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  1. bennybenji

    Liverpool Thread 2011/12

    Every manager will have their flaws whether that be tactically, man management or signing players - looking for a perfect manager is pointless. Rafa took over the team that Houllier left him and transformed it into a title challenging side whilst winning trophies along the way. Yes, he spent a chunk of money doing it (we aren't talking man city levels of spending though) but he also recouped a lot as well. Tactically he was spot on and had us punching above our weight (especially against the big teams) and we were always in the latter stages of the CL. If they want to give someone 5 years to turn things round then, what is he 51 or 52 now, so plenty of time ahead of him. Just seems an easy decision to make to me. The fact he loves the club, is probably sitting in his house in Liverpool currently doing nothing makes the decision even easier. As someone said, imagine if FSG had been in charge when he took them to second - even if they had backed him modestly but allowed him to retain the team he'd built we'd be a completely different situation now. Get him back as manager, back him with the money and time that were missing last time and we will reap the rewards.
  2. bennybenji

    Liverpool Thread 2011/12

    Watched the Kings of the Kop programme last night and that has depressed me even further. The summer signings have been a major, major disappointment and if Kenny does go then surely Comolli's position also has to be looked at (i assume he must be fairly involved in the signings)? i actually feel a bit sorry for Kenny. I like seeing him on the touchline as it reminds me of being young, he loves the club and he should never have been allowed to leave all those years ago. But its clearly not working at the moment. I think someone else said it but it would be brilliant if he were to win the FA Cup this season and then left. A fitting end perhaps.
  3. bennybenji

    Liverpool Thread 2011/12

    Joint managers never work but can we not get together some sort of Kenny/Rafa dream team?
  4. bennybenji

    Liverpool Thread 2011/12

    As bad as he has been, with 12 games left in the league i really think that Carroll should be starting as many games as possible. Sink or swim time. If we are assuming that Suarez will still be here next season then play him off of Carroll and see if they can strike up an understanding/score some goals. Can't do much about the 35 million fee now but i really don't understand the policy of playing him in bits and pieces here and there.
  5. bennybenji

    Liverpool Thread 2011/12

    I think the issue with the league position is how close we come to being fourth. If we finish 7th but have improved our points tally and are 3 points off the 4th spot (with the winning of the league cup and potentially an FA Cup) then fine - give him more time. At the moment we aren't even close to 4th, which is disappointing especially with how erratic both Arsenal and Chelsea have been this season
  6. bennybenji

    Liverpool Thread 2011/12

    yeah i guess you are right. Just has the opportunity to cause immense problems if he doesnt want to leave but as he loves the club i'm sure he will go quietly if necessary. Definitely deserved his chance this season but unless there is some sort of massive turnaround it hasn't really worked out.
  7. bennybenji

    Liverpool Thread 2011/12

    This sort of thing is a concern to me. When he was caretaker manager last season Kenny alway said he would step down if the right man could be found. Will he do the same for the good of the club now that he has a contract? If not, how well will the owners sacking kenny go down with certain sections of the supporters?
  8. bennybenji

    Demo not working ! Help

    No i am running XP and had this - it appears the file on the Mirror website is missing the .exe extension.
  9. bennybenji

    Civilisation IV

    Slight hijack here - i've always enjoyed playing some of the mods for Civ (particulary WW2 and the like), and have recently discovered the Hearts of Iron games. Has anyone played any of these? If so are they any good?
  10. Just to play devils advocate here but do you think Vaughan would have fared any better? When KP was captain he always talked about Vaughan and how he thought he still had something to give to the team - i get the impression that he would have picked him at some stage (if he had any say in selection that is).
  11. Even if the suggested return was only for this one match and not future home series why would he not come back? Surely the chance to win the ashes again and also to say a proper goodbye to the England fans on the pitch would be reason enough - from reading his book it seemed that he was most at ease when actually playing cricket so the pressure of having to perform in the match wouldn't bother him. It would be amazing to see him come back - Strauss and him to open and cook pushed to number 3?
  12. You are told to turn off everything when taking off and landing. I believe you can turn laptops, MP3 players etc on when successfully in the air. Mobiles you aren't supposed to turn on at any point.
  13. I took a sat nav in my hand luggage when i went to Canada a few months back. Wouldn't have thought you'd have a problem as long as you make sure it is switched off during the flight - much like any piece of electrical equipment really.
  14. bennybenji

    My College Decision - A Dilemma...

    Perhaps it would be better to stay in India to do an undergraduate course and then if you decide you want to progress further you can do a post grad elsewhere. This way you save money and get to stay in India (assuming thats a positive point for you....)
  15. bennybenji

    My College Decision - A Dilemma...

    If you study abroad do you have to pay extra? Would you be planning on returning to India after your studies to work or would you want to work abroad? Would i be right to assume that a degree from a US university would be more widely accepted (if you wanted to work abroad) than one from an Indian university?