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  1. I agree with the OP. I understand there are some cases in which a player might not always choose the money but in the example he posted above, I can't see a player choosing to go to the bigger club for 50% lower wages. I think the issue is, in reality, the player would go back to Real Madrid and say "Tottenham is offering me X" and Real Madrid would beat the offer. I'm not sure this can be modeled in game without a system of back and forth negotiation with agents playing teams against each other.
  2. I've read a few posts that conflict with what's written here so just wondering if you could confirm/clarify. 1) Do retain possession and shorter passing reduce width? According to the guide they do but I came across a post by RTH that stated retain possession does not affect width. In the tactics creator shorter passing does appear to affect width but retain possession does not. 2) Does Closing Down change the D-Line and vice versa? According to the guide changing the D-Line does affect closing down but changing closing down does not affect the D-Line. In the tactics creator changing the D-Line appears to affect closing down and changing closing down appears to affect the D-Line. I know I'm probably getting hung up in minutia but I like to know what I'm changing when I select a TI and I was confused by the posts that conflicted with what is written here. It also doesn't help that the tactics creator screen is apparently bugged in what it's showing us.
  3. According to the Lines and Diamonds guide it's the opposite. Changing the d-line does affect closing down but changing closing down does not affect the d-line.
  4. The Lines and Diamonds guide also suggests that Shorter Passing and Retain Possession reduce width. http://community.sigames.com/showthread.php/423054-Lines-and-Diamonds-The-Tactician-s-Handbook-for-Football-Manager-2015?p=10256032&viewfull=1#post10256032
  5. Thanks. So for leagues that only have a few decent teams like Switzerland or Greece I assume it would be slightly better performance wise to load the players from top clubs vs making the whole league playable? I have a few more questions: 1) Will it negatively impact the transfer market (in terms of selling players) if you add too many of these top teams since you are adding players but not teams that will be active buyers in the transfer market? 2) If I make some of the second tier European leagues like Holland, Belgium and Portugal playable. Is there any downside to making only the first division playable?
  6. Does adding "Players from Top Clubs" generate more regens from those nations over time?
  7. Don't select USA as playable. The option will be available when USA is not loaded.
  8. I came across this when searching so figured I'd share the link I think Cleon was talking about: http://community.sigames.com/showthread.php/418651-Community-Project-Recreating-Arsenal-Invincibles
  9. Is this right that teammates will look for a Complete Forward like they do a playmaker or target man? I use this role quite a bit but I had never really noticed this happening or heard this before.
  10. Great thread. I'd be interested in seeing some of your match results and stats if you don't mind sharing them.
  11. Brilliant skin. Many thanks to the author.
  12. I like the concept of the TI screen in that it gives you visual cues to what a TI is changing. For example, when you select retain possession you can see the passing length and tempo go down. However, I don't think this was well implemented. I find myself toggling options on/off just to see what it's changing. I don't like that that some TI's are selected by clicking directly on the bars while others have a button. Also, I find the bar widths and accompanying text to be confusing.
  13. That's tremendously helpful. The piece I was missing is that reducing the passing distance brings the players closer together to receive the passes. Thanks! Cleon answered this in post #72: http://community.sigames.com/showthread.php/445500-The-Art-of-Possession-Football?p=10613884&viewfull=1#post10613884
  14. Could you explain this piece? I'm sure this has already been answered but I'm still having trouble understanding the difference between Shorter Passing and Retain Possession. According to THoG's Lines and Diamonds: Retain Possession reduces passing range, lowers tempo, reduces width and instructs players to attempt fewer risky passes. Shorter Passing reduces passing range, lowers tempo and reduces width. I'm failing to make the connection between the differences of these two TI's and your point above about the impact of team shape and "downside" of the team shape.
  15. If you're looking to get more offensive try pushing the wide players forward. Like Cleon said, the support duty wide players drop back in line with the CMs so this formation still looks like a 4141 in defense.
  16. A stupid question I have about the new tactics creator... What is the significance of the width of each bar in these screenshots?
  17. I have a dumb question re: the bolded part. As an example, for my WM(S) I shouldn't bother training a PPM like "Gets Further Forward" because I can select it using the PI or by changing his role to WM(A). Am I understanding that correctly?
  18. This user moves one of the CM's to WM but it's another great thread about the Christmas tree formation: http://community.sigames.com/showthread.php/424563-O-Christmas-Tree!-Playing-like-Ancelotti-s-Milan
  19. Rashidi's blog was a huge help to me in figuring out training. I had read a lot of other material but for some reason it didn't all click until I read Rashidi's posts. Go here: http://addictedtofm.com/ and read the all the stuff under the Training heading.
  20. What do you do to keep your players' match fitness up at the end of the season when there aren't as many fixtures on the schedule? After the cup runs are over I don't really need to rotate to rest players and even the players who play regularly lose a little bit of match fitness with a week in between fixtures. Should I be scheduling friendlies or U21 match to keep the rest of the squad fit?
  21. I have a question re: Play Out Of Defence TI. Play Out of Defence is used to encourage players to hold onto possession inside the defensive third. This is useful for slowing down build-up play when the opposition isn’t applying pressure high up the pitch. All defenders, wingbacks and defensive midfielders are instructed to only play simple passes. In other words, this will set their passing to the lowest possible range, and in doing so, it can also affect the attacking contributions of both wide defenders and defensive midfielders. Does the bolded part refer to any midfielders in DM positions or midfielders with Defend duties? Just wondering if using this TI will nerf a DLP(S) or RPM(S) in a DM position.
  22. In regards to youth development... If I want to use youth players in an occasional senior match is it better to keep them on the senior team squad and make them available to the U21/U18 teams or is better to move them back down to the U21 squad when I'm not using them? I don't want to clutter my senior squad screen with a bunch of youth players but I also don't want to hurt the morale/development of the youth players by shuttling them back and forth.
  23. I highly recommend reading this blog post by Rashidi. In particular the "Training Plans" section. http://addictedtofm.com/fm-15-player-development/
  24. I am by no means an expert but the things I'd be worried about are: - The IF(S) and AP(A) occupying the same space - Not having enough defensive cover with both WB's on attack duty and a BWM in the center
  25. I play a 4-1-2-3 counter with a DLP(D) as the DM. What's the best way to get my defense to play less direct without nerfing my DLP(D)? Would I be better using play out of defense and instructing the DLP to play more direct passes? Instruct the DC's to pass it shorter? Or do these accomplish the same thing?
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