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  1. Uncle Sam, just a heads up. I made it to the Sudamerica as FC Cincinnati and once the games are scheduled you're never prompted to register for the competition. So once you actually get to the game, you're presented with a tactics screen that doesn't allow you to select any of your players. I had to go on vacation in order to move forward and have the game be played.
  2. Anyone else having issues loaning players to affiliates? Any way around it?
  3. Do the continental competitions still function as well? Sudamerica etc.
  4. I don't think anyone really knows. It seems several people are having the same problem.
  5. Did some further testing on the non-latest file, and the winner of the CONCACAF Champions League doesn't appear to get placed into the Copa Sudamerica. I haven't had a chance to start a new game with the latest file from Uncle Sam yet.
  6. Thanks Uncle Sam, looking forward to it! Has loaning been fixed at all from MLS teams? Even if I set up an affiliate and have an open transfer window, every time I attempt it says I have to wait until the next transfer window.
  7. Yeah, exact issue I'm having on my macbook, even with just MLS and the US/Canada expansions files loaded.
  8. Not sure what's wrong. Didn't have any issues with the last version, but it crashes every time the game is setting up the new database.
  9. My game keeps crashing when I try to start a new career. Which editor files should I be using for the new update?
  10. Uncle Sam tweeted out that he was working on it. Not sure when he'll be done though.
  11. I've tested some as well. The file is largely playable, but there are some odd things here and there with the teams showing up in different divisions, and some teams missing.
  12. Is there any plan in place for a transfer update following the busy American offseason?
  13. I started as FC Cincinnati in USL Championship, but every transfer I attempt to make (even signing my academy players) is cancelled due to lack of funds. Any clue why?
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