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  1. I've been using FC Cincinnati. Everything was working as normal, I started in 2019, won MLS Cup, entered into CONCACAF Champions League play, and when I went to register for MLS, I couldn't buy anyone down.
  2. Has anyone else had issue buying down the salary cap of players after the first season? it was working as normal, and I have over 3 million in GAM, but every slider for the cap impact is greyed out. I'm at a loss as to why I can't buy anyone down.
  3. Looks like it functions great I had one other question, do you have any idea how I'd make this function with the Worldwide Champions league database? I've attempted to play them together but the US doesn't seem to qualify. I'm sure it has something to do with nation IDs, but not sure how/where to correct it.
  4. I'm now unable to buy down salary on my players.
  5. Is there a way to force newly created MLS II teams into an existing competition? For example, managing FC Cincinnati I get the option to create a II team in 2020. If I create it though, it just stays in the "lower leagues", without playing in any actual competitions. I have to schedule friendlies all season if I want them to actually play any games.
  6. Do we need a new save? My previous save I was unable to buy down any new signings in the offseason. The slider for buying down cap impact was just stuck.
  7. Andrew Gutman is on loan at FC Cincinnati through the 2020 season, but in game his loan ends in 2019.
  8. I'm not using anything else, just the most recent downloads. I did start in 2019 preseason, so maybe that's it. I'll try 2018 preseason. Would you mind screen capping what editor data files you've selected?
  9. Looks awesome, still seeing an issue with the USL Championship though. I see two divisions, and neither are playable. I can select them, but they don't have any clubs listed. I can play a season, but then it crashes when trying to load fixtures for the new season.
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