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  1. Sorry for bumping an old thread but I've only just come across this as I've been looking for an NASL database. When I get to the page on FM when you select what countries' leagues you want, it says it's found too many teams for this database when hovering over the USA. Any way to fix this?
  2. I'm so confused. If it's not too much hassle, could somebody list out in brief steps on how to make the panels bigger?
  3. Hi guys This may sound stupid but does anybody know if it's possible to make player faces bigger, like the size it was in fm15? Again, sorry if it's a stupid question. I don't think it's the face pack I've downloaded because I've tried other skins (which I haven't liked) and the faces have been bigger. Thanks
  4. Hi guys. Been looking everywhere for a link to get leagues up to at least the Paulista A2 (Which is the 6th tier...I think) as I want to play with Red Bull Brasil but I just can't find any. Anyone know of a place to download it? Or is there another way to play with Red Bull Brasil?
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