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  1. Hi, I had a couple of questions to ask regarding loans. 1) Why am I unable to ask clubs to pay 200% of wages? I mean the option is there but I can never select it as it is grayed out. 2) If I have a player out on loan, and his wages are being paid in full by the club I am loaning to. His wages are 145,000 p/w. I renegotiate a new contract with him and as per new terms I pay him only 84,000. When I go and check the contract info of the player, it still says that the club I have loaned the player to is paying 145,000 p/w whereas his contract with me (club that loaned him out) is showed at 84,000 p/w. So does that mean I am adding 61,000 p/w to my wage budget? And this is my first question in here, so apologizing in advance if it is the wrong category or wrong forum or whatever.
  2. No, I made sure that my favorite club is Chelsea. I'm still trying to think what I could have done that is favorable to them.
  3. Hi, I'm managing Chelsea currently. I started with Brazil and Chelsea both. Won Brazil the World Cup (got lucky, didn't deserve to win it), resigned from the post as International Management wasn't my thing. I've won the following : Premier League - 2015 FA Cup - 2014, 2015 Super Cup - 2014, 2015 Club world Cup - 2014 Champions League - 2014, 2015 I am favored personnel at Chelsea even though I've got them playing proper football, 60% possession, nice victories. (Made record victories in row). Everything is good. My game is set up perfectly. I was just checking out FC Barcelona and I noticed the strangest thing. It showed in Favored Personnel... MY NAME Aditya Goel. I really need to know why because I don't like that club at all! The only good thing I did was offload Cech to them for 40 million pounds and he has been playing well for them ever since. But I really don't think that's reason enough. Any help will be appreciated!!
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