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  1. Definitely interesting. I like it! Would actually be happy to give it a go as well (if it came up now). But I know that there are plenty of things around atm (and I am short of time) Nice idea though.
  2. That guy said he plays 4-2-3-1 with 2 AMC's? How would that work? (I am assuming its 4 defenders, 2 MC, AML, AMR, AMC and ST). Am I missing something? Well done though, some feat to emulate!
  3. 2026. I think the has labeled the players as their complementary legends. That's just nicknames I am sure.
  4. In principle yes, but I think a 'team' of players would be much better than just goalscorers. It would also involve lots of analysis, looking into (obviously unless people 'apply' for the team). Also, these kind of records (for obvious reasons) pernalise those who play less and award those who play more. Ratings are also subjective and differ game to game. I just think that its a nice idea, but it might be lost in translation especially considering how many players we can consider.
  5. But that's the thing Afroman, there are many positions which we cannot possibly consider. There are players who are incepted as rightbacks, but can play better as strikers. Now if we started micro-managing each player and how he plays best, it would be too difficult. What we are proposing is an addition to enhance a game, not make it difficult. If it makes it easy in the process, that is a good thing. Surely that is what new TC and Team Talks all about. No?
  6. Hi Kevin, might I ask what skin you are using? Thanks!
  7. - On the team page, you can see players' League stats (Matches, goals etc.). I think it would be very useful if I could further separate them based on home and away games. - On the Position page, a player's rating on a particular position can be shown. I would also like to see his rating based on type of play (Poacher, Advanced Forward Support, Advanced Forward Attack etc.) Thoughts?
  8. Well, Dafuge, would it be alright if I try and start up a thread on this in a day or two? It is quite doable, not that I am in any rush. I think a slow transition can take some time.
  9. Home Grown rules (HG)? Well, it would mean that you would have to either purchase players that fall under this category or build them up yourself. Also, HG rules makes it important to have the players in your team, not to play them, right?
  10. I was thinking of a challenge along the lines of Wenger's Arsenal (with a twist, we actually try and win a trophy). Challenge would allow you to pick any team anywhere in the world, and you are to win a domestic league with all international players (for England; Irish, Scottish players etc are allowed). Simply put, if you are controlling an English team (like Arsenal), none of the players that play in the LEAGUE should be English. Would people be interested?
  11. Nice posts. I do have two questions though: 1) Semantics generally. In your OP, you mentioned that you should sell a player for how much it has cost you over its tenure with you? Wouldn't you agree that it is usually unlikely? 2) More to the point, Youth player contracts. Obviously, 'general' training categories are more intensive. Would you consider offering them a 'Full time general' contract to speed up their development as soon as they turn 17? 3) (Guess there is a third) You didn't mention how you pick out the best players in your youth setup. Do you review each player? Do you go on Club report (at the start of the season)? Or do you look at their Cur A and Cur P (ingame)? Thanks
  12. Thanks Fabio; I have a couple more questions on this; will ask when I have opened up FM
  13. In terms of pre-match advice...how would you approach the game if you assistant manager tells you that your team has better flair, speed and height; but bad dribbling? I mean what kind of tactical tweaks (or play types) would that involve)?
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