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  1. On Staff Search, when no filters are applied the result shows as "0 people found (filtered)". I don't know why it says filtered, the option to 'clear' is greyed out as there is nothing to clear. However if I check any of the 'realistic appointments' boxes then it finds people, but I don't want to only search realistic appointments.
  2. The 'Move to Reserves' option has disappeared. Neither team has too many players, have released more reserve players just to make sure to no avail.
  3. When a job advert has been posted for any national team role, Coach, Under 21 Manager etc there are never, ever any applicants, regardless of nation. This is not a new issue, it has been the case on every edition so not specific to FM20. Surely it can't just be every one of my saves every single year?? Also if I ever apply for a national youth team the role will go unfilled indefinitely. Not uploading a save because as I say it's every single save every single year.
  4. Nothing from SI on this? Love the game but this significantly takes away from the game. Its no good saying "that's not how the game is played", the option is right there..."Use current team selection/tactics..". Regardless of who the assistant is, or if I even have one.
  5. Trivial perhaps, but my biggest bug-bear is camera angles changing at corners. If I select Director cam I want to watch the whole match that way. Could we have on option to turn off camera angle changes at set-pieces?
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