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  1. Please share your tactics! I want this too. (just lost 3-1 at home to Man City today
  2. I agree. I see my and opposition players hit sitters repeatedly at the goalkeeper.
  3. Hi, I'm managing an international side, and consistent problem is that for the first game of international break all players are super-tired - 70-88% condition, sometimes with "Rst" label. I end up fielding players who were not selected in the last club game (so it means they are not good enough). Is there a way to give players a rest in the beginning of the intl break? If no, then it should be added.
  4. It's the same bug with the national team pool as in FM15. When I'm on a National Pool page, everyone who is not on Main, U21 or U19, has their Ability, Potential and Recommendation star rating set to "Unknown", even though the players have national team reports (if you go inside their profile).
  5. Raising this issue again - it's pretty annoying, if not game breaking. Getting fired for 2nd place finish is no fun.
  6. well, the bookmakers before the season, even on 16.1.0, said that United is tipped to finish 3rd.
  7. So I'm playing FM16 with Manchester United. When I started a game on 16.0.1 I quite reasonably had expectations "to reach Champions League qualification spot". When I started a new game it on 16.1.0, minimum expectations became "to win the Premier League". What does this depend on? I wonder if my press conference (that happens a day before minimum expectations are released) affects this?
  8. "Minimum expectations" are weird in 16.1.0. When I started in 16.0 for Manchester United, minimum expectations was to qualify for CL. In 16.1 start, minimum expectations is to win the league. Even though in-game bookmakers say United is tipped for the 3rd place.
  9. In all seriousness, in GK market £20m release fee is very reasonable. Remember that Real Madrid didn't want to pay more than 10M euros for De Gea, and he is top 2 keeper in the world. Even the best GK in the world won't command fee more than £30m.
  10. Thanks for bringing it up, I think the issue of bad rating for GKs, defenders and DMs was a big problem in FM15 and it is still a problem in FM16. I hope this can be looked into soon.
  11. Can you be more specific? Why and how do you pick in-form players, and why do you think it is helpful? Do you just check that people have high average score in last five games? Do you ever pick the people who had bad rating again? There is no discussion about form anywhere in tactical guides, and I feel it is about time to start talking about it, especially if it's not properly implemented in the game yet.
  12. That's too bad. Can I change "medium database" to "large database" without starting a new game?
  13. In all previous FM versions, there was a glaring lack of "player being out of form" functionality. For example, in real life, Di Maria, while having great attributes, just couldn't play well for Manchester United - because he didn't like the weather in Manchester, or because his house was burgled, etc. So the manager chose players who are objectively worse instead of him. But in FM, up to FM15 at least, you would always choose the player who is better over someone worse, as long as the better player has enough condition and match fitness. There is "happiness" but it's unclear how it affects the play (and whether it affects it), how it can get worse or better. In addition, if you don't select a player with bad mood, his mood gets worse from not playing, so your hand is kind of forced. In reality, it's clear when somebody had a bad game, when the head is not in the right place. For example Debuchy or Gabriel in Arsenal vs Bayern, or Schweinsteiger vs Arsenal, Depay in his last games, etc. In FM, the most "form" information you get is that the player tried his best but is getting an "average" rating of 6.1 or so. You wouldn't drop a player with high attributes from the side in FM15 for just having a low-ish rating recently. In short, I never benched a fit high-quality player in FM15 on account of "form" (I would bench only if he is not fit, or if I need to give a start to a youngster) and I feel that it is far from reality. TL;DR: it's a comment, a question and a feature request - all at the same time. I hope in FM16 there would be situations where you have to bench your 4-star player and replace with 2-star and actually expect that this 2-star would play better than 4-star player today.
  14. So, now I experienced the bug when the opposing goalkeeper just stands near the ball and doesn't do a free kick, and the time is ticking till the end of the match. It was after a "fair play" free kick, when my player got injured.
  15. In my save, where I play in England, the results in Belarusian Highest League are very weird. I have Belarusian Highest League loaded as playable. These are on 15 Aug 2015 in-game, 70% of the first season done It's very far from reality. In reality, BATE won the league again, for the 10th time in a row, 12 points adrift of the second place. Here are the real results of 2015 season, from wikipedia: Basically, the balance is very much off. Granit can't be top of the league, they are mid-table team. Vitebsk is a relegation-battle team, no chance for the top half. BATE won the league and was the clear favorite (and is favorite for the next year), with Dinamo Minsk the only realistic competitor. (BATE lost only once, to Dinamo). In game, it's much weaker than it should be. (or other teams are too strong?).
  16. So researchers on data forums say that they are only going to fix glaring data issues in January, not for release. Do I understand correctly that beta is only for all non-data problems and you guys are happy to release game with data errors?
  17. I didn't ask about results, I asked about fixtures. Is calendar also covered by licensing? I do have an assistant manager. I'm not sure what doesn't sound correct to you - existence of the function or greying out of the function? What is this function supposed to do?
  18. It seems that when I make changes on Under 21s -> Training -> Coaches, it affects main squad -> Training -> Coaches. Why is it so?
  19. What's "Team selection guidelines"? (under Quick Pick, in right-hand menu on Squad pages). It is greyed out for me.
  20. When I check fixtures for Euro 2016 qualification, they are wrong. Is it by design?
  21. There is no Belarusian in the list of "languages spoken" for a manager.
  22. I'm talking about real life - almost 2 months passed since his arrival. He was consistently one of the best players in the team in these 2 months. Yes, he is as good or better than the rest of the squad, that's why he should be 4*, not 2.5*. (2.5* means benchwarmer, not best player) (We can continue it on United data forum)
  23. Martial still has significantly low attributes. See here - he has 2.5* CA. Should be at the very least 3.5*, or 4-4.5* CA - he is consistently one of the best players in the team. Playing beta without editor in such circumstances is tough
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