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  1. hey, i want to start this challenge: Sir Alex Furguson Challenge the problem is, how do i pick a team after going on holiday? do i do that by adding a new manager? this is probably a pretty stupid question but its bugging me
  2. hey, i want to start the alex ferguson challenge but i can't find out how to pick a team after simulating until the 6 of november. can you help me out here?
  3. GK - D FB - S CD - C CD - S CWB - A DLP - S (Sometime I use a Regista) WM - A BBM - S AP - A W - S DF - S its from left to right!
  4. I played two seasons now in the Bundesliga. It always ends in a Head2Head with Bayern. First season i did the double with DFB-Pokal and Bundesliga only losing to Barcelona in the CL-Final. Second Season Bayern ate everything, beat me in the DFB-Pokal final (lucky penalty in the 90th minute), set up a goalscoring record in the bundesliga with 108 goals scored, but lost the CL-Final to ManU with 4-1. Season 2014/15: Season 2015/16: I play an attacking/fluid 4-1-4-1 PI's: GK: Pass It Shorter; Fewer Risky Passes LV: - IVL: Close Down Less IVR: Close Down Less RV: - DM: - LM:
  5. hm i don't really have that issue, i do get a few cards but only one red in the first 19 games and my lb and my hb missed one match due to 5 yellows but thats all. so first half of the season is over and this is the league table: can't quite believe it. i did a lot of in game changes when it didn't go the way i want mostly i switch TI's but i only add one or two of the following. and when im trailing i sometimes switch to attacking. + exploite middle/flanks + shorter passing + look for overlap + retain poss + push higher
  6. i guess its possible, i got a f9 with two aml/amr on w(a). in 15 games he scored 8 and assisted 6. here are his attributes: he is far away from being a top player in the league but i guess the mentals vision, teamwork, work rate and decisions are extremely important for a f9.
  7. This is probably the best run i ever had on FM so far. I just started a season with union berlin (2. bundesliga - predicted to end up in the middle of the table) on my new fm15 and after fooling around a little in pre season i managed to come up with this little drawing on my way to work: The idea behind this is pretty simple i guess. I wanted a front wide front three, the squad does have the material for that and i wanted the main goal scoring thread coming from the two wide players and my BTB midfielder. the false 9 was planned as the main supplier where as the AP(S) and the HB should wor
  8. so now there is a new problem coming up my wide AM's misinterpret the pressing and run at the wrong space when the ball is on the other side of the pitch, here an example: as you see, we bringt good pressure on the ball, there is actually no option but to play back to the goalkeeper, we even got the man on the ball running backwards, so he can't even hit a long ball up so far so good, but look at my AMR, what is he doing there? and this gets even worst as you see, the man on the ball turned in his despite and what does he see, soooo much uncovered space. he switches the ball and takes o
  9. first impression of a new approach i now lined up like this: and played werder bremen at home, they used a 4-4-1-1 with wide winger a deep MCR and more of an AP(s) i would guess on the AM position. the avarge position looks good, very high up the pitch but why is the CDR with © higher then the CDL with (s)? here is where we tackled: here is where we won/intercepted the ball: same for bremen: i really liked the way my two BWM attacked the second ball, both of them secured possession really often that look good already, when kehl went off and gündogan came on i switched the role
  10. ok using two DF's works so far, when there is no opposition DM involved, with a DM we have a huge problem picking him up. i was hoping for the DF(d) to take the responsibility for him but i guess this only works with 'mark specific player'. issue two, you said i should push up my two wingers but then i lose the 4-4-2 i am looking for, i want them to operate from deep when building up play, i also want them deep in a 4-4-2 shape when the opposition managed to build up play and is in our half. as i read so far i just can't have both, either its heavy and high pressing or it is compact 4-4-2 ag
  11. Hello inspired by Atleticos game of the last season but especially by the way Borussia Dortmund overran Arsenal on Tuesday I am working on a high pressing 4-4-2 with not quite the success i was hoping for. my set up is as simple as it get's GK(D) FB(A)-CD(D)-CD(D)-FB(S) WM(A)-CM(D)-CM(S)-WM(S) AF(A)-DF(S) Mentality: Attacking Fluidity: Very Fluid TI: Hassle Opponents Stay On Feet PI: FB's: Close Down Less (i would be to unorganized on the wings if these two gave up the position too much) Thats it for now so not quite the instructions we saw on tuesday for dortmund. Looking at the
  12. Of course there will be wage raises when new contracts are made but i will never add the yearly wage raises percentage to those contracts. Maybe that was a bit unclear First season is played now i hope i find some time soon to start with the inside tactic analisis and the generell updates
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