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  1. Football club Fleury 91 Nation: France Season: 2018/2019 Transfers: The 2 in were completed before I took over. League table: A good position, since we were favourites for relegation. Youth intake: Not great overall thanks to our poor facilities. Top 2 were given pre-contracts. Best new regen: This guy looks promising. Also this guy was in the previous year's intake. Senior squad Reserves u19s and reserves had the same players this year. Finances are bad and getting worse so don't know how I'll manage to improve the junior coaching/facilities/recruitment.
  2. No, I've continued on now. Thanks for trying to help anyway.
  3. The Picked section is still greyed out after auto selecting, and I can't tell which players it has selected for me until afer confirming.
  4. When it comes to narrowing down my world cup squad from 30 to 23 there is no option to pick players. I can only auto select and confirm but this doesn't pick the players I want. Is there something stupid that I'm forgetting to do or is it a bug?
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