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  1. Lewes FC - 2019/2020 Season Competitions: To say this season went better than I could have expected was an understatement, recording only one lose in the league all season it was one to remember. I was expected to be battling relegation but with a squad overhaul and a decent tactic I was able to win the League without to much hassle. The FA Cup went well and managed to reach the First round but AFC Wimbledon were just to strong in the end and beat me 3-0 away from home. The FA Trophy though was a better hunting ground as I went on to lift the cup. The 2nd round against Crewe where it took two legs and penalties to decide was a crucial game, then a home first leg 2-1 defeat to Sutton Utd seemed to indicate my run would go no further was overturned with a 5-3 victory in the away tie. The final was more straight forward and I claimed the League and cup double. Transfers: In total 17 were added to the squad, 13 in the Summer and then another 4 around Christmas. The 4 included a Keeper and three defenders to bolster my back line, all 4 are now starters, All in all the transfers helped build a good squad for rotation but I only expect to take maybe 8 of these signings into the National League next season. Finances: Finances were not looking so hot in the middle of the season and the hope of some nice FA Cup monies and a dream 3rd round tie disappeared quickly. I was making plans for next season in December at how much to reduce the wage budget to use next season as a platform for financial stability. That subsequently changed with a the FA Trophy run and I now find myself in a more stable 160k balance, next season is looking better already. Youth Intake: Only 1 youth player got signed this season and that was Chris Bull with a 5 start potential, with 2 goals in 7 games I'm very excited about his potential next season Key Players: Sam Warde - Key midfielder with 11 goals and 5 assists in the league this season meant he was my best player this season. He subsequently won both young player and player of the season at the club. Dan Darbyshire - Main striker for the entire season and ended with 14 goals, despite that I was never entirely convinced by him and will probably find himself a bit part player in the future. Nick Cotton - Had a very good season out on the left wing picking up some of the scoring responsibility. Suffered a major broken ankle injury in the last month of the season and will be out till Christmas. I will decide on renewing his contract after I evaluate potential replacements. Ryan Suckling - Was a November recruit to add more depth to my defence, turned into my main centre back almost straight away and will be aiming to keep for the coming season. Career Overview: Season League Position FA Cup FA Trophy Achievements/Notes --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 2019/20 Vanarama South 1st 1st Round Winner League & Cup double
  2. After losing my Met Police game since I coudn't get my save across to my main PC I've decided to start again. The team will be Lewes.
  3. Well after deciding on Rushall, I then realised my 400+ tries were pointless as I'd not added the North/South leagues to my game After a short cry I started again and decided I'll choose from what ever teams I get from one hour of trying. With only a few minutes remaining of my hour I was pretty much set on going Lancaster or Folkestone, then this happened... It seems like it was destiny for me to forget the North/South first time around... still shame about the two 'Casuals'
  4. I've decided to give the challenge a go this year, normally I do a North/South game every season and this seems like a logical extention of that. Only problem is I wanted Met Police or one of the two wonderfully named 'Casuals' as my team. Sadly this is proving almost impossible, I'm at 400 odd tries at this stage So I need to decide between one of the teams I have been able to get so far, the choices are. Weymouth Basford Lewes Enfield Rushall Poole Leatherhead Nantwich Folkestone Tonbridge Whitby Lancaster Marine Frome Need to some research it seems to find the one for me
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