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  1. Thank you, man! Is a good tactic, really. I will continue testing it with different teams and more suitable players and I will tell you I love Cruyff and his style of play too much. I'm super fan of total football. We are in touch!
  2. The tactic in the offensive phase is extraordinary. It's super offensive and I love that. He would have to improve the issue of possession a bit. On the other hand, what attributes do players need for this tactic? I'm going to test it with another team by signing the necessary players PS: Sorry for my bad English, I use the google translator haha
  3. Thanks man Here I attach the first 6 months with the tactic with my Tottenham. I have miraculously come from being champion of the Champions, playing quite irregular football. I also attach some match statistics. As can be seen, despite the fact that the tactic does not show a good regularity since it shows good results and other bad ones, interspersed with other very good or very bad ones, in most of the matches some of the basic principles of the game of bowling seem to be respected. Cruyff as the famous diamond, a short passing game with possession although he expected much higher p
  4. Hello friends! Does anyone have the link to download this tactic? I am a fan of Cruyff's style and I am very interested in trying it I thank you !!! PD: Sorry for my bad english
  5. Hi guys, does anyone know where to put the xml file to solve this? I'm playing fmtouch Thanks!
  6. Guys, I hope you are well. Does anyone know how to make the player's ability appear in the selected role as previous editions? Now they took it out. I attach a photo of the FM19, for example. PS: sorry for my bad english
  7. Thanks for your answer friend. Beyond what you are saying, what worries me the most is the 1vs1 issue, penalties, among other things. It would seem that after 1 year after the game was released, YES could not fix it. I consider the FM20 to be the worst FM ever. I hope that 21 does not disappoint. For my part, I will wait to buy it in May-June 2021 after seeing the comments of those who acquired it. A shame
  8. First of all sorry for bad English, I am using a translation in google translator. Good night everyone! I open this post to talk about the game's match engine and tactics, in the spirit of complaint. I play Football Manager since its 2009 version and EMHO I consider this to be the worst version I ever played. As soon as the game was launched in November 2019, the matches showed several defects such as the impossibility of scoring goals in hand-to-hand and the impossibility of scoring penalty goals, due to the goalkeeper covering all of them. After a few long month
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