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  1. This is great! Have been waiting for an option like this. So many activities, yay
  2. Normally I am trying to get them as young as possible, like 14-15 years old. The reason is that I can affect his training even more. In that way I have more influence in his deveoplent due to the fact that i can controll what attributes i think he should focus on. But there are several additions to take into account as some already explained with trainings facilities etc.
  3. I do think that you have to take the nation in consideration. I think it is more likely that bigger nations will see bigger increase in TV money, rather than minor ones, due to the fact of the nations size and citizens etc.
  4. Dont expect to produce world class player every year lol. World class players are rare. As you have maxed out the youth recruitment, you have the potentiel to produce the best possible players. Although its quite random and you have to depend somehow on luck to get new super regens. Speaking of Dave Parnaby, i agree he aint bad, but as a team of Arsenals size i think its arguable that there are better options available. :-)
  5. You keep asking for realistic? Why would it be unrealistic that an old player, want to make sure he get paid 2 more years instead of one? Why not just give him the 2 years contract lenght? I am sure that it wont wreck your economics. Basicly all you want with the "old" player is to make him a tutor. Is that realistic? It happends that unemployed players retire even at the age of 21-24. Its not all about soccer. The players might found another profession? When players are free on market, the players agent and/or the player himself normally wants a big fee, due to that the player cost nada to sign.
  6. Why is it that so many people are whining bout' the level of difficulty? There are so many ways you can affect the outcome of a game result. I am certainly not a fan of the "save the game before a match and then reload after a lost match". But if you do so of course the game will be complete different from the previous one. It goes with the same in IRL. Never to match are the same or will be the same.
  7. I agree that improvements can be made, although I actually mostly find that AI is quite decent to maintain their squad with buying some good quality players or/and find some young talents. It is more likely that ill see an increase in competitive clubs rather than clubs being less competitive.
  8. Overall i kinda like the way it works. I find that the top clubs buying and top players, even in the first transfer window. People seems to have higher expectation when they are trying to sell their players, which lead to "I dont understand why no clubs want to buy my super awesome player". First of all it might be due to he is not that superior as you think. Second of all his performance and how well he play will most likely increase his market value. AI is not fully ******** which means if the player you are trying to sell, is not a regular first team members, how will you expect to get full price for him?
  9. Which attributes do you find vital then for player development? I dont find" pressure" to play any part in player development.
  10. Seems to me that the mailman had a short visit ;-)
  11. You can see your overall travelling cost under finances.
  12. Indeed, but it happends occasionally that even though ambition and professionalism is high, the player has low determination. My point is that a player with a much lower determination still can be better than a player with 20. And as i recently noticed, was that determination do affect thei players development progress.
  13. I do believe that ambition and professionalism are more important than determination, when it comes to how quick a player will develop. However i did see that determination somehow affects how quick a player develops, but not as much as ambition and professionalism. That is why i think, that somehow determination affect the players develop directly.
  14. I found that Ambition and professionalism is the main stats when it comes to player development. Beside this, determination do also affect their development progress, but not as much as the hidden attributes Ambition and professionalism.
  15. For once i would like to know the truth! There seems to be a lot of discussion going on regarding the impact of determination. The point of this topic is to share yours point of view on this subject. First of, i had the impression that the determination skill would be very helpfull in order for a player to achieve their full potential. But after reading some other guides, post, etc. I kept bump into people who claimed that determination did not have an impact what so ever on the players development progress. So what i decided was that i'd make some test to see whether determination does play an impact or not. I will link some screenshots later on, as im at work right now. What is your opinion? Does determination impact player development?
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