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  1. Okay so this where I try and explain my tactic..... bare with me So it's a 4-2-3-1 Positive mentality - I don't tend to switch from this particularly in the league as I am one of the stronger teams but even when I have came up against middle to lower SPFL teams I have stuck with it as I don't believe there is much of a gap between top of the Scottish championship and the bottom 6 SPFL teams this has proved fruitful as I have lost only to Celtic and Rangers in the cup and 4 defeats in the league in a season and a half. In Possession - All instruction are set to essentially play fast attractive football, dominating games and smothering teams not allowing them to get a foothold in the game. Particular homage paid to the overlaps which are an absolute god send this year as the wing backs are very important in terms of going forward. In transition- re-group when the ball is lost to try and minimise the risk of being countered and then counter myself when the ball is recovered. Out of possession - both lines standard nothing else
  2. Be interested to see how other people get on if they stick with this to see if it’s a flash in the pan or the real deal! Feedback welcomed on potential improvements etc 👍
  3. I've scudded Hibs a few times this season including a 5-1 win at Easter Road but this was 9-0 going on a rugby score an inspired Marian Shved on loan from Celtic reeked havoc
  4. incredible comeback against a very strong Rangers side the second penalty for them was also given in error
  5. Second season has been epic including a shock Betfred cup win and a 9-0 dismantling of Hibs
  6. Not one for creating a tactic never mind uploading it but I've created a 4-2-3-1 with my Dundee save I took over in the November with them in the in 9th and the results speak for themselves my first match was the 5-0 home win against Dunfermline 4-2-3-1 Dundee FC.fmf
  7. Hi, I took over a struggling Dundee side, flirting with a relegation battle, in November of season 1 after starting the save unemployed. I thereafter guided them to a 5th place finish in the league losing only 1 league game in the process and missing out on a playoff place by a point as well as the Scottish Cup semi-final losing out to eventual winners The Rangers. Looking back over the games I noticed that I was missing 2-4 clear cut chances per game that would have converted draws into wins giving me the opportunity for promotion. So the question is are the chances missed solely down to player quality or can tactical tweaks I.e player roles, individual instruction etc make players clinical?
  8. When I click on the send on holiday option there seems to be no actual way of sending that player on holiday or I just can’t see it? 🤔 Any helpers out there?
  9. What have they done this game!!? every other game I concede directly from freekicks or shots from 25 yards plus. I am in the Scottish Championship for crying out loud!! This must be some sort of bug? It's absolutely soul destroying as there is seemingly no defending against it!
  10. This Game!? I had what I thought to be a fairly consistent and solid tactic and for 3/4 of the season with a couple of exceptions we were flying in 3rd place going into the last quarter of the season. then an almighty collapse with seemingly no explanation! certainly not one a can wrap my head around...confused anyone else had this sort of collapse?
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