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  1. the description is conversed, the loser becomes the winner
  2. awesome, what you did . i check the webpage and i think it can make some change to the transfer market in game. but i think the problem i reported here, is mainly because chinese league allow 6 players registered but SI didn't add a rule when a club already have players more thant registration limit, it should not sign more players before they sold them. another unrealistic problem is, now china football association set new rule to limit the money a club can spend each season the in game chinese transfer market now is like 2,3 years before, but not now
  3. i upload the save named 'too many foreigners.fm' just have a look at these csl teams each team has about 5-8 forien players and 1-2 of them are not registered based on csl league rules jus
  4. check the video after i change the tactic , it wasn't submitted until the match ends and i can either cancel the chage 20200501-223317936.mp4
  5. '旧选秀权'and'新选秀权' are not the meaning here
  6. 天津权健 is no longer exist now it is the predecessor of 天津天海 and 天津权健 can even make transfer with other clubs
  7. S1 and S3 players had been removed, but they still in the list
  8. 1. the latest version of FM 2.start as a national tean manager 3.go to the fitness employment process 4.you can find the problem now i have signed 16 fitness coach in 1st team, and i can still keep signing new coaches is easy to reproduce this problem
  9. i made a test, modify all 1st players attributes to 1, the 1st goal conceded at 3 mins, then 2nd goal conceded until 29 mins i set control mental tactic, that's a positive tactic. opposite makes a lot of chance, but all missed. here is the video, check 13:25
  10. i can barely see where is the middle of the bar
  11. the pop up as i showed in attached file, sometimes it will disappear when i move the mouse away, but sometimes even if i moved away, pop up still there, until i click somewhere on page
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