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  1. I mean I'd just take an amend/cancel affiliate button. Thing is I've done this exact save before but only got to the championship and because the link never happened I had no issue upgrading my training facilities. Whereas a normal link gets cancelled if its underused because this ones basically just on ALL the time i don't know if it's ever going to get stopped. I think what needs to happen is a board change cos I know when that happens they sometimes they cancel links en mass. But I'm basically the same as you I go into the end of every season hoping for that message that says link cancelled. It's the only thing that's annoying me on whats become my longest ever save on football manager. I can't drop this save even if I wanted to. I certainly don't wanna start over again just because of something so trivial but I find myself taking longer breaks after every season now but i might have just burnt myself out on this save a little. I don't really know how much the training level affects my players improvement, cos I'm still getting amazing players coming through simply cos I have to loan them out for first team football. But it is what it is.
  2. I'm currently like 16 or 17 seasons into a save as Salford and been in the premiership for about 8 or so. Won the league etc but I've had an affiliate with Northwich who are in tier 7 or 8 which was made in like 2019/2020 (so for like 13 seasons) where I use there training facilities. So I've basically been using low tier training facilities for the entire save and because the link is in place I can't improve my own facilities and I can't find a way to cancel it and basically go into every new season hoping that the link gets cancelled with no luck. Is there a way to cancel an affiliate in touch or am I basically stuck until I get lucky. It's not like it's ruining the save but its frustrating when I have maxed youth and recruitment but my training is more or less the lowest one. I tried to see if there was another topic on this but wasn't sure if anyone had found a fix if there is one. I appreciate if anyone can help with this, it's just becoming a pain at this point.
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