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  1. Whoah, 3 playmakers in midfield? I'd highly suggest you to read the role and combination article pinned on this forum.
  2. With a BPD (D) and a BPD(C) you're inviting pressure on your central defense. Your BPD(C) drops back to cover but your BPD (D) doesn't press that much the opposition striker. You're leaving a hole in your defense. It can be mitigated with very good defenders or a high working DM In front of the defense to cover that gap, but it is clearly not the optimal setup. It also doesn't go well with a tactic such as the one we 're talking about here, which is a high pressure tactic and leaves a gaping hole between defense and midfield
  3. BPD Defend + BPD Cover is also a real problem in defense.
  4. I would try not to train him on any position (let the "match position" role) and give him additional training in Defense.
  5. I quite perfectly agree with everything you said here but for the AP part. I've been using for three seasons now a 3-5-2 system with a Libero(At) and an AP(At) and I'm finally quite happy with it and I'm having good possession stats (avg 58/59%). To me, an AP(At) in the midfield strata is not much of a problem in a possession system. I have been quite happy, possession and conversion rate-wise, with a setup with 2 WB(Auto), 2 DC(S), 1 Lib(At), 1 BWM/CAR/BBM(s), 1 AP(At), 1 Mez(s) and the F9/AF(A) in the front, on Positive mentality. TI : Play out of Defense, WBIB (occasionnaly)
  6. I want to build a club based on youth development, so my rules are the following : - First team with 22 players max including at least 7 homegrown players - If I can't comply with first rule, I must increase each year by one the amount of homegrown players in the first team. - If I have a good young player in a position, can't buy a non-homegrown player at this position unless it's a star player (3,5 stars and more) Next rule to implement : the 6+5 with 5 nation grown players in the starting 11.
  7. Nothing in the opponent box : you might want to uncheck "work ball into box" Your heatmap basically shows your team spent quite all the time passing the ball around the box. Your AF seems isolated and is getting no support either from CM, or from your Treq.
  8. I agree with the fact this tactic is well balanced and the roles and duties are very, very coherent. Nonetheless, your "problem" with your IF(A) might be that he shares his space with the AF(A). Your IF(A) cuts inside to go deep in the box, just where the AF(A) lies. Check your heatmap and the average position of your players, your should see your AF(A) competing with your IF(A). And you say you have a Mezzala but on the screenshot it's a CM(A). Two possibilities : - if you want your AF(A) to push back the defensive line and your IF to come behind your AF to take this
  9. The problem with "pass into space" is that there must be space to pass the ball into . To me, on your setup, the only man who can have space to run into is your W(At) and somehow your FB(At) - but your FB(At) will have their winger and wingback. You can also analyze their roles and duties. As an example, if your W(At) is on the same side than their WB(At), he will have space to run behind his back and then the "pass into space" can be effective. I'd also maybe try to switch to a positive mentality to increase tendency to pass the ball through the line, and add a "dribble less" if you fi
  10. I think "Play out of defence" and "Work ball into box" are overkill if you use both of them. It means you'll be playing a short passing game in your defense and in front of their defense. They'll have plenty of time to regroup and park the bus.
  11. In your setup, your DLP comes and gets the ball - he's the only playmaker in your team and he's a ball magnet. Therefore if they manage to man mark him out of the game, you'll be deeply annoyed and won't build properly your attacks. And with a balanced mentality, your players won't attempt many risky passes. Maybe you could add a BPD instead of a CD to have another player able to bring the ball up front. After that, there's no definite answer to it as it usually depends on their formation and their pressing. If they are playing a 4-2-3-1 with high pressure in the middle of the pitch, you
  12. At last ! Impressive set of results : Best eleven of the year : It's gonna be really difficult to do better next season ...
  13. Haha. I'm starting my fourth season (got the title in the third !!). From the original team I still have Sarr, Benitez, Brazao, Kamara, Gouiri (I made a custom DB with this year transferts).
  14. Which club are you managing, with 4 OGC Nice players ??? (Sarr, NSoki, Cyprien, Dolberg)
  15. I tried that many, many times and I never quite made it. I had better success with an IWB(D) with "stays back" PPM but it never quite looked like a 3 men defense.
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