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  1. Another great example from real life: Januzaj was bought my MU as 16-year old for 375k euro from a small Belgian team. Clearly he was "5-star PA" in FM terms. Pretty likely he wasn't "unsettled" and there wasn't airing of this in public beforehand to lower the fee. I wish this could happen in FM. 5-star 16-year-old for 375k, and not for 8M that I saw, or 1.5-2M that you guys are providing examples of.
  2. Yeah on Man Utd side McNair should be rated up while Varela probably should be rated down.
  3. It's just that buyers did not offer enough money. I'm sure Everton would have sold Stones if offered 50 or 60M pounds, instead of 36M pounds top Chelsea offer Beharino would be if they were offered 35 or 40M, instead of 25M top Tottenham offer. Not gigantic enough. I am sure for 2B euro they would sell him.
  4. Martial story in detail at http://www.skysports.com/football/news/11667/9976968/manchester-united-trebled-offer-for-anthony-martial-within-a-week Interesting moment: United made a salary offer to the player well before club accepted the transfer of the player. Isn't it illegal? It's definitely impossible in FM, I wonder if FM16 will make it possible? "Initially Martial was not for sale, it was absolutely not planned. Since last week United started to make offers which we declined several times – £21.6m, £28.8m, £36m, even £50.4m with bonuses." "On Sunday the player got such an offer that he couldn't have declined. He asked us to find a solution and on Monday morning Manchester United made an offer to Monaco which the club couldn't refuse. "
  5. I wonder how do you do this if in fact there are dozens or even hundreds of players like this in the game? Sure you can randomly choose one guy to follow with all these actions...
  6. Do you guys Sven, Loup ever do this in FM? Do you want to provide more detailed guide on how you do it? btw thanks everyone for examples in this thread, they are very eye-opening and instructive. I wish I've heard about the player unsettling to lower the price earlier! I usually just negotiate and then if I like the price I accept. I got bitten a few times when transfer price was accepted but player declined to discuss the contract. I wish I had a way to address this problem.
  7. You are very correct here. I remember another thread I started half a year ago about exactly this problem, too predictable player development. I agree that this is one of the things affecting high youngster prices in FM
  8. Nice, any idea of numerical PA this Belgian dude had? It could be a case of your scouts overestimating the player, and that's why he is so cheap. It happened to me; if 5 PPA star youngster is too cheap, then a few months later he has 3 or 4 PA stars
  9. There is no such thing as "They don't want to sell. They want you to go away." in real life. EVERY player will be sold if enough money is offered, even Ronaldo and Messi. And we are talking about teenagers here. Once again, the example in the thread above: Martial's club said publicly "we don't want to sell, Martial is not for sale". But of course in reality as soon as they are offered 50M they accept. FM's problem is that when club doesn't want to sell, they end up quoting ridiculously high prices, way out of reality, and not agreeing for reasonable valuations.
  10. So I often find promising young players that I want to consider buying a year later. What's the best way to make sure that I find them in search in ~9 months to send scouts to look at them? We are talking about 100-200 players at a time. For example, I find all 4-star+ PA 16-year olds; I want to make sure I look at the same players a year later. I saw that if I just use search with filters on PA then there is a problem that often stars are "lost" over time. (e.g. if I didn't scout a player for some unclear amount of time, the player suddenly has "unknown" PA). I can't use shortlist as well because adding 200 players to shortlist just spams my Inbox. Any ideas?
  11. The difference is that when you edit, you know exact PA number. When you save/load, you have stars, which are very approximate and may just be wrong, so there is this exciting uncertainty. 5 potential stars might mean 150 PA or 190 PA, who knows?
  12. It definitely means that "it's not worthwhile signing for crazy price that Feyenoord asks".
  13. I don't believe they even nearly saturated the market. There are way more football fans than FM players, and many of those never tried management games. So FM can get them with good marketing
  14. Yeah I looked at stealing intake players just the next day after intake, but I consider this cheating.
  15. And this Ukrainian guy wouldn't join you till he is 18 anyway
  16. Thanks, I wasn't aware of this. This stat is very difficult to find online. Here is important note: Walcott had 21 games in Championship already by that time, which definitely increased his transfer price, compared to players who only play in reserve games. And apparently this kind of transfer fee for 16-year old is once-in-a-decade in real life.
  17. Because their PA is very low in FM. This is something to be taken on scouting / data forum. This is an unfounded statement. Sometimes, yes. But not 19-year olds which have 5 star PA Well, if you read what I said, then you would see what is my point - that prices for promising and high level players in FM are several times more expensive than in real life, sometimes 10x and more. Show me examples. The difference is that you are trying to present some isolated examples. I'm saying that I scouted the whole world for many seasons and there is not a single 5-star teenager available for a reasonable price, never. The only case when a 5-star teenager is available is when he has a low release clause (fortunately happened a few times for me). This is not isolated example, unlike yours. Also, if you are saying that buying a regen for 3.5M (you didn't say age, but I assume 16 year old) is ok, then well, we disagree here. In real life nobody pays 3.5M for 16-year olds. The highest ever fee for 16-year old was 3M for Odegaard, and we can see clearly that he is highest-rated 16 year old who was playing in main squad and in national team (the guy like this would easily go for 15-30M in FM15). For 16 year old that plays in u-18 or u-21 squad, reasonable fee would be under a million. I don't know why are you so hostile and want to fight so badly. Did I insult you somehow or did I do anything wrong to you personally? Or are you just like that to everyone on this forum? If you continue in such a manner I will have to stop participating in this conversation, I attend this forum for fun and good time, not to participate in fights. The weirdest thing here is that you are a moderator, and I would assume that it's actually moderator's job to keep forum civil, not to start fights. Anyway this thread was not started by me, I only added my experience to what seems obvious problem of FM15 which I remember was discussed to death last November already. What's the point to discuss it further? I just hope in FM16 it will be fixed and we'll be able to sign young players for reasonable money.
  18. You are talking about way older players with 4 stars PA. I was talking about 16 year olds 5 star PA. Way different prices. Of course there is loads of 21 year olds with 4 stars PA in a game available for a few million, and it is even too expensive for them. Also given CA of current Milan team, what's 4 star for Milan will be 3 or 3.5 star for MU.
  19. Martial's PA in my save is . And at the start of a save he has almost no first team appearances and he is far from being key player. Sure, in FM you can buy such players for €15M, and the point is that it is too expensive for such player - he should be available for 3M maximum.
  20. I don't know where this is coming from. Don't attribute to me something that I didn't say.
  21. I want "screwed up transfers" feature. Especially I want to enter details in TMS while clock is ticking, and if the clock hits midnight transfer doesn't go through. I also want a feature to write a post on official club website explaining why transfer failed, in ten bullet points. And I want a player to be able to change his mood to "Very happy" if he is very religious and decides that all problems are sign of God.
  22. My point is that it is not true. You can't buy 5 star potential youngster (16-18) in FM15 for 500k. Cheapest is 8M or so. MU spent 100k on Poole (not clear if he is 5 star though). MU spent "a lot more" on Martial who is not a "youngster", he is Key Player for one of the top teams in one of the top leagues. I'm not arguing that such players should be cheap. Martial shouldn't be compared with some 16-year old that plays under-18 games in some Dutch club or English Championship club but still costs 10M (in FM15).
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