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  1. Yeah I know! That was so frustratiiiiing. Like "we'd prefer hire this unknown guy who was relegated to 3rd division rather than you" was ******* me off a bit. Gotta love the realism of the game sometimes!
  2. @brawla123: but you mean you have been appointed Manager of the German national team, or did you started a career for it? @ozzyoscy: I don't remember if it was FM07. But I remember being Mannschaft manager in an older version of FM. And I remember I was appointed to the position, I did not start with the title of German national team manager.
  3. OK, fair enough. Guess it is the same for Japan? I remember coaching German national team after being appointed, but it was way back, in FM07 maybe. I thought the licensing issue was already there back then, but I might be wrong, it was so long ago... Thanks for the help! I'll be returning to French or Dutch national team then.
  4. I had the double nationality brazilian/german in the game, but I tried earlier (in FM 2013 though) with a 100% german manager, without success. Which workaround are you talking about? As said before, I did the known one. It's surprising that you can add a manager directly to coach the Mannschaft, but not be nominated to the position after a successful career in a club. Foreign manager likeliness is 2, so I guess it's very low (pun intended). Not sure how it works when you are bi-national though. Anyway, did not seem to work with my full german manager...
  5. Hi everyone, Seems I cannot manage German national team despite being a 2 times C1 winner with Bayern. They just evicted Klopp after a poor 2018 WC, so I naturally decided to apply but they are not even considering me. Even with 100% world reputation, they still prefer hiring anybody else (I added a manager directly to coach the team and made him retire right after so that I could try many times, I gave up after 6th try). They prefer hiring Tuchel or even some next to unknown manager rather than me. I think this has been an ongoing issue for me since FM 2012. Any idea how overcoming this bu
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