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  1. When testing out the national service feature, I noticed that on odd occasions, a player serving on national service can be brought out by the club before his period ends, which I definitely feel shouldn't be the case. 

    I've attached the editor file which shows that the club in the screenshot is a national service club and not an ordinary club. 

    I've also uploaded my save titled "Fiji National Service Bug", which is the day before a transfer offer is made for the particular player in the screenshots.




  2. HR Thailand

    The following players have an incorrect date of birth.

    Kritsada Kaman (ID: 23280235)

    Current (in-game) date of birth: 18/03/1998

    Actual date of birth: 18/03/1999

    Source: http://www.the-afc.com/competitions/afc-u-19-championship/players/468061?season=2018&competition=976&team=10370&player=468061 (Asian Football Confederation)


    Sittichok Paso (ID: 23280236)

    Current (in-game) date of birth: 22/01/1999

    Actual date of birth: 28/01/1999


    -http://www.the-afc.com/competitions/afc-u-19-championship/players/468065?season=2018&competition=976&team=10370&player=468065 (Asian Football Confederation)

    -https://data.j-league.or.jp/SFIX04/?player_id=23288 (J. League Data Site)


    Kittitach Pranithi (ID: 23452574)

    Current (in-game) date of birth: Randomised (Since the date of birth setting in the pre-game editor has been left blank for this player)

    Actual date of birth: 30/04/1999

    Source: http://www.the-afc.com/competitions/afc-u-19-championship/players/468062?season=2018&competition=976&team=10370&player=468062 (Asian Football Confederation)


    Kritsada Nontharat (ID: 23454298)

    Current (in-game) date of birth: 10/01/1998

    Actual date of birth: 16/02/2001

    Source: http://www.the-afc.com/competitions/afc-u-19-championship/players/468060?season=2018&competition=976&team=10370&player=468060 (Asian Football Confederation)


    Supawat Yokakul (ID: 23454586)

    Current (in-game) date of birth: 15/7/1997

    Actual date of birth: 10/02/2000

    Source: http://www.the-afc.com/competitions/afc-u-19-championship/players/468100?season=2018&competition=976&team=10370&player=468100 (Asian Football Confederation)


    Miscellaneous notes:

    Suphanat Mueanta (ID:23414964)

    Current (in-game) city of birth: Surin

    Actual city of birth: Sisaket

    Source: https://www.buriramunited.com/en/team/detail/51 (Buriram United Club Page)


    Supachok Sarachart (ID:23328907)

    The second name for this player should be written as Sarachat instead of Sarachart.

    Additionally, he should have Suphanat Mueanta set as a brother.

    Source: https://www.transfermarkt.com/supachok-sarachat/profil/spieler/426623 (Transfermarkt)


    Dennis Amato (ID: 23414530)

    The current Chainat FC manager should have the following playing history added to his profile:

    1999-2000: VfR Mannheim (Regionalliga Süd) 3 apps/0 goals

    2000-2001: 1.FSV Mainz 05 II (Oberliga Südwest) 26 apps/2 goals

    Sources: https://www.transfermarkt.co.uk/dennis-amato/leistungsdaten/spieler/199663 (Transfermarkt)

    https://footballchronicle.co/2018/10/16/dennis-amato-the-german-coach-making-his-name-with-a-thai-league-survival-campaign/ (Football Chronicle, mentions playing with Jurgen Klopp as a teammate in Mainz).



  3. - State what you think is specifically wrong in your league.

    Teams from East and West Asia are playing against each other in the knockout stage outside of the final of the AFC Champions League.

    - State how you think it should be working.

    Teams from the same region should be playing against each other in the second round, quarter-final and semi-final stages of the AFC Champions League rather than a side from the opposing region.
    - State reasons/proof for your corrections/improvements.

    2018 AFC Champions League Competition Regulations:


    11.2.1. The Participating Clubs from the West Region shall be drawn to play each other in the Round of 16, Quarter Finals, and Semi Finals.

    11.2.2. The Participating Clubs from the East Region shall be drawn to play each other in the Round of 16, Quarter Finals, and Semi Finals.

    (Page 27)

    The same thing is also said in the 2019 AFC Champions League Competition Regulations but on page 23.

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