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    I'm the guy who taught Hugo Lloris how to save a shot.

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    On the bench of Stade du Ray (Nice).


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    Uh ? There's something else outside FM ?

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  1. xavierm

    FM17 - French Football Thread

    At last I made it !! Here's my tactic. It fits my team really well. I sometimes switch roles (Balotelli as Poacher), Seri as roaming playmaker, and I have a really conservative tactic Sometimes, results are brilliant :
  2. Hello, How can I check which db version was used in my savegame ? I still have the bug concerning French L1 Prize Money, despite my game being created on 16/12/2016, with the newest patch ... I only got 4 M€ despite finishing 2nd. Thanks
  3. Hello Does anyone know how to implement a rule like the '6+5' ? (ie. allowing on match day 6 homegrown players + 5 foreigners in the starting eleven) Thank you
  4. Same thing here. The 2 DMC are waaaaaaaaay too deep.
  5. Hello, Very interesting thread. I'm playing with a middle-table team in France (Nice), and I wanted to set up a system in 4-1-2-2-1 (or 4-5-1), with 1 DM, 1 BWM, 1 DLP, 2 IF and 1 Trequartista. I don't know whether my trequartista is fit for the role, he's a good striker with good creativity, decisions, passing. It seems I can't get him to get the ball and to give the ball to my IF (which should exploit the space the trequartista lets when he drops deep). I've the impression that the trequartista dropping deep will pack the defense and the midfield together, therefore letting no space for the IF (and other players). Am I doing something wrong ? Would you rather recommand 2 wingers instead of IF ?
  6. Players roles should be player specific during a match. I have an AML playing as a Advanced Playmaker and a AMR playing as an Inside Forward, and I often want them to swap ... with their roles. At the moment if you set them to swap you'll have your former advanced playmaker playing as an IF, and your ex-IF playing as an APM. You should really chose, along with "swap with ..." tactical option, a tick box "swap roles".
  7. I don't know if it has been mentioned, but I'd like to see a transfer listing "because we don't want to block him". I don't know the english word for it, in french we call it "pour services rendus". It's when a player has been in your team for a long time, he's still an important player, but you have a deal with him that he could leave if a big club came and tried to buy him. At the moment I don't have any option : I always want him to be a key player or important player, but I'd like to be able to put him on the transfer list while saying "it's not because I don't want him anymore, it's because we have a deal" :-p
  8. I do this, often while driving to my office on the morning. I comment my team's strategy, the promising youngsters, opinions on international football...
  9. Mentality is not only for offensive moves, but also for defensive moves. Think risk & reward for every move the player has to do. A defender with medium closing down but higher mentality will have a tendency to close down his opponent harder than a defender with lower mentality, as an example. Think of the "mentality" slider as a tendency to try things who might not succeed.
  10. He might be a good player but I fear his lack of physical abilities will not allow him to make a great career.
  11. I think they switch to normal training when the two below conditions are reached : - they have signed a professionnal contrat - they are promoted to your reserve or first team Therefore, in FM2012, you can have a 19 yo. player still in your junior team and trained by youth coaches and on youth schedules. In my save, each year I have some 14 or 15 yo. players coming to my junior team, and I usually let them there until they're 18, so I have them on youth schedules for 3 or 4 years. To conclude, youth schedule means working with youth coaches who'll need "Working with Youngster". As soon as your player is on normal schedules, he'll train with coaches or first team coaches, who don't need Working with Youngster.
  12. xavierm

    CA in free-fall!

    He's totally and absolutely right. Star rating reflects CA. If you have a player who has a great CA, but with a very bad attribute distribution for his position/role, he might not perform well compared to a player who has less CA but a better attribute distribution. Of course, if you don't like micro management, you can go with star rating. Four times out of five, the better star rating is, the better the player will perform. But in some case, and especially when you are a club with a small transfert budget, you'd better concentrate on the attributes you think important rather than on the star rating.
  13. xavierm

    Scout Attributes Test

    Well it's not a fact but during my games, I've often seen the star rating decrease between the report of a "bad" scout and the report of a good one, but I never ever saw the opposite. To sum up, I think a bad scout will overestimate the player, and never underestimate him.
  14. xavierm

    Scout Attributes Test

    If a "bad" scout tells you a player is rubbish, he is. But if he tells you this player is good, that might not be true.
  15. xavierm

    CA in free-fall!

    I don't know what happened, but don't forget the star rating is related to your team and its reputation. Did you overachieve this season or did you recruit very good players ? He might also have been injured, long term injuries heavily damage CA. Another thing : did you see a massive fall in his attributes, or just his star rating ? 30 yo is a little bit too early for the attributes to drop massively, especially for a CB. Edit : reply to quaazi : you can also stop attributes decrease by adapting your training schedule for veterans.