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  1. What do you do to keep your players' match fitness up at the end of the season when there aren't as many fixtures on the schedule? After the cup runs are over I don't really need to rotate to rest players and even the players who play regularly lose a little bit of match fitness with a week in between fixtures. Should I be scheduling friendlies or U21 match to keep the rest of the squad fit?
  2. I have a question re: Play Out Of Defence TI. Play Out of Defence is used to encourage players to hold onto possession inside the defensive third. This is useful for slowing down build-up play when the opposition isn’t applying pressure high up the pitch. All defenders, wingbacks and defensive midfielders are instructed to only play simple passes. In other words, this will set their passing to the lowest possible range, and in doing so, it can also affect the attacking contributions of both wide defenders and defensive midfielders. Does the bolded part refer to any midfielders in DM positio
  3. In regards to youth development... If I want to use youth players in an occasional senior match is it better to keep them on the senior team squad and make them available to the U21/U18 teams or is better to move them back down to the U21 squad when I'm not using them? I don't want to clutter my senior squad screen with a bunch of youth players but I also don't want to hurt the morale/development of the youth players by shuttling them back and forth.
  4. I highly recommend reading this blog post by Rashidi. In particular the "Training Plans" section. http://addictedtofm.com/fm-15-player-development/
  5. I play a 4-1-2-3 counter with a DLP(D) as the DM. What's the best way to get my defense to play less direct without nerfing my DLP(D)? Would I be better using play out of defense and instructing the DLP to play more direct passes? Instruct the DC's to pass it shorter? Or do these accomplish the same thing?
  6. Does the AI "learn" your tactics if you only use one? I've typically only used one tactic in the past but a blog I read said that it is best to switch between a few different tactics because the AI will catch on to your tendencies in FM 15.
  7. Just curious what the issues with the half back role are? I like the idea of the role because I like to play with more attacking wingbacks but if it's not working correctly maybe I should avoid it.
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