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  1. (y) What about the striker? Do you always play him as a poacher or the role that suits the player the best?
  2. Is that the only PI's you have? And what about OI's? Thx for the answer!
  3. Thanks mate! Will try the tactic out and see if it works for me What about your 3-5-1-1, aren't you using that anymore or? (Always been a fan of 3 at the back tactics, so just asking out of curiosity)
  4. Super, thanks for the answers! Is there any other players with player instructions, or is it just The False Nine?
  5. Not bad, not bad at all. And indeed Dybala looks like a beast in that False 9 role! I think I will try this one out, and see if it works for me. Just a couple of questions to the tactic, if you don't mind me asking do you use OI's? Are there any player instructions and does the striker have to be False 9 or can he be any other role, for the tactic still to work?
  6. Hey mate. Maybe a chance you can upload your tactic? Looks like fire!
  7. Hey mate. 

    Is it possible you can share your chelsea conte tactic from the thread "FM17 Help me make Conte's Chelsea 3-4-3"? I would LOVE to try it out, because I play with Chelsea myself :)

    Thanks it advanced! 


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    2. niklas1907
    3. nexting


      BPD - Cover

      DM - Support

      DW - Support or CWB - Attack

      AM - Attack

      DF - Support

    4. niklas1907


      Thanks so much! 

      Will try it out!

  8. Perfect! I will try it with my Inter save and see if I can get success too What about OI?
  9. Can you post a link to your tactic, Gunman? Looks like it's a hell of a tactic
  10. Hey Keys. First of all awesome tactic I am currently going on with a save with Dortmund, and i am considering moving the DLP to the OMC spot. Do you think it will work or will it ruin the tactic?
  11. Hey Keys. Først og fremmest fed takik Jeg er i gang med et save med Dortmund, hvor jeg overvejer at rykke den DLP op på den offensivemidt. Tror du det ville kunne fungere, eller vil det ødelægge taktikken for meget?
  12. Okay, thx for the answer Was just wondering how you get it to look like this? Look cool http://i.imgur.com/LHpGWdm.png
  13. What is that facepack called, that ypu are using ArtDekDok
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