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  1. Of course same here. No FM15 for me ever again. Waiting for prerelease beta of FM16
  2. In the same way you could argue that RB and LB should be interchangeable since you won't definitely know if "someone in their preferred side would definitely have dealt with something correctly." The thing is that some players have 5-star rating in LB and 1-star rating in RB position, while obviously they are very similar. I wonder why it's not the same for LCB/RCB - some players should be 5-star for LCB and 1-star for RCB. Same for LST and RST. And of course it's not only about which foot is stronger.
  3. It seems that in real life football there is more and more attention on the left/right difference of center backs. For example, in Manchester United, Daley Blind is always played as left center back. Smalling is almost always RCB. John Terry is LCB. etc. etc. While in FM 15, the difference is (almost) nonexistent. Players have positional familiarity with CB overall, and you can switch them RCB/LCB without much effect. I saw there is a note somewhere "prefers left when playing CB" but it doesn't affect positional star rating, or gameplay. It would be great if in FM 16 it was much more significant. E.g. Blind's positional star rating as RCB should be much worse than as LCB.
  4. Yeah, this is a huge problem on FM15 - great players on transfer-list never get bought
  5. disappearing columns should be fixed of course, but on the other hand this is not something that should have taken them a year.. or cost us $50. The problem is that even if they fixed disappearing columns, there will be some other UI bugs that will end up not fixed till FM17.
  6. What I was looking for was not on the "feature" side, but much more on "smarter" side. For example, I hope for overhaul in youth development and youth transfers, so that instead of current unrealistic FM situation of buying several 16-year old stars for 30M each and developing them all into new Ronaldos, I hoped that 16-year olds would become 1) cheaper and 2) much less sure to develop into stars. And even 19-year olds should have much higher probability to not develop. Players should have realistic wage demands, not stay without a club for 6-12 months just because they don't want to accept salary that Everton or Norwich can offer. Players should stop complaining about lacking first team football if they start 50% of the games. etc. etc.
  7. Let's remember promised "Better AI transfers". This fix alone is worth paying money for. "Dynamic rivalries" is another of these bells and whistles since rivalries have no effect on the game outside of press interactions and may be team talks.
  8. For me, all features are either completely useless or meh. Touchline manager - pure cosmetics, don't care at all, I want tactics! Fantasy Draft - most likely I will never use it. Create a club - I will definitely not use it. What's the point? I like existing clubs and existing players. Multi-Match Highlights - I don't see why I will use it, seasons are going slow as it is Pro-Zone Analysis - no idea what it means Set Piece Creator - ok, I will use it, but it's very small addition Expanded Press Interaction - "send assistant" Realistic Injuries - is it about representation in 3d match engine? just cosmetic then. If it is about recovery time, it's good, but small feature New Team Talks - meh. Granular/modular tactics - as per this screenshot. Definitely helpful, less consulting with guides! But nothing new at all, same stuff tactically, just UI changes. Improved board requests - definitely will use but very small and cosmetic Suggested subs - well I feel I'm totally capable, no real need
  9. Hi, does anyone here understand what does Pro-Zone Analysis mean and how is it a good thing? It seems to be the only interesting new feature in FM16 and I wish to understand if it is actually substantially important or just cosmetic.
  10. You are making very good points. The problem is that it is not scalable. If I'm loaning out 5 players and get 20 loan offers for each, I won't do what you are suggesting a hundred times. I'm looking for a shortcut here, choosing the best club for the loanee. I know I can take a shortcut by delegating it to assistant, but he just accepts all offers always .
  11. No. You can easily just check happiness and choose happy players for your match squad, if you prefer happy over skilled. But form is just useless for squad selection. The form is there only for awards.
  12. hm, how to get FM Insider discount? I have FM Insider but didn't see discount on Steam US preorder.
  13. Thanks for the suggestions. I feel that for young players (<22 y.o.) having at least 1 or 2 seasons at loan is very important (at a proper level). The problem with affiliates is that they are often both playing in non-top league AND they have better players than my loanees. E.g. for United, affiliate is Twente in the Dutch league, and most of my for-loan players will not get game time. "their manager will indicate where in the pecking order your player will likely end up" - not sure how does this work? I've never seen this happening. Can you clarify? When I click "send player to affiliate" he usually just goes, I didn't see any discussion with their manager.
  14. Hi, I see that in my FM15 even with recent summer transfer update I still don't see many real life players from Man United U21 and U18. Are there good data updates that include all real life U21 and U18 players, at least for EPL? (and La Liga hopefully)
  15. I have found zero confirmation that there is such thing as "in form" in FM. Every game is separate and from scratch, and if the guy had 8.21 from his last 5 games he might be totally getting 5 this next game. His mood is much more important, since it's known that "unhappy" player usually plays worse than "happy" one.
  16. In FM2015, I often had the problem that my young player will go on loan somewhere and will end up being on the bench or in reserve squad, starting very rarely. Of course I'm trying to only let them go when the loaning club promises "first team" or "key player" status, but too often even with such status the guy ends up not playing a lot, and I feel it's a bug on AI manager - most likely he shouldn't have loaned this player in the first place. I often would go into team report and make sure that there is no more than 1 another decent guy for the same position already in the team, but it is too time-consuming if I have 20 different teams asking about the same player. I hope FM16 will be better in this regard and AI team would loan a player as "first team" only if they will end up playing him.
  17. Can you specify more details on why is this a terrible idea? I'm pretty sure that most guides around recommend this, and I always do very heavy fitness training in preseason, and it's working fine for me.
  18. on FM 15, the best way to fix it is in-game editor "maximize tactic familiarity" button.
  19. Who cares about "last 5 games form"? I'm confused. How is it related at all to your tactics and choosing of players? Do you assume that player who played well will continue playing well?
  20. Is FM Touch simpler than "full FM", a-la FM Classic?
  21. No. Miles responded on twitter: "make a team. Do a fantasy draft. Manager them in a multi-player game of FM."
  22. Did anyone understand what is Fantasy Draft? I have no idea what he talks about. And also how 32 people can play Football Manager..
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