..........? I can assume that you will have on the front of the box in large print "You are required to play this game using the 3rd party platform steam". My guess is it will be in the smallest print possible on the reverse of the box in the hope people don't realise they have to use steam and Sega/SI still get a sale. This thread now has double the responses that the release of the game thread had ..... that speaks volumes! It will be interesting to see what those in favour of steam have to say when they encounter guaranteed issues on the day of release, every year steam has been a shambles. Sega are running the show now, not SI and that is very sad indeed.