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  1. It's taken me a month playing about with the instructions to find a style that I like, I basically wanted a balanced mentality with standard pressing that has fast transitions and built from there. As you can see I use the same instructions for both my tactics, normally keep those and then tweak the roles and PI's in any formation till I get the football I want. It's only when I get an idea from reading or real life that I might try something else, which is often a very painful learning curve and done with a Journeyman game as then it doesn't matter if I get sacked. I can attest to t
  2. I played and saved them this time using my 442, I actually did this twice as I made a mistake and had roam position on my CM until half time. Only other change I made was make the DLF to a CF, I don't normally play teams with such good players. The attached save file link is for the 6-1 game. https://www.mediafire.com/file/jah5awdf7v4s7ud/Borussia_Dortmund_-_Main.fmt/file Hopefully the link works properly.
  3. Unfortunately I didn't save them after the matches, so don't have the files to share. Looking at ACKCHYUALLYSOCCERCOACH's formation I'd say, based on what I saw of Brentford in the highlights in my games, is that having 2 players in the DM strata might be better to limit their space in the central areas. Can try and play them again later if I get time.
  4. Played them twice with different formations. The 3-2 win was using the 442 in the screenshot and the 5-4 game was using the 4231. I could have made things probably easier on myself if I'd checked what Brentford's formation was, made subs or actually paid attention to the game. I will say though that Brentford were pretty slick out there and it certainly wasn't an easy game.
  5. Lewes FC - 2019/2020 Season Competitions: To say this season went better than I could have expected was an understatement, recording only one lose in the league all season it was one to remember. I was expected to be battling relegation but with a squad overhaul and a decent tactic I was able to win the League without to much hassle. The FA Cup went well and managed to reach the First round but AFC Wimbledon were just to strong in the end and beat me 3-0 away from home. The FA Trophy though was a better hunting ground as I went on to lift the cup. The 2nd round against Cr
  6. After losing my Met Police game since I coudn't get my save across to my main PC I've decided to start again. The team will be Lewes.
  7. Well after deciding on Rushall, I then realised my 400+ tries were pointless as I'd not added the North/South leagues to my game After a short cry I started again and decided I'll choose from what ever teams I get from one hour of trying. With only a few minutes remaining of my hour I was pretty much set on going Lancaster or Folkestone, then this happened... It seems like it was destiny for me to forget the North/South first time around... still shame about the two 'Casuals'
  8. I've decided to give the challenge a go this year, normally I do a North/South game every season and this seems like a logical extention of that. Only problem is I wanted Met Police or one of the two wonderfully named 'Casuals' as my team. Sadly this is proving almost impossible, I'm at 400 odd tries at this stage So I need to decide between one of the teams I have been able to get so far, the choices are. Weymouth Basford Lewes Enfield Rushall Poole Leatherhead Nantwich Folkestone Tonbridge Whitby Lancaster
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