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    Flávio Miguel Pereira is a portuguese biochemical analyst , poet and content creator born 1993

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    portuguese biochemical analyst , poet and content creator.


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    poetry, biomedical sciences, gaming, esports

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    Oporto (FCP)

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    i start every fm in FCP

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  1. How about, when we play FM, we be able to chose one charity supported by the game in the menu to , for example, share our Club Progress with, as a donation The game have the charities in the engine, most of us, i think, dont give context to it. Would be funny if we could level up our Steam Archievements or Club archievements by being able to donate even something lower to a charity we chose or be able to chose from Club to Club we travel into some low amount donation we can do to a charity. Obviously this is optional and FM wont screwd the player progress to donate to a charity or not but think this as a FM player special gift
  2. FM BOYS, once you have time watch this https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2350666493 The last "This is about a Team" in CapsLock sound suspicious to dont say abusive use of CAPS LOCK WHEN THE QUESTION WAS ALREADY TYPED
  3. Dont know if already reported but: (if it does move to the related post) Lets Imagine, a player have a Red heart , meaning he needs to be replaced in game For example, visit tatics screen and return to game day The same player got a green heart like its fine but some seconds ago he wasnt
  4. Found this issue too in my save and seems like my friend with who i play FM with found it too, FM is going black coloured t-shirts often in games
  5. People, FM seems like to be configured to make players react badly when we encourage /cheer up them after a losed oportunity, mistake. Probably nothing cant be done but its a fix for next fms
  6. Please add a Velocity Counter to Shots. Im feeling in some shots that FM values like 120km/h and GK please eat it
  7. People, the In game dashboard (right side of the engine ) where we can see last results, the standings and stats in Portuguese is named: "Prancheta Eletrónica". If the English name is something like Eletronic Dashboard or some **** like that PLS use "Quadro" instead of "Prancheta" Why? This is not portuguese is black words portuguese which fits but can be out of context a lot
  8. https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2297844828 While asked to do a Team Captains Meeting FM turns it into a Manager + Background only.
  9. At least one player is named like a member of the opposite team.
  10. SI boys, check if tatics screen is meant to dont show players names or nicknames into the tatic setup. Its only showing the numbers and i got like "the players arent here" sensation at the first look
  11. Dont know if Sega and SI have interest in adding FM support for Discord integration someday but gonna place this here: Discord Rich Presence A lot of games are trying to implement integration with discord communities and because FM have too a lot of them would be a great add to the FM Features Db some context and even reward presentation through Discord
  12. As you know FM Insider was strict in things that could be valuable to insiders, in FMFC there are things that could be cool to add: - Some of we have more than one FM in account and due to this our FM career could be auto set in experience in according to that. - FMFC in game ads that could hype a little bit what we were doing in other FM versions -FM support for content creators (atm only comunities are recognizing youtubers and streamers, FM could in here do a lot) , embassadors and stuff
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