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  1. Looking for the same thing, I hope someone can do it
  2. Agreed! I don't care about any other updates, just want Claassen's updates That's way I want you to do every other country worldwide
  3. I have 84 editor files loaded with 69 nations playable at the moment. I can jump nations when I am in the game. Drop 1 and change it with another so I would like you to keep going as well
  4. No problem, glad I can help. I downloaded these files from FM Scout, here are the links. Italian lower leagues: http://www.fmscout.com/a-italy-lower-leagues-fm15.html Czech lower leagues: http://www.fmscout.com/a-czech-update-with-lower-leagues-fm15.html These 2 gave me the message I posted earlier. Luckily Claassens files work That would be a shame if they wouldn't work.
  5. I found it to be a problem with the editor file from FM Online Forum for the Italian lower leagues and the Czech lower leagues editor file. If I deselect those I have no problems so it seems. Claassens files seem to work with yours.
  6. It must be an interference somehow with another editor file because when I only load your MLS file it looks like it's working. When I try to start a game with more additional leagues (by Claasen) and other lower league editor files I get the message as above.
  7. I have been following your thread every moment I could to see when it got finished and found myself so happy when I just saw you released it. I decided to immediately load a game with this MLS update but than I got this
  8. It's FM15 indeed. Loaded 69 nations now with all leagues playable and I get the function rule group error yes but no crash dump.
  9. In FM14 it was 69 I believe. You couldn't load more than 69 nations and no more than 74 editor files. I tried more and my game kept crashing, I am now playing with 67 nations and all leagues made playable and it hasn't crashed up to this point.
  10. Name: Christophe Fila Date of birth: 15/10/1993 Place of birth: Mechelen, Belgium Nationalities: Belgium / USA Height: 1m77 Weight: 85kg Position points: Striker (20), Attacking Midfielder Right (10), Attacking Midfielder Center (10) Favoured Clubs: KV Mechelen Disliked Clubs: Lierse SK Liked people (and why): Michel Preud'homme (favourite manager), Vincent Kompany (favourite player) Disliked people: 3 technical attributes at 20: Finishing, Heading, Technique 3 physical attributes at 20: Stamina, Strength, Acceleration 3 mental attributes at 20: Positioning, Determination, Off The Ball Argues with Official
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