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  1. I let the AM set up the training schedule and then I make any alterations I think are needed. I signed a lot of players initially so lots of team bonding was added. After the first few games my set pieces (both attacking and defending) weren’t great so extra work on them. Goals dry up and extra attacking training. I feel that’s how it would work in real life with a lot of teams to be honest. A significant number of managers are tacticians who appoint AMs who are excellent trainers. Then through their analysis of the games and tactics, make suggestions to the AM on things they’d like included.
  2. Not sure if this is database or match engine so I’ve posted in both. Orient’s kit in match is wrong. We’ve never played with that shirt and shorts combination.
  3. I’m currently managing Forest Green. Hibernian offered for George Williams and I got a good price for him so accepted the bid (the note said Williams would like to discuss terms). However the transfer fell through because Hibernian are now under a transfer embargo due to an impending takeover but Williams has come to me moaning that I’m not letting him leave. Is this a known issue?
  4. Kyprianou is listed on the club website as midfielder (you can see him just above Phillips in the picture I attached). I’ve also seen him play as a centre back but he’s definitely used a CM more. He also seems to score quite a few goals from midfield too. Likewise with Phillips being a forward. He has been used as a CM very infrequently but scoring 20+ goals predominantly as a striker or a second striker would suggest to me he’s a forward (as well as being listed as one). Whenever I’ve seen him play, he’s on the shoulder of the defenders. Ive been to see the youths play lots of times, plus most of the info can be gained from the match reports on the club website. I’ve only seen Kyprianou play CB once and this was only in a friendly when the first year scholars came on and he shifted into the back line. Every other time he’s played as a box to box midfielder next to Haxhiu who is honestly a bit like Lee Cattermole.
  5. Fair point about the missed chances I guess. He misses a few and I he’s still quite young. I just expected it to be a bit higher considering how prolific he was last year. Thanks for the input
  6. Hopefully attached is a screenshot from the club website saying Phillips is a forward. He’s already got 7 goals this season and was somewhere between 15 and 20 last season (I forget the actual number but I’ve asked someone at the club to confirm this). Therefore I think a finishing attribute of 2 for the youth team’s top scorer is a little harsh. I’d say around the 9 mark would be fair and his composure 8 or 9. With regards to Bonne’s finishing, he was the second highest scorer in the league last year so I’d say 12 is more realistic and he’s scored plenty of 1 on 1s so his composure potentially should be more than 8. Genuine question which I don’t mean to sound rude or abrasive but I’m sure that’s how it will read on here... are we sure the researcher is researching the youth teams if they haven’t got information that is on the club website correct?
  7. Any response to these suggestions? I’d be interested to know the reasoning behind some of the attributes and also who researched the U18s.
  8. Am I to expect a response to my feedback? I reported some Orient data issues on Friday/Saturday and it hasn’t been acknowledged, but lots of other people who have reported data issues on other clubs got responses within a matter of hours. Do we even have a data researcher? Some of the attributes and positions for the players would suggest we don’t.
  9. I’d also say Macauley Bonne’s finishing is a little low. Probably should be around the 12-13 mark. Composure is about right and I think that’s why he misses chances rather than his inability to finish.
  10. A couple of other things regarding the youth players... Hector Kyprianou is a central midfielder (box to box type), rather than a centre back. Granted, he has played at centre back on occasion but almost every time I’ve seen the youths play, he’s in the centre of midfield. Jaedon Phillips is an attacking midfielder/striker and a good finisher, yet is down as a central midfielder with finishing of 2. Should be somewhere between 9 and 11. Does anyone actually watch the youths play? Because the accuracy of ratings and positions on a lot of them is well off the mark.
  11. Lawrence Hammond was born in Huntingdon (I taught him but have no proof other than that so not sure that counts!) Also, the pace of Josh Koroma is surely more than 10?! If Josh Coulson is 8 then Koroma has to be around 12 or 13 at the very least.
  12. There's a requests section but oh well. 2) There's an option to hide/mask player attributes before you start a save. 6 & 8) Never going to happen. Most people don't want to see 3D images having dinner or board meetings. It would take too much away from the actual match engine.
  13. If you're playing three playmakers then they're all going to want the ball and also the rest of the team will be looking to pass to those players. Obviously if it works then great but I've always found that playing too many playmakers isn't that productive. Who's getting into the box to score your goals from midfield? None of those three really will be. My favourite role is the Box to Box midfielder. That works with most roles.
  14. Dear SI, If this doesn't end up in the game EXACTLY like this on either FM19 or FM20 then why on earth does the requests section even exist? Sincerely, Every FM player
  15. I don't think it's a problem at all. Firstly, as RBKalle just said, I doubt managing small teams in tough divisions is fun. Nigel Clough looks like he's aged about 20 years over the last couple of seasons. Also, for what it's worth, on my Orient save where I'm in 2025/26, Burton are now in League 2. On the flip side, FC United of Manchester and Hereford have both managed 3 promotions each across that time which is definitely overachieving. Also, using a simple 4-4-2 formation, I achieved consecutive promotions from the National League to the PL and am now into my fifth season in the top flight. Basically, it is possible to overachieve but it doesn't happen often. Which is perfectly realistic.
  16. Of course. I always think it's worth starting simple and seeing what works and what doesn't. Then add/change accordingly. For some teams, having mostly specialist roles and loads of instructions works but I've never found that the case in LLM, hence my suggestion.
  17. A system that worked a treat for me with Doncaster through all the divisions was this: GK(d) DR - FB(a) DCx2 - CD(d) DL - FB(a) DMC - Anchor Man(d) MCR - BBM(s) MC - AP(s) MCL - BBM(s) STR - DF(s) STL - DLF(a) Flexible Counter for shape and mentality. Shorter passing and play out of defence in your TIs. Three consecutive promotions for me. I got goals and assists galore from the full backs as well.
  18. The less I use the better. Four consecutive promotions using Shorter Passing and Play Out Of Defence (sometimes Play Fairly Narrow if I felt it was necessary). Nothing frustrates me more than seeing my players lump the ball hopefully/lessly, hence the passing related ones. My formation, roles and mentality took care of the rest.
  19. I'll be honest, I wouldn't use the playmaker roles in the lower leagues where players don't have enough quality. It's taken me 4 promotions from the National League to the Premier League to add playmakers to my systems. Good old fashioned Central Midfielders and Defensive Midfielders worked perfectly for me. You can adjust their PIs to do what you want them to but keep it simple. Three TIs, the odd PI and no specialised roles did me in the lower leagues. If you're sticking with the DLF, I'd go with support on that system you've put up. The only thing that would make me change it is if you put one of your wingers as support, then I'd change DLF(s) to DLF(a). I think Anchor Man is better than Defensive Midfielder personally. I never get good average ratings out of 10 over a season but they do a better job screening the back 4.
  20. Easy. Follow the Moneyball rules. These vary from person to person but these are the ones I follow. 1) Don't overpay for players. If a player isn't transfer listed or his contract expired, he isn't signing for me. One man's rubbish is another man's treasure and all that. 2) Don't sign players over the age of 26/27. Any older and you lose resale value. The only time I break this rule is if a player has a great personality for mentoring young players. 3) If an offer comes in for a player that is above their value then accept it (assuming you can bring in someone as good or better). This means not getting emotionally attached to your players. What you have to remember is there will (almost) always be someone as good or better out there. 4) If a player you're looking at signing has never really played well, don't sign them. I know this one sounds odd but something I have very often found to be true is that players who have never managed 6.8 and above as an average rating for a season don't play well for me either. This sounds like it contradicts the idea that I only sign unwanted players (because why would teams be getting rid of those guys right?) but it never fails to amaze me that players who have done well for teams end up either lister or released. 5) I tend not to sign stars. The financial benefits of signing a big player from a different country is so minimal that it's hardly worth bothering. Players with a great work ethic and personality are far more likely to end up playing for me than big names. I want players who fit my system and graft. Doing these things has enabled me to turn financially insecure teams into rich teams within 5 years. Teams that are millions in debt as well like Coventry for example.
  21. The sponsor idea is a nice one but I don't see them implementing it because I don't really know how much the manager of a team really has to do with those decisions. If it was my job to choose features for the new game though this would be in it.
  22. Something that really irritates me is seeing teams using players with 48% condition and then seeing them getting injured or my players blazing past them because they're basically asleep they're so tired. I know some people may question why I'm moaning about being able to beat teams but I'd rather it was earned rather than gifted. On a similar note, I usually start with lower league teams so I don't have a huge squad. The most irritating thing is when I have a couple of good U18 players, they get picked for those games as well as U23 games even when their condition is less than 70% and their chance of injury is high. Why are my coaches so stupid to ruin these players? I end up having to put them in my first team and make them available for the U18s when they're healthy enough to play. Basically, AI coaches need more intelligence and my coaches need to have an option available to tell them not to play players in the U23 games without having to put them in my first team squad. I want my under 18s in my U18 team, not in my first team to stop my backwards coaches over-playing them.
  23. As far as I'm aware, Anchor Man is the holding midfielder role. Also, just saying "a holding midfielder is a holding midfielder and needs to be a separate role" isn't useful to the developers. What would it entail? What instructions would be fixed for it? How would it work? What would you expect from that role?
  24. I'll definitely be going with Orient and trying to get them back into the Football League. An almost entirely new squad and a new chairman will prove interesting. I might try the Fergie Challenge at some point or an unemployed save.
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