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  1. After the match.there is no match report. It worked the first time I played the game. Then after that it hasn't worked since. And I can't score penalty spot. And when I winning I am always under pressure and there is like 4 mins added time at the end which goes over the time. And normal end up loosing or drawing the game. And if I am looking it's only has 2 mins added time and it don't get to the 2 mins. And there no action. I can't seam to cancel a players retraining position I tryed training a few of my players in new positions but they all get frustrated with the way its going and I need to cancel it but can't. I need help asap
  2. I wanted one of my players to train from a lb to a lm but my player is say he is frustrated with the progression of the training of the new position but I can't seam to cancel the progress
  3. Could you tell me how to stop retraining a player position please

  4. Could you tell me how to stop retaining players positions please


  5. Could anyone tell me how to stop training a player in a new position I have tryed everything
  6. Did u get it to work as am having a problem with it
  7. Hi I purchased sugar daddy but wen I start a new game it does not work it just plays as if I didn't buy it Is there any thing I can do to make it work
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