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  1. Yeah I know! That was so frustratiiiiing. Like "we'd prefer hire this unknown guy who was relegated to 3rd division rather than you" was ******* me off a bit. Gotta love the realism of the game sometimes!
  2. @brawla123: but you mean you have been appointed Manager of the German national team, or did you started a career for it? @ozzyoscy: I don't remember if it was FM07. But I remember being Mannschaft manager in an older version of FM. And I remember I was appointed to the position, I did not start with the title of German national team manager.
  3. OK, fair enough. Guess it is the same for Japan? I remember coaching German national team after being appointed, but it was way back, in FM07 maybe. I thought the licensing issue was already there back then, but I might be wrong, it was so long ago... Thanks for the help! I'll be returning to French or Dutch national team then.
  4. I had the double nationality brazilian/german in the game, but I tried earlier (in FM 2013 though) with a 100% german manager, without success. Which workaround are you talking about? As said before, I did the known one. It's surprising that you can add a manager directly to coach the Mannschaft, but not be nominated to the position after a successful career in a club. Foreign manager likeliness is 2, so I guess it's very low (pun intended). Not sure how it works when you are bi-national though. Anyway, did not seem to work with my full german manager...
  5. Hi everyone, Seems I cannot manage German national team despite being a 2 times C1 winner with Bayern. They just evicted Klopp after a poor 2018 WC, so I naturally decided to apply but they are not even considering me. Even with 100% world reputation, they still prefer hiring anybody else (I added a manager directly to coach the team and made him retire right after so that I could try many times, I gave up after 6th try). They prefer hiring Tuchel or even some next to unknown manager rather than me. I think this has been an ongoing issue for me since FM 2012. Any idea how overcoming this bug? Playing 14.3.1, german players not greyed out obviously, no problem getting proposals from Brazil, Netherlands, France... Never Germany. Thanks
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