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  1. Something fun about unhappy players : sometimes they LIE to their teammates. I have some examples where a player comes to ask for a new contract, I tell him "not now, we will review your situation at the end of the season". Sometimes the player disagrees, the conversation goes bad, and he leaves my office unhappy. Two days after I have some teammates who comes to tell me they don't understand why I turned dows his request, he deserved a new contract ... I tell them he refused to have his contract reviewed at the end of season, and boom, they all calm down telling me "well, that's not what he told us, you were right boss". Needless to say, I got rid of the liar. But I found it fun to see that, in some instances, SI perfectly replicated the real world. Always try to see the two faces of the coin.
  2. THe problem is sometimes it stops 3 times a day ... on a day there's no fixtures in my league ...
  3. I just wanted to bump this thread as I can't believe I'm the only one annoyed by this. I tested and counted, and in my game, between two fixtures, one on sunday evening and the other one on next saturday, with no reserve fixture, no transfer windows, nothing, the game stopped 20 times between the two fixtures. 20 TIMES. Sometimes with one news item, sometimes without any news item, despite the fact I ticked "have fewer stops in play blablabla".
  4. So, am I the only tactics and data freak out there ?
  5. At the moment, it seems this feature is broken... too bad, it's a very good feature.
  6. Bump. Just upped this thread to boast : I've been able to win the title with Nice in 2019/2020 and I'm on the verge on winning it again in 2020/2021. I'll post some screenshots tonight.
  7. I've had huge success with Stefano Sturaro (Juventus) or Danilo (Braga) in this spot.
  8. Hello, Nowadays, a lot of match analysis IRL are based on xG (expected goals) for and against. I'd like xG stats to be included in FM2019, and, if possible, graphs like xG plots (evolution of xG through the game) I'd also like to be able to see graphs concerning shots, long shots and CCC. At the moment I can easily see the amount of shots in first half and second half, but I'd like to be able to see the evolution through the game of shots, long shots, shots on target and CCC. That would really help to analyse tactics and impact on the game. All those things are doable by team analysis but it means a lot of user interactions. Graphs would be really cool. Third feature I'd like to see : be able to track every change made to in-game tactic. For example, let's say I lowered tempo on 25', I'd like to see a screen or a list telling me this. And the really, really cool thing would be a screen or graph mixing all those informations - for example the graph of long shots taken with the ability to add "tactical events" in order to watch the impact of the tactical event on the data analyzed. Example below : (apologies for the graph made with excel and paint :o)) In this example I would have selected my graph "long shots", and manually added flags on tactical change #1 and tactical change #6 to see their impact on long shots. Thank you and KUTGW (and, of course, apologies for my english ...)
  9. I think it gives you more accurate reports. I have noticed that after a couple of Data Facilities upgrade, when I have a pre match analysis of my future opponent, I can see their tactic with their mentality, shape, and which roles their players have. Really helpful.
  10. Fun. Is there a way to find it via in game search ? I'd like to explore my save to find some of these...
  11. The problem is that if you set "continue game timeout" to "instant" you'll miss every news item which needs an answer, except mandatory ones. As an example, if I set "continue game timeout" to "instant", I won't be able to answer when my AssMan asks me which players I should send to reserve for the next fixture, or any other "non mandatory" news item. It's annoying.
  12. OK, thanks. That would be a cool feature to actually see on that tab the type of possession loss instead of being obliged to review each one by one.
  13. I'm playing in french L1. Been second for 4 years and won the title last year. My youth team is full of really hot prospects. But my DOF still buys young crappy central midfielders (~90 or 100 PA max). I still confirm the transfers so I can cancel those deals, but it's annoying.
  14. On my analysis, it seems I can't see what was the type of the possession loss. I have to watch every highlight to determine what caused the loss. Did I miss something ?
  15. Hello, During my games I noticed something. The game stops everyday, sometimes twice or third times a day, to bring me some unnecessary news items, or to show me some results I don't care for. As an example, I'm playing in french L1, on sunday there's a fixture at 15h, one at 17h, and one at 21h. Each sunday, the game stops 3 times, before each match. It annoys me (to say the least) because I have to wait 30s, click "continue", wait another 30s or 1 min, click "continue"... I have tried to set the game to continue after 2s, but in this case the game won't stop when needed (ie. asking which players should I send to reserve team for next fixture, a media interaction concerning a clash with a player...) Am I the only one to be annoyed by this ? I know there's an option to regroup fixtures schedule but I feel using this feature will get me less realism ( will games continue being scheduled on different days ? ie. one on friday, 6 on saturday, 3 on sunday or will they all be scheduled on saturday) Is there an option which would be like "don't bother me until there's something I have to answer to" ? Thanks
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