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  1. @Rob Heckman Mine is from 1st november. His is from January. Sadly I'm very far away in my save now.
  2. Hello, I have problem with middle-eastern clubs being overly interested in CZE players and transfers from CZE league. That does not reflect reality at all. Yes, there has been a transfer of Stanciu to Al-Ahli, but that was "rare" example of a player making a money move. Basically 70-80% of clubs interested in player, when you see "wnt" it is mid-eastern club, which results in a bid from such a club. In-game transfers to those destinations included Jan Bořil and Jan Čermák, first one is indispensable part of Slavia Prague, playing in UCL group stage, that move lacks logic for player and Čermák is in another top CZE club Viktoria Plzeň, granted in not as good position as Bořil but still considered to be important part for Plzeň's future. Could you please look into that? I know it's not much, but it's annoying. Another transfer that made no sense was Vaclav Kadlec's loan spell in Astana. Player goes to lower rated league for a loan that makes him the same money? Not sure... Last one I can remember was i think Egon Vůch, who went to Kazakhstan only to make money as they pay handsomely, because he's had some financial problems here in CZ. For a player to move to such destination it has to have high financial incentive and most likely it wouldn't be top player such as Bořil but slightly above average such as Vůch or Folprecht I think, but he was in Azerbaijan, and Lukas Droppa if I can remember correctly... Anyway thanks for looking into that. Started the save on 20.0.2 version. Cheers PK
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