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  1. Same problem here. Using the same tactics, that I saved from the beta version. Now, with the same tactics I've gotten 6 red cards in 11 matches. Almost all of them are 2nd yellow. Rarely happened in Beta version. Now it's just ridiculous. Even if I tell the player to tackle carefully there's 50% chance that he'll commit another stupid foul. Such as nonsense foul while pressing on opponent's half. Using default gegenpress tactics tweaked a bit but nothing big (depending on preffered foot - inside forward or winger and one different role for CM). The game is barely playable at this moment, I simply can't afford to lose one player every other match. Thanks for looking at it.
  2. Sorry, didn't notice your reply. Yes, the save is uploaded under "Patrik Krajcsovics - Mladá Boleslav"
  3. Sorry, I have to disagree with you on that one. Of course in this example, for serbian player it is easier to learn the language as SK/CZ/SRB are slavic languages. But you can take any person at any time who speaks Slovak, drop him of somewhere in Czech Rep. and he wouldn't have any problems whatsoever. If you are SK, you decide to live in CZ, you'll talk here only SK and nobody bats an eye. Same vice versa. You can simply treat those two languages almost as one. There are just a few % of the words that are different. Therefore you can assume that if you as an Englishman would learn czech and then move to Slovakia, you can happily speak czech there and everybody understands and you'd understand what they're saying back to you. I know I'm being pain in the a** but this is really specific for our countries. My logic is basically - every native SK person should be above average/fluent in Czech and vice versa. And every foreign nation who learns SK should have at least basic/average knowledge of CZ and vice versa.
  4. This appears at the SK players that have never played outside SK. Also if the foreign player has developed his language skills that he understands CZ/SK on at least good level, his ability to understand the other language should be treated the same as for native. For example: This player is fluent in SK But when scouted, report says that he'd have to learn the language and it's listed as a con. But as we established, everybody who speaks CZ can also speak SK and vice versa. If you need my save, it's uploaded as: Patrik Krajcsovics - Mladá Boleslav.fm but it's not the latest save as I've uploaded it while ago for another thread. Thanks for looking into this.
  5. One more thing. All Slovakian and Czech players should "fully understand language" when scouted for either SK or CZ teams. Czech and Slovak languages are so similar that if we talk to each other we understand everything. The game does not takes that into account and if i sign SK player to CZ team i have an option to send him to language course. Honestly that shouldn't even be an option. On player's card it shows under languages Czech as "basic" knowledge but it should be almost fluent like 8/10.. Any thoughts on that?
  6. Hello Tony, thanks for getting back to me. I understand what you're trying to say, but in that instance it seemed unrealistic to me and I was worried that it might be some bug in the transfer rules. Bořek is good example but there was more to his transfer, due to the Chinese acquisition of Slavia and tapping into local market. But yeah, you're right. Thanks again for your reply. And honestly I hope I didn't come across smug, not my intention
  7. Hello, are you sure, you got right Patrik Schick's transfer fee history? I'm missing 20m € fee. Real fee: https://www.asroma.com/en/news/2017/8/roma-sign-patrik-schick-in-record-deal FM:
  8. Hi, I am playing in Czech League for FK Mladá Boleslav. After I won the league, in the second season i asked my board for new feeder club. They replied if I wanted to help with the choosing of the new feeder club. After I agreed, I was sent to "World - Clubs - List of clubs" screen which was empty even though there were no filters applied. Therefore I don't know which clubs would want to be my feeder club.
  9. Hello, I've noticed that the transfers made out of the Czech Rep. are not very realistic. Or at least most of the pricey ones. For example. I have been able to sell Přikryl and Konaté from FK Mladá Boleslav to Saudi Arabian clubs for a lot of money. Saudi Arabian clubs seems to be too much interested in Czech players, there were quite a few transfers made to Middle East. That is really not the case. As a matter of fact i can't recall single transfer of the Czech player to those kind of clubs in the near past. Only one was maybe Slovakian player Weiss. Another transfers made were to Independiante (Hrošovský) and USA (Ngadeu - NYCFC, Souček - LAFC). Basically the same as above. How it should be working is kind of tricky question because right now we don't have that many transfers out of the country, just because we simply do not have the necessary talent pool. But. What we can make of our national team and the biggest talents is that our young talents mostly go to Netherlands (Černý - Ajax, Sadílek - PSV, Mihálik - AZ) and Italy (Jankto Udinese/Sampdoria, Barák - Udinese, Šimič - A.C. Milan, Schick Sampdoria/Roma, Graiciar - Fiorentina, Zima - Genoa, Macek - Juventus, ) Those would be the most recent, young (U23) czech players transfers. If the Czech player stands out in our league he'd most likely be signed by German (Kadeřábek, Gebre-Selassie, Pavlenka, Darida...), Italian, French clubs. For example. Currently most valued defensive midfielder in the country and absolute gem is Tomáš Souček from Slavia Prague. Atalanta Bergamo has been refused with their, I think it was, 6m € bid for Souček. And many more clubs were/are circling around him. Another example is Michael Krmenčík, currently the best striker in the league. In winter there was a bid from Wolves around 5m €. This summer from Bordeaux for 6m €, declined because of Plzeň's participation in Champions League groups stage. So these were just an examples but you can pretty much figure out how transfers outward from the CZ goes. Majority of CZ transfers are of course made between CZ clubs. If the player from a provincial club is playing well he gets signed by Sparta, Slavia or Plzeň. While Sparta has gone for the "internationalizing the squad" and very few czech talents get signed to Sparta nowadays, Slavia is trying to find a balance between foreign and CZ signings, Plzeň is strictly going for Czech and Slovak players only with an rare exceptions of bringing in foreign player, but that player is brought from Czech or Slovakian league. That's their transfer policy. Also even the best CZ clubs are not willing to buy CZ player for more than 1 - 1,2m € and selling clubs are OK with that. Only exception was Matoušek who transferred for almost 2m € to Slavia this summer. And last thing - Older CZ players tend to "come home" after their career abroad. Baroš, Řepka, Rosický, Ujfaluši, Grygera, Jankulovski, Hübschmann and many many more. If you want to sign an old international back to his country, he should accept an average wage in CZ league. In real life those guys had made millions and they just want to go home to their families and are willing to play for next to nothing. For example Milan Baroš is a die hard Baník Ostrava fan, as he is product of their academy, did not hesitate on going back there. And this is a very specific thing for the CZ. So it'd be great if you could somehow implement this into the game. Thanks for reading this. If you want some proofs, just let me know what they should look like and I'll get back to you. Hopefully I've shown some knowledge about our football and footballers so you just may take my word for it OK, have a good one and I look forward to hearing from you
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