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  1. My go to tactic is based loosely around Ferguson's 99 side. This is a slight variation that I've adapted to suit my Watford side. Goalkeeper is a SK because I play a high line. This just works better for me. I like to have BPD and one CD in all of my tactics. No reason for this it just works in my head. The two fullbacks are roles that I tweak the whole time. I generally would have a FB (D) on the left hand side and a FB (A) on the right. Tierney gets a lot of assists. This variation is the first time that I have used an IW. Worked extremely well in the first season w
  2. Will give this a go. Not sure how committed I can be with work and all that jazz, but we'll see. EDIT: Realized I set up the game incorrectly, will restart now. Got Watford this time instead of Palace. Think I would have preferred Palace tbh.
  3. This is getting ridiculous now... League 1 is going to be a breeze First league loss in nearly two seasons! It was bound to happen I suppose
  4. Just a quick mid-season update. Top of the table having won all but 3 games (those 3 being draws). Getting quite fortunate with cup draws which is really helping with my finances. Have about £2m in the bank and have improved my training and youth facilities. Stadium expansion on the way too! My squad seems to be way too good for league 2, not that I'm complaining though. Will post a few screenshots later.
  5. I'm using an altered version of knap's 4231. All I changed was a few players roles really. Had a takeover at the end of season 1 and had nearly a million pumped into the club just after the previous owner invested 750k or so. Started season 2 quite well. Very pleased with the away win against Watford in the cup! Will try to keep posting updates here.
  6. This thread inspired me to finally start a lower league save. Safe to say it went well. Think I have Adam Rooney to thank for that!
  7. Just got this gem through the academy. What position should I retrain him to be? He's definitely not a centre back. He's 5'6" btw.
  8. Would you mind posting or even messaging me your tactic? Would love to know how you set up your 442, cheers.
  9. Definitely my favourite thread that I have come across on the forum. I have a quick question though. In this years edition of FM, I've found inverted wing backs to be ridiculously overpowered. Do you think these could be implemented into a 442? They offer the same in defense, but will come narrower in attack, potentially creating more room for the wide men? On the flip side, this could also leave them isolated. Would love to hear your thoughts.
  10. 442 gets seriously overrun in the midfield. Not a chance of having high possession. The aim would be to play fast, direct football. Defensively I've found it to be very inconsistent too.
  11. Huge fan of your work pal, keep it up. I've been waiting for years for someone to recreate Man Utd's 99 treble winning season. I've tried time after time but constantly fail. Have you ever considered giving it a go?
  12. Has anybody been able to get a 442 going? Trying to replicate that of the 99 season, but it's far too inconsistent. It's the only thing making me want to play the game though!
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