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    Being a fan since 1993, still have my 1993 version safely preserved :) FM20 will be 27th yr edition!

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  1. Cool will keep that in mind. Less then 16 hour to go for the full games to release 😀🥳💻👨🏻‍💻
  2. Would adding RAM help in increased number of league? Im thinking of increasing from 16gb to 32gb or 64gb Also, would upgrading to faster RAM increase game speed, say 2933mhz to 3200mhz? Thank you in advance for your help.
  3. Listen you said you could raise your budget up 1.5K thats why I suggested it. Otherwise there is a cheaper HP Envy 15-ep0011na model with FHD Display, 16GB RAM, 1660Ti Graphics and 512 GB SSD and its at 1499.99 and you can get it for 1350 with the E-voucher i suggested earlier. Added bonus you can upgrade the storage in future as there is a second SSD slot and RAM is upgradable to 64GB if you ever need it As for 16GB RAM is always better than 8GB any-day and SSD is the way forward for storage devices. Note: 3 years HP Care Pickup and Drop bundle is only possible if you call them. No harm in getting a great deal and I wanted to share it with the community here.
  4. I suggest you look at the HP Envy 15-ep0008na https://store.hp.com/UKStore/Merch/Product.aspx?id=2T953EA&opt=ABU&sel=NTB i7 1075H 16GB RAM 1TB SSD 4K DISPLAY Listed for 1799.99 but you can get it for 1620 with 3 year HP Care Pack with Pickup and Return. Use this E-voucher: VIPENVY Just call HP UK Sales on 020-7660-3859
  5. Pls let us know: How many leagues does it let you run with large database with min 4* rating? General game play processing, Does it feel you can enjoy FM21 without waiting too long for processing? How many stars with the highest possible 3D graphics? If you have Macbook Pro 13 then how long does it take the fans to kick-in when you start playing FM21? Does the laptop heat up while you play FM21 for a while? Thanks in advance for helping out mate!
  6. Hi All, Has anyone tried FM21 on the new Apple Silicon M1 processors? If, yes How was the performance of the game? How is the graphics capabilities in 3D mode? Pls share your experience ASAP. Would help in deciding on a new laptop! Thanks in advance
  7. Argentina Title Holder 3-5-2 I have never tried Argentina but might give it a go this year. Title Holder with 3-5-2 I can do it....but I would prefer 3-4-1-2
  8. As I said on the 8th it will come out after the Apple Silicon Launch later today!
  9. Seems like the beta will come out after the Apple Silicon Launch on Tuesday.
  10. Seriously, even I didn't know that was possible and I have been playing since 1993, when it was called Championship Manager from Domark. Football Manager 2021 will be my 28th year Edition Can you pls share some of the not so popular little features like the one shared above?
  11. Hi All, I have short list HP Envy 15 2020 edition and I will be upgrading it right way to 32 gb RAM, so wanna sell the installed 16 gb RAM (8gb x 2 @2966 MHz) modules. Can you suggest best place to sell the RAM modules? Thank you for your help in advance
  12. Thanks for sharing your experiences mate Do you or does anyone have any first hand experience with HP care? They are offering HP Care with Pickup and Drop for 99 pounds for 3 years. Well then I will be getting it from Currys or HP around November during Black Friday/Cyber Monday Sales unless Apple launches Apple Silicons Laptops before the sale events and make me think again
  13. No I dont play any other games but I am in advertising and media industry so need a dedicated GPU to check client creatives every now n then on the go, so I need a good GPU. Plus I tend to keep my laptops for a while. Current one is a Macbook Pro 15 which I have had for a while. I am thinking of going back to a windows laptop, but my fear is the after-sales tech issues. I had Apple care and it kept me sorted for a few years. I have heard from some of you that windows laptops have come on leaps and bounds but was still wondering should I take a care packages along with my laptop or they dont breakdown very often now?
  14. Hi All, I am considering the HP Envy 15 2020 edition. What level of details would a 1660 Ti max-q will be able to deliver in 3D mode? Also, what level of details would a 2060 max-q will be able to deliver in 3D mode? Thank you for your help in advance
  15. I know its a big budget but I tend to keep my laptops for a long period of time. My current Macbook Pro 15 is from 2013 and still working well, but graphics are weak for today's standard with just 2GB RAM. I got Apple care with it so was sorted for 4 years. I think 17in screen is too big to carry around freely, that is why I had mentioned 15in (I'm ok to get a 14 or 13 in, as long as they have graphic capabilities). I have heard that the new Intel Gen 11 Tiger Lake processors with Xe integrated graphics have good graphics to handle games. I know so far U processors laptops will be available soon and H will come round something in mid-2021. So what would you suggest? Do you think the Xe will be able to handle FM20 and going forward FM21+? Or should I stick to the H processors? Note: I will be using the laptop in work settings too so anything with flashy LED keyboards etc will not work.
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